31 May 2013

We ARE Great Mommies!!

I think I was super hormonal yesterday. I'm sort of back to my normal self. I think, which could either be frightening to some or a really great thing! :)
After my post yesterday, I had a few really great messages that I wanted to include in my blog today. I'm not including them to toot my own horn, I'm including them because I think they apply to all my mommy friends and how we all doubt our abilities as parents.

My dearest Krista! I want you to know that I think of you and your family all the time! I wanted to give you my 2 cents, love and support!. I want to you to remember that you are the best mom you can be because that's what you worry about. And that all the sayings are true! Like God only gives you what you can handle. It shows you who will be there for you and how much you are loved! Think about this - every child has their obstacles. Wouldn't you want to know the obstacles you are about to face? God is just giving you a heads up of what's to come and reminding you to stop and cherish every moment. You get the chance to research and prepare yourself (as much as one can) for little bean. Please do not internalize your fears; you don't want that to be one of the things you share with little bean. Speak your fears, let it out and let it be gone. I feel that the only expectation you should have of your children are the special moments that they will give you. Miss Brinley, is so sweet and you not need to worry about her. She will understand everything as Ange and her family will make sure she has the same amount of attention as she always gets. Just think of you with Dani and Ryder. I know you have your fears but you are so loved and all the support in the world! If you feel like you do not have the strength we'll band together a bit tighter for you. Love you lots! xoxo

I have no doubt that your girls will be the best of friends. Look around and see what she will see! You and Ange and the kids! Honestly, I'm a bit envious of what your family has. Happy she will be, I can say that confidently and as for health? If she isn't healthy, she will get healthy. Bob will be your strength when it comes to health . As parents we want the best for our kids but I honestly think if we don't hide the fact that she has DS and act that she is different from anyone of us I think slowly we can change the views. No one wants to be judged but fact of the matter is that we always are. I still feel like some people judge me and act / treat me differently due to my skin colour. Remember its just ignorance and if there's just a bit of light on the subject things will be better. With integration it only shows us that only good things can come when we stand together. God only has the right amount of faith in you. He gave you a wonderful tall (I didn't know he was that tall! Now I don't want to meet him!) husband, a beautiful strong daughter and loving family and friends. I'm so glad and proud of you for starting your blog and that you share your most precious and private moments. (See? strength!)

Hi Krista ... I was at the gym yesterday and this woman was paying for a class. She had her 2 girls with her. 1 with DS and the other not. But what struck me was these 2 girls were soooo happy. They were horsing around, spinning, holding hands and just laughing and smiling. It was so cute and heart warming. The older sister had DS and she would not let her little sister out of her sight. They were both beautiful with blue eyes and thick reddish blonde hair. I thought of you the whole time and was thinking this will be Krista with 2 beautiful happy girls!!

As mommies, we try, we try so hard to make sure that our children are safe and healthy and well taken care of. I think that we sometimes feel that we need to do more, they need more love, they need more support, they need more of everything. We want them in the best mommy and tot groups :), good lord, we know how I feel about those special groups. We want them in the best schools, we want them to have the best teachers, we want them to have a great group of friends. I know that I need to stop and breathe and enjoy each and every moment with our two girls. I need to be in the moment and take in all of the joyous times that we will share with our princesses. These moments will pass and I don't want to regret not enjoying them.

I know that some of my future posts will be about the worries again, but today, my thoughts are to get back to reality and take in the rest of this pregnancy with a smile, when I'm not feeling like a piece of dung!!

Last thought, I went out for lunch with a friend yesterday. Her little guy, Henry, is one month old and around 7 pounds. He is adorable and sweet and perfect. That was Brinley's first time around a very little one. She loved him, she smiled and enjoyed watching little Henry. I had lots of snuggles and she was ok. I know that it was only for a brief time, but it went well. She knows that mommy has a baby in her belly and will point to baby when asked. I know that she doesn't really have a concept of what it means but we want to be consistent and tell her often that she won't be the only princess in this house. :)

Have a fantastic Friday!!


  1. You have some incredible friends Krista, what a blessing to have such amazing support :)

  2. Thanks Jenny! It's just because I'm so great! ;)
    You must have millions of friends. :)

  3. I know soooo much how you feel!!! I had a few bad days this past week. I stayed away from everything and everyone because I was just so worried and fearful and sad :-( Yesterday we had a slow day at work and I had some time to shop for adorable baby clothes online and when I went to sleep last night I dreamt of baby Ella. A happy, sweet adorable baby girl. When I woke up I couldn't wait to meet her and hold her in September. I guess we'll have bad days.... But they will be very few compared to the good ones, right? :-)

  4. Nicely said Thaty! You are so right!! The good days will for sure outweigh the crappy days. It's because you and I overthink and overanalyze, we just need to relax and be happy! :)