5 May 2013

Really...a Ouija Board???

So...yesterday, I took the day off. We had a really awesome time with the family. James, Brinley and I went out for lunch then grabbed a Starbucks. I was worried because the last time I had a coffee, I spent the day in bed because it made me so nauseous. Nope, this went down just like a margarita!!
We spent the whole afternoon at my sister's place with her, Bob and the kids. We learnt that Brinley does not like grass, the horrible feeling of hard, dead grass on her knees. I loved though that when I put her down, she crawled all the way over to the patio instead of crying. She went on the trampoline for the first time and loved it! It was so nice to spend the day out in the sun. Danika takes such good care of her cousin. It is the sweetest sight.  The only damage to auntie yesterday was the shovel that got smashed just above my eye by Ryder and the remote control that Brinley conked over my head at bedtime. I'd say overall, a smashingly wonderful day. Oh, and the heartburn from the taco dinner but the 39 Tums that I took eased the pain. I only had 2 of them for those of you who just gasped....I would have preferred 39! :)

So our little Brinley has taken a few steps but still prefers crawling. She gets pretty excited when we clap and cheer...we must look ridiculous but I get so excited. Hopefully she gets movin more on those feet soon. I know I've already told you about the first steps but I thought that maybe by writing about it again, it would send walking vibes her way!!

We also took Brinley for her first haircut on Friday. She was perfect. She sat in the chair and let the stylist cut her hair. I love that it was 6 bucks compared to mommy's 100 and some. :) Auntie Angela calls her a diva, but she already prefers Timmy's over Starbucks and Supercuts over the salon....I would say a great start.

I've had a few readers ask how James and I met....it's a funny story. We actually met at a baby shower. He was just about to leave and I didn't even know the guest of honour. I love crashing baby showers. :) I asked him where the party was, he said out back. That was the extent of our conversation. I had just been on a date and telling some of my friends how the date went...all said in a bitter tone. James heard it all!
"I am so tired of men. We met at Mount Royal Village at a coffee shop. He took the bus, showed up with a man purse, light jeans and sneakers and later informed that he asked his mommy for a ouija board for his upcoming birthday, oh and that he frequents the clubs on his own. Then at the end of the 'date' he tells me that he would like to be friends and that I wasn't really his type. I AM SO DONE WITH MEN!!!!"
James, I guess had just been on a date with a nut case and was done with women.
We were told by the guest of honour and by her sister that we were both single and should hook up. Ok, let's be Facebook friends, ok, let's talk on the phone, ok, let's have a date, ok, 7 months later, let's get engaged, ok, 8 months later, let's move in together, ok, a year later, let's get married. What the heck!!!! :)
It all worked out just perfect!! I am so glad that I am done with the dating scene but I have to admit that sometimes I miss hooking up with the girls, having a drink then heading to the bar at 10:00pm and dancing the night away. I lost so much weight! Those were the days. :)

Happy Sunday!! :))


  1. I just think it's funny you met at a baby shower. lol

  2. Most people find it funny! It was co-ed! :)