1 May 2013

Push Peanut, Push.....

So I was just going to stay home yesterday because I felt pretty awful then was going to get baby's heartbeat checked out today. My dear friend Ryann, who works at the HR Hospital, sent me a message telling me that my OB had informed her that I was to go in yesterday and get it done. I love having friends who care. James, Brinley and I went in but the NST was not too successful. Baby Collins is so tiny right now, just over and pound and moves constantly, so getting a consistent heartbeat is rather difficult. There were two of us in a room, the lady next to me didn't realize that she was in labour, 4 centimetres dilated and ready to go that day. I wished at that point that it was me!! :)
The nurses and the doctors at the HR Hospital are amazing and wonderful and some of the most considerate professionals that I have ever met. People call the hospital the HR Hilton, that's how great it is! I wasn't able to deliver Brinley there nor will we be able to deliver this little bean there because I am deemed high risk from the start. Too bad.

Well, Teree's little one decided to make an even earlier arrival. She gave birth to a beautiful, baby boy last night, just after 10:00pm. He's just a tiny little guy, weighing in at 5 lbs 15oz.
Mommy and baby are doing great! I can't wait to get some pictures. He is being welcomed into a loving and wonderful home. Congrats my dear friend. <3

Just watching Breakfast Television and the host just did a clip on cancer, every day, 43 Albertans are diagnosed with cancer. That is shocking and devastating. I think that it's too bad that the cure, which I'm sure is out there somewhere, is being swept under the rug so all those pharmaceutical companies don't lose billions every year. I wonder??!???!???

Last random thought for the day...there are 2 words that I can't stand, retard and penetration. These two words have irked me for years and make it known to others when they use them. Friends will tease me by using the 'P' word as often as they can, but the 'R' word, they don't use as it also bothers them too. When we were at the Comic Con on the weekend, we walked past a group of people and one of the girls used the 'R' word. James and I both cringed at the same time, actual body shaking. James looked at me and said that he's never really liked that word, but now it just infuriates him.  Be considerate of others.

Today, we rest. Daddy has a full day at work and Brinley and mommy are going to hang out and do some cleaning.  :)
I hope everybody has a happy Wednesday!


  1. LOL...Why do you hate the word penetration? I will have to find a way to sneak that word into some of my comments! haha

  2. There is just something about it that drives me nuts. I had to stop watching basketball because they used it all the time. It makes me all squirmy!! I think you already snuck it into one of your comments! You want to stay friends don't you?? :)))