15 May 2013

Straight Jacket......

Today, I babysat Ryder for the morning because Ange had a course that needed to be completed at work. The little kid showed up on my doorstep at 8:20 and talked until I dropped him off at school. At around lunchtime, I asked him what he wanted to eat. Nope, not hungry so I grabbed myself an egg salad sandwich from the fridge.
Ryder - "Auntie, I want that."
Auntie - "You won't like it."
Ryder - "I want it!"
Auntie - "You won't like it, it's an egg salad sandwich."
Ryder - "I want half."
Auntie - "You won't like it."
Ryder - "I want half."
Auntie - "Here, take a bite of mine and if you like it, I will give you half."
Ryder - "I want half."
Auntie - "TAKE A BITE!!!!!!!"
Ryder - "Ok."
So he takes a big bite, chew, chew, chew, gag, chew, gag, chew, gag, gag. I watched with a little smile on my face. Poor little guy didn't want to admit that it was icky!! I continued to watch him chew, then finally I asked him if he liked it. To my surprise, he said that he didn't like it at all. ;)
Auntie - "Go spit it out sweetie."
HA!! HA!! HA!!! It was too funny!!

I had to wake Brinley up from her nap in order to get Ry to school on time. Poor little girl cried when I woke her up...there was no pinching or yelling involved, just a gentle rub on the arm but I sure ticked her off. Had to get the kids in the car, carried Brinley down the stairs along with my purse, with Ry behind me. I got Brinley in the car and I can hear Ry yelling at me. "I told you to wait for me. Why did you go ahead? You were supposed to wait."
"Ry, I couldn't because your cousin weighs 30 pounds and I'm pregnant and tired and out of shape and hot and hungry and I need to get you to school on time."
"Auntie, I told you to wait for me."

Got to school on time, make him hug me and tell me that he loves me, cause I'm that kind of auntie. I went to the gym to find Danika to give her a hug and some love. I'm pretty sure she does more talking at lunch then eating because when I got there, some kids were already finished lunch and Danika hadn't even started yet. Silly girl!! A talker, just like her momma!! :)

Oh poop, I haven't fed Brinley yet and I'm craving an Orange Julius!!! If they only had lemonade flavour. Made a detour to Dairy Queen to get my treat, figured little Brinley would survive. Got home, fed the Princess a grilled cheese and cleaned up Ryder's tornado!!

Man, 2 kids is a whole lot of work! What the heck!!??? I may need one nanny per child, wait, that requires lots of money....hmmmm......maybe once I get into my own routine with Brinley and Little Bean, it'll all be good. I'm worried that I am going to end up in a mental institution, drooling, being fed apple sauce by my family while rocking back and forth, back and forth. I am worried about my posts after having this next princess, they may not make sense, they may involve tantrums, tears, frustration, booze. I think I need to go lay down.

Happy Wednesday!!

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