14 May 2013

Sugar and Silly.....

Today, I went in for my gestational diabetes testing. I kept checking my blood sugar before I went, in hopes that I would 'pass' the test. When I woke up, I was at 5.9 and then 6.3 when I left for the appointment. Both were fine and well within the safe boundaries. I chugged down the orange syrup drink, which actually wasn't too bad, and sat around with Brinley for an hour. The lab out here was packed, which isn't a common sight, so I panicked when I got there because little Brinley would get bored and tired within a couple of hours. I decided to go straight to the back to see if I, Krista, would have to wait. Princess Krista doesn't wait in line ups!! Ok, totally kidding, but I did go back and check. SCORE!!! I didn't have to wait, I took the drink and waited an hour, then had my blood checked. I am crossing my fingers in hopes that it comes back ok. I would love to not have gestational diabetes, just one less thing to worry about. The only good thing about it is that you really watch everything that goes in your mouth. A lot of protein and no SLURPEES. Boo hoo!!!

The lab tech was super lovely and kind. I told her that this Little Bean has Down Syndrome. How she responded brought tears to my eyes. She told me that she thought it was just great and that we should be happy with our choice to continue on with this journey. She told me that her little girls are both in speech therapy and that there is something else going on with her youngest but they aren't too sure what yet, ADHD or perhaps Aspergers. She said to me that she remembers looking at the ultrasound screen and seeing this perfect little girl and she fell in love. She also said that you don't know what is to come. You don't know if your child is going to have learning difficulties or health concerns. You just love your kids. She also mentioned that she knows a little one with Down Syndrome and she is striving and doing great in school and has friends. I love these stories. I love the reassurance. I love the feeling that it will be ok. I still get scared and I still worry.

I said the most ridiculous thing at brunch the other day with all of our families. I blame it on pregnancy and hanging out with a 14 month old. My comment was "maybe this baby will come out looking like a Koenig." So this would mean that the baby would look like my brother-in-law, which would mean that we would have hooked up. Good lord Krista. Of course the families laughed and then I made it clear, I hope, that this baby and Brinley may look nothing alike, just like the Koenig children. That was my point. It totally came out wrong. I apologized to Ange, but of course she thought nothing of it. I must say ridiculous things all the time that the families didn't even flinch at my silliness. I need to go back to work and have some more adult conversations.

I don't have the link yet to the article but this is what is looks like. :)

Last thought....our story was in the HR Times today and he did a pretty good job. My quotes are accurate but a couple of the facts are inaccurate. My sister and brother live in HR, well that would mean that my sister is married to our brother, which I'm pretty sure isn't accurate and that my folks live down the street. No, they don't, but I wish they did, I think. :) The whole interview was put on tape, so to include information which was not said, is not very professional, but I am happy that there is a write up. Oh, one more thing, no picture of James, just Brinley and I. He did have a part in the making of this baby, so you would think that we would all be represented in the article.
I also am confused at why he would take stats from Boston and put use them in the article. That just doesn't apply to us. Statistics from Alberta would have been more beneficial and appropriate....maybe I should switch to journalism. :)

Happy Tuesday! <3


  1. Love the message from the lab tech. Gave me shivers. So sweet and eloquent. Love how she said that you never know what you get when you have a child, you just love them no matter what. It is true.

    Also love how you cut up the reporter. That made me laugh. I would SO do the same thing!!! LOL! Teacher and stay at home mom with too much time on her hands makes for quite the combination!!;)

    1. Thanks Cheryl!! Yes, the combo is crazy and it will get me into trouble but I'm ok with that...I'm too OCD to let things slide. I feel so sorry for Brinley and Little Bean's teachers. :)

  2. Yes, you don't know anything for sure! If your baby sill have this or that etc. But you do know that you are one of the chosen few that are going to be blessed with a beautiful child with Down Syndrome. Life is going to be different, but I believe its going to be different because your child will show you a new way of seeing things. I am so happy to have you in my life now. Thanks for making your story public, because now I don't feel alone out here. I wanted to speak to you and tell you that you're not alone.... But inside I am jumping with joy because Brannon and I are no longer alone. I hope we can share stories and laugh and be proud, happy moms as we watch our children grow. The lab tech lady said everything just right to you. Remember to Take it as it comes, and enjoy every moment of it. <3

    1. Thanks Roxy!! It was great chatting with you last night but if I ever go to bed at that time again, I won't be able to function. I am dragging already today. ;)
      There will be tons of awesome mommy moments and I am so excited to share them with everybody!!! xoxoxo