11 May 2013

A Mimosa...AWESOME!!!

According to Erin....

1. Every mother wants to wake up on her own accord. If you must wake her up, do so with a mimosa in hand or at the very least, a hot cup of coffee followed by a minimum 60 seconds of silence.

2. There will be absolutely no fighting or complaining in front of Mom. Maybe this means bribery. Maybe it means sending Mom off to the spa. Nobody wants to hear that crap on their holiday.

3. No cleaning products, safety equipment or fitness gear unless Mom herself has specifically requested it. 

4. “Well, she’s not my mother.” is null and void on Mother’s Day. Chances are she puts up with your nonsense, you love her for it and that’s close enough.

5. Please give the kids some role in choosing or making their own gifts for Mom. Hearing “I didn’t know we got Mom an Ipad!!!” is very awkward to say the least.

6. Moms should not have to cook on Mother’s Day (unless she wants to). Take her out or plan a special menu for Mom. There are plenty of pre-planned menus on the web so no excuses!

7. Moms not do dishes on Mother’s Day. Period.

8. Moms do not do Mother’s Day dishes the morning after.

9. Plan on being presentable the entire day. Put on a clean shirt, brush your teeth and comb your hair. Family photos are highly probable.

10. If you can’t be with your Mother this Mother’s Day, call her. Video chats would be better but seriously, a social media shout out is not going to cut it this year.

I think these are perfect rules for a wonderful Mother's Day!

I told James that all I want is a card, that is all I need. I honestly feel like my life is complete. I have James, Brinley and Little Bean, I have an amazing family and wonderful friends. I don't want an IPad or diamonds. I want a healthy and happy family. Actually there are a couple things that would be grand...I want the epidural to not fall out this time and I want labour to last no more then 2 hours and I want to go home within 24 hours. I think those are very reasonable requests. :)

Happy Mother's Day to all of my friends and their momma's. I hope it's filled with love and laughter and great memories.

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