21 May 2013

Peed My Pants.....AGAIN!

So, I've been a bit of a slacker this weekend with posting...the weather was great so we got out for some family fun!! Yesterday was a busy but super fun day. We went to the Little Britches Parade...there is an 'R' in britches, don't leave that out!! We went with Ange and Ryder, it was a great parade! Brinley waved the entire time, from start to finish! It was pretty sweet. After the parade, it was nap time for daddy and Brinley. There was a rodeo in the afternoon, but it wasn't a very large arena, so we headed to George Lane Park instead. I love that Brinley is getting to that age where she's having more fun. She goes on the swing and loves swinging high! I hope she's not a roller coaster kinda girl cause daddy and mommy don't do rides! Hopefully Danika and Ryder will indulge her and take her on the spiny and crazy rides. I'm thinking though that if she throws up at the beginning of her ride experience, we are set. No more rides.
After the park, we went for dinner then off to Ryder's soccer practice. That kid is crazy on the field. Gets the ball and goes for it, doesn't matter which net, just goes. Got Brinley home to bed then it was momma's turn. I was exhausted but couldn't fall asleep until after 11:00pm. Up at 6:30am so I could shower before Brinley woke up and now I'm tired and it's only 8:00am. Oh well, the joys of motherhood!!

Off to the OB today for a check up. I am really hoping that I get in right away. I don't enjoy waiting for over an hour for a 10 minute appointment. Listen to me today, all whiny and complaining. :)

A little random....I just had a major sneeze attack and peed my pants, so off to change after the blog. Man, this peeing thing gets annoying! I should have left my pyjamas on until it was time to go to the appointment. Oh well....it's going to be a long day!!

Some funnies for the day! I love kid quotes!!

Happy, sunny Tuesday!! :)

Side note....I have entered a contest and I still need tons of votes to be number 1! If you are on Facebook, you can vote for me. I am on page 1 - Krista R. The contest is for my favourite mommy moment! <3 I am very competitive! :)


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