9 May 2013

Live in the Present.....

Oh goodness, last night was long and I had such a bizarre dream. I woke up with a cold, or maybe it's allergies. All I know is that I needed more sleep and I don't want to be sick. Stuffy, sore throat and headache. Poo on not being able to take cold medication or allergy pills.
So my dream, it's quick. I dreamt I was in Charlotte's Web! What the heck!! I was actually sitting down with Wilbur and having a full on conversation. Of course in my dream, this was all normal and great, then when I woke up, I thought maybe I should be going to Cocktails and Dreams more often. What a ridiculous dream!! I didn't eat anything bizarre before bed but I didn't fall asleep until almost midnight. It might be a long day!

Last night, I received a call from one of my closest friends. Her daughter was kicked in the head by one of their horses. Dad turned his back for a moment while she was feeding the horse and next thing he knew, he heard a scream and she was trying to get herself out of the bushes. She didn't lose consciousness. He took her inside and mom said that she needed to get to the hospital right away. Now they live at least 45 minutes away from the nearest hospital so dad stepped on it and got her to the South Calgary Hospital. She threw up when she got there but was still conscious and doing fine. The medical team from the Children's Hospital came down south and took her directly to ICU. She was intubated and given a CT scan. Poor little princess has such a major skull fracture plus a fracture under her eye. She doesn't need surgery but they can either fix the dent under her eye or it can be left as is....
The fracture will heal but the indent under her eye will not go away unless they choose surgery. They really aren't too sure what route to take at this point in time. I guess she is in great spirits and doing well but the road to a full recovery will be long. No major activities for months, which I know will be very difficult for her as she is an active and energetic little girl. She also has some nerve damage in one of her hands, so she will require physiotherapy and some rehab. My dear friend is also in the last couple weeks of pregnancy, they are expecting number 4. She forgot to take care of herself, which only makes sense, so she required an IV to replenish fluids, really just to get some fluids in her system. Baby's heartbeat was extremely high, so they needed to get that down and her blood pressure back up.
I shared this story because life can change in an instant. Just an instant. We don't know what lies ahead, we don't know if there will be a tomorrow, we don't know if we will get through today. I think too many times we take life and all of its gifts for granted. We wake up and complain that it's so early, we get mad at the kids for being silly, we get excited thinking about the weekend but we don't live in the moment. We don't appreciate and take in the moment. We are always thinking about the future. It is so important to live in the present and be thankful that we were given another day with the ones we love. Tell those who you love, that you love and appreciate them. Have patience. Enjoy your day. Be thankful.


  1. SO TRUE! thank you for sharing and reminding xoxox

  2. Aw, poor little girl. I'm scared of horses. Always have been. And you are so right...We just don't know what tomorrow will bring so we need to live in the moment and appreciate what we have today.

  3. You're scared of horses Jenny?? That surprises me. :)
    Thanks for always commenting and for reading the blog. xo