23 May 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine....

Yesterday was our ultrasound. I went alone to this one as I don't want James to take holidays now, instead I would prefer for him to wait until after baby arrives. Grandma was babysitting and auntie had to spend the afternoon at the kid's school.
I got in quickly which was nice so I was hoping that I would be in and out!! The tech checked her measurements and they looked great, her belly, head and femurs. I reminded her of the heart hiccup so she spent some extra time checking for concerns.
She left the room to show the doctor the pictures then normally she returns and I go to the waiting room, doctor comes in and tells me that things look pretty good. Instead, she returned with two doctors and a new tech to look more closely at her heart. I stayed calm but I did have a passing thought that baby was going to have be delivered today, at The Foothills and my hubby is out in the field somewhere...oh no!! The one doctor was speaking quietly to the other doctor, I heard "T21", yes, you don't have to whisper, we know that she has Down Syndrome, it's not a secret. :) The doctor then told me that they were going to page the cardiologist at the Children's Hospital to come and review the results. That's when a little panic set in. They told me that I would have to wait an hour before the cardiologist could meet with me to discuss the results.
Thank God, my dear friend, our Genetics Counsellor invited me to come and sit with her in her office, then we could chat and gossip about useless things.  :) Karen is such a kind, caring and sweet person and I appreciated her support yesterday. It kept me nice and calm.
I tried calling my sister from her office but I couldn't get a hold of her, I didn't want to call James because that would send him into a panic and I didn't want him to worry about the baby or me.
I called Bob and told him what was going on, he said that he would let Ange know. Little did I know, Uncle Bob would get worried and call Ange multiple times as well as text her quite a few times. He loves us!! ;)
Dr. Somerset came in to discuss the results with me and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, well today anyways. He started off with saying that he hasn't seen a heartbeat like that before....oh great, that sounds just awesome! He also had a name for the condition, but I didn't really catch it, which was fine with me because I don't want to spend my time on Google, then I freak out. It's call Bi...something.  She has a regular heartbeat but in between the beats, she has an extra beat. The concern is that it could get faster, which would mean immediate delivery. She was at 154 yesterday but he said that if it gets to 200, it's a huge worry. It will need to be monitored every week now until it resolves itself, which hopefully it does, soon. I'm hoping that because we are an hour away from the hospital, I can go to the HR Hospital every other week to check and then on the other weeks, I can go to my OB.
I was exhausted yesterday, mentally and physically. I know that God only gives you what you can handle, but he has way too much faith in me. I just need for all of this to work out and for this little one to arrive healthy and happy. It's a road that I never thought we would be on, so sometimes it's difficult to digest.

I always know that the best medicine for me is to go over to the Koenig's and unwind. We went over for an hour and had some laughs. Auntie and Brinley had a dance party, it was the cutest sight. Auntie and Uncle, Danika and Ryder love their cousin so much and honestly it melts my heart. The corny saying of 'Laughter is the Best Medicine'...it's true!

I received a really sweet message the other day. This made my whole day.....

Hi Krista, I've been reading your blog that Veronica has posted. I want you to know that I have a little girl with Down Syndrome in my class. I love her so much. I had her last year as well, and asked to move up to be with her again this year. She is so sweet, and joyful and smart. Her parents love her so much and so do all the kids in my class. I often have to tell my grade 4's to not help her 'too' much because they want to do everything for her! She is a little fashionista who loves shopping and has a new cute outfit on everyday. I just want you to know that your baby will be loved just as much as this little girl! You are doing such a great job and this sweet baby doesn't even know what kind of beautiful family awaits her!

I have entered a contest and I still need tons of votes to be number 1! If you are on Facebook, you can vote for me. I am on page 1 - Krista R. The contest is for my favourite mommy moment! <3 I am very competitive! :) You can vote once every 24 hours!!


Happy Thursday to all of you! I'm off to meet a friend for coffee. :)


  1. Hope the heart issue resolves itself. Sounds like you have some good Doctors though and they are monitoring things closely.

    Oh that message, so sweet! I pray that when Russell goes to school he has a teacher like that.

  2. Thanks Jenny!! I sure hope so too!! You want Russell to have a teacher just like me. ;)

  3. That message melted my heart too :-) I often daydream about how Ella's school experience will be and I hope is just like that. I want her to have a teacher that adores her so much that after she moves on to another great. the teacher becomes a family friend. My sister had one of those teachers :-)

  4. I hope that Ella has a great school experience too Thaty!! Teachers have such a huge impact on children's lives.