10 May 2013

Sick and Fat People....

I would like to say that today's post will be filled with wit and charm, but I am sick with a cold and had a crap sleep last night. It's days like this that I am glad I only have one child to take of and not two....yet.
I cancelled lunch and an evening date with a friend. I don't like cancelling but I would be lame company for anybody. It's only 8:00am and I am already looking forward to having daddy come home and take care of me, oh, and Brinley. :)
I'm done whining!

Ange and the kiddies stopped by last night for a quick visit. I love seeing my babies. You can be having the worst day ever but as soon as you see those 2 little faces, it makes everything perfect! When Danika was leaving, she said that it's so difficult to leave our house and to say goodbye. Good thing we only live down the street!! Such a sweetie!

It's my dad's birthday today, Mother's Day on Sunday and mom's birthday on Monday. Of course they don't want any gifts, mom always asks for a card and maybe some lotion. I know she doesn't need any of that since she just bought out Victoria Secret!! The Mother's Day craft has been sent to the Koenig house for Bob to do his job....I so can't wait for Brinley and Little Bean to be in school then the teacher can worry about crafts! I just don't know why I torture myself. :)

Random thought.....that jackpot/doorknob/loser from Abercrombie and Fitch is a huge dork! Their clothes aren't made for fat people! He is disgusting and a revolting human being. We wonder why young girls feel that they aren't good enough. When your biggest size fits the anorexic, what is this teaching our children? He should be ashamed of himself and I hope somebody slashes his tires and shaves his head and rips off his toenails and pours salt on the wounds. I will tell Brinley and Little Bean everyday that they are perfect and amazing girls. We will encourage healthy eating and exercise, but never will we criticize their weight or looks. So sad. I think our children have enough to worry about without having jerks like him tell them they are fat and not worthy to wear his line of clothing. Shame on you!!!!

Next thought....my friend's little girl is on the mend and doing well. She will be coming home this weekend from the hospital but will be restricted to very limited activity. She is such a trooper. Thank god for the wonderful medical staff at the South Calgary Hospital and the Children's Hospital. The outcome could have been very different.

A local man, who actually lives 15 minutes away from us has won 15.8 million dollars. He won the lotto!! This gives me hope, we will keep buying tickets...either we will win or go totally broke from buying tickets. James said that I should find my way into this guy's life and get to flirting! I'm not too sure if he likes pregnant chicks! I guess I could test it out. Lucky bum!!

I must go play with a baby now! I hope everybody has a wonderful and productive day. <3

Mom, I have a question!! :)

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