26 June 2013

Damn You Mother Nature....


I'm back, sort of!

We were hit last week with a major flood in High River. I'm sure some of you are like "well ya, you live in HIGH RIVER!" We have a river, yes, but it is nowhere near our house. We woke up Thursday morning and James told me that his parent's basement was flooded and that he was going to head over to help get furniture out of their place and that they may be evacuated. I still thought nothing of it...nope, it's all good.
Then I noticed that people were walking down the street taking pictures of the field and the school. Hmmm...maybe something is going on?? Power gone now and no cell phone service. Knock at the door, a friend stopped by to tell me to get out and find another place to stay. Still, it didn't really kick in. I couldn't get a hold of James, I started pacing the house.

Should I get some things out of the basement? No, it'll be ok and I can't lift the heavy boxes. Still in denial. Then I hear a fireman over the bull horn telling us to get out and that we have been evacuated. Still thinking that this is silly. I go outside and ask the neighbours if they have a plan. Most weren't leaving. All I was thinking was that I needed a shower and maybe I should get ready.

James comes home and says that it's crazy down the street at his parent's house. The windows were smashing in and the whole basement was destroyed. I was having troubles comprehending that only 1 minute away, a neighbourhood was being swept away.

We grabbed some stuff and headed down the street in the other direction to Ange and Bob's house. All dry.
The RCMP show up and tell us that we must evacuate. WHAT??? No way!!! We are hungry and I guess in denial. We decide to BBQ and evaluate the situation then decide what we should be doing. I guess we needed to think about the kids and their safety.

Mom and dad didn't really give us a choice. We headed to the folk's house....9.5 of us!

The next day, we were watching the news, there was our place, under water. Are you kidding me?? We needed to get home and find out what was going on....assess the damage.
We hear that there is no access to High River...we will find a way!

We all headed back home and were stopped by the RCMP. Mom always taught us that you get farther with honey then you do with vinegar. We were sweet and nice and polite. The officer escorted us to our place and said that we had 20 minutes. Dad, James and I went in and headed straight to the basement. I could hear splash. Oh crap, oh crap! All of our stuff, oh crap, my wedding dress, all of our diapers and wipes and clothes for the new baby. Our fridge, our freezer, all of our food, all of our personal belongings in the garage. I felt so overwhelmed. I cried. I cried for all the hurt that I felt at that moment. I cried because I knew that this wasn't good. I cried just for myself. I felt sorry for me.

I knew that I couldn't pull the what if...what if we just moved stuff? What if we just unloaded some of our personal belongings from the basement? What if we just took some time to get our place ready for water? Nope, don't do what if...this is how it is. We moved nothing. Dad said to get moving and gather some stuff. I felt overwhelmed and only grabbed a few things because I'm sure we would return to our place in a few days. I only need a couple pairs of undies, maybe a shirt or two...

We left. I cried again.

James managed to get back to our place once more and he grabbed the wedding dress, my rings that don't fit, and some clothes for all of us. Don't forget my blood pressure machine, grab the Doppler, get undies, get Brinley some clothes as she has been wearing sleepers for almost a week. I feel so displaced.

My wedding dress :(

Dad spent over an hour in the rain, washing and spraying my dress outside. He did such a good job and managed to get a lot of the dirt and mud off of the dress. Bob and Ange offered to have it boxed and cleaned and to not worry about it. They would take care of it. There goes another 400 dollars to get the dress cleaned. :(

Emotionally, this has been a roller coaster ride. I know that our damage is minimal compared to others who have lost everything. I feel bad for so many. I feel bad for those who have to sleep at the rec centres, I feel bad for myself, I feel bad for the elderly, I feel bad for the pets that are stranded, I feel bad for those who died in the flood, I feel bad for those who live paycheck to paycheck and who can't afford any of the costs associated with the flood, I feel sorry for my parents who are housing all of us, I feel sorry.
I also feel disconnected from my husband and it makes me sad. I feel that our lives have been consumed with the flood and worrying about the costs, the damage and getting the house ready for Little Bean. At times, we are frustrated with each other and it's hard to voice kindly our concerns to each other, so it comes out harsh. I don't want that to happen. We need to be together and on the same page and support the decisions and the trials that await us.

I never really realized how much I took our little home for granted. I did. I miss my bed, my routine, my schedule and I miss sleeping in a room where I don't need to whisper in fear that I will wake the baby beside me. I also need for this baby to keep cooking. If she comes early, I will lose it.

My blood pressure is high right now. I will talk to my doctor and get a plan going. I need to make sure that I am healthy and that baby is healthy.

Lastly, we have been blessed with so many great friends. I have received so many texts, phone calls and messages sending love and support. You have no idea how much we appreciate your kindness. It keeps our spirits up.

My cousin sent me this for a laugh....beware, there are many swears. If you take offense easily, stop reading. :)

I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog and other tales from a twentysomething disaster.

Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace

Every damn time someone in my facebook feed posts something like this, I click it. Every damn time.
We all have this facebook friend, right? People you genuinely love and admire. People you like hanging out with. People you invite to your birthday parties. You know. Actual friends. Until you’ve clicked links exactly like this again and again and again. For YEARS. And all of a sudden, you start to wonder if this is some elaborate hoax, if you’ve actually just been reading the same article over and over.
It’s not like I have anything against happiness, or success, or meditation, or yoga, or being nice, or smiling more, or eating healthy, or losing weight, or being your best you, or embracing the day with a positive attitude. Those all sound great. Honestly, they do. And there are some really smart, simple truths to be found in all of those articles. There truly are.
It’s just that I have a problem with being told to do all of those things by skinny blonde ladies laughing on a beach wearing yoga pants.
Don’t believe me? Take the challenge. Next time you read one of these articles, I dare you not to play Inspirational Photo Bingo:
Don’t believe me? Compiling these photos took LESS THAN FOUR MINUTES.
I can’t fucking remember the last time I pranced around a tropical island paradise waving a white scarf around my head as a professional photographer snapped a picture, but I bet if I did, I’d be a whole lot happier too.
Below please find my version of this article, that I want to share with you, the internet. May it bring you all the inner peace you can cram into your backpacking gear right before downward dogging it atop that mountain at sunrise.
  1. Do whatever the fuck you want.
  2. Do whatever the fuck you want.
  3. Seriously, do you want that burger? Then just fucking eat a burger. Don’t be gross about it, and don’t eat a burger three meals a day. But I beg you, women and image-conscious male humans of the world, stop beating yourself up about it and just eat the fucking burger.
  4. Do whatever the fuck you want.
  5. Have good friends. Call them. Complain a little. That’s what friends are for. Return the favor. Don’t be a shitty friend.
  6. Learn how to laugh about farts. Fart more. Laugh about it.
  7. Be incessantly curious about the world around you! Experience art, science, beauty, and nature! But stop beating yourself up on those nights when you just want to sit your ass on the couch and watch reruns of Friends. 
  8. Smile when you feel like smiling. Laugh whenever you fucking feel like laughing. Pro tip: Being told to ‘laugh more’ is not going to make you laugh more. Being told to ‘smile more’ is not going to make you smile more.
  9. Make time for yourself. After you’ve run that 5K, started a load of laundry, harvested your organic vegetable garden, run to the bank, paid the bills, dazzled everyone with recipes that are cost-effective, healthy, and delicious, thought of something witty and clever to share with your social networking site, caught up on current events and politics, and cleaned all of the house, that special hour set aside just for you is so critical to your well-being.*
    10. Do whatever the fuck you want.
    11. Don’t care what other people think. Unless they’re right. In which case, fucking humble yourself enough to listen to them.
    12. Do. Whatever. The Fuck. You Want.

Do what you want. Be your damn self. Don’t be a terrible person. Be nice to others. Be supportive of your friends and allow yourself to give them the benefit of the doubt when they want to try something new, like rescuing shelter dogs, or making performance art in the nude, or dating terrible people. They’re your friends and you love them, and if they suck, stop being their friend. Show up for work. Pay your bills. Find some fucking purpose in your life, and figure out a way to share that purpose with others in a way that isn’t sanctimonious and doesn’t involve a picture of a woman laughing at an empty beach. Smile because something makes you smile. Laugh because you’ve surrounded yourself by people who make you laugh, and they’re funny fucking people, and you’re happy to be with them. Dance because you’re drunk at a big dance party with your friends and Michael Jackson is playing, not because ‘no one is watching.’ Everyone is watching. We’re at a fucking party. That’s how parties work.
Do whatever the fuck you want.
And the next time one of you has the kind of spare cash around to take a prancercise vacation to a tropical island, for the love of all that is holy please bring me with you. I am excellent at waving scarves around but even better at buying drinks with tiny umbrellas.

*And I don’t even HAVE KIDS! Or a husband! Or a boyfriend! I can’t even imagine how condescending that advice must feel to working moms. As someone who works all the time and can barely remember which day of the week the trash gets taken out: making time for yourself seems like one of the cruelest bits of advice of all. I’ll make plenty of time for myself. ONCE I FINISH ALL OF THE THINGS.

13 June 2013

Some Love For Today.....

A dear friend sent this to me! It's from another mommy blog called Sipping Lemonade...I really needed this today. :) Thank you Jenny. xo

Dear mom who just received a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis,

I know how you feel.

Except — unlike you, I was holding my new baby, Kate, in my arms when I found out. She was wrapped in a blanket, looking up at me as I cried, listening to the Neonatologist on staff tell me — only minutes after she was born — that she had Down syndrome. And what that meant.
He said that it meant she had an extra chromosome. And that she would have learning delays. He said that it meant she was significantly predisposed to certain medical conditions, including congenital heart defects — and that we should get her heart tested right away. He said that it meant she had low muscle tone and may not be able to breastfeed. He said that it meant she would do things on a different schedule than other kids.
And in those first few days, after hearing those statistics, talking to doctors and researching online, I thought I knew what it “meant” to have a child with Down syndrome. And quite frankly, I was devastated.
And so it is with you.
But let me tell you — from one mother to another — those facts are not what it means to have a child with Down syndrome.
Many of those facts may not even apply to you. Some might, but many might not. I’ve learned this with all of my children. And I never allow generalizations to set my expectations. (For the record, Kate breastfed like a champ and continues to break stereotypes.)
What those facts didn’t tell me about Kate is that — along with almond eyes and slightly lower muscle tone — she would also have my thick, blond hair and full lips. That she’s a Daddy’s girl. That she loves peanut butter waffles and rocking her baby doll to sleep. They didn’t tell me that she’s a nurturing big sister, a doting little sister — and the star in the room wherever we go.
Those facts didn’t tell me that she would make funny faces and dance like crazy to Fresh Beat Band. That she loves to sing. And swim. And go to gymnastics. And unload all of my kitchen cabinets.
What those facts didn’t tell me in all that they “meant” is what she would mean — to me, to our family, to our friends.
I look back on those first days and I remember the feeling of craving normality. I didn’t want to hear how life would be forever altered in some big way and that I would just learn to accept it. I just wanted life to be the way it was before — routine, “normal.”
Will things ever be normal again? I thought.
And then one day — soon — they were. Except they weren’t like before. They were better.
Suddenly, the overwhelming facts and fears faded. Because instead of knowing a diagnosis, I grew to know her.
And so it will be with you.
Because of her life, I have the unique perspective of seeing the best in the human spirit — and not just in her spirit (though she’s quite spirited!) but in everyone else.
In a world where it’s easy to view strangers through skeptic eyes, I have seen an outpouring of love and compassion surrounding her. I have connected to those I wouldn’t have otherwise. I have had strangers stop me on the street — just to tell me how beautiful she is. The world can seem like a scary place for any child, especially those with a disability. But I have met so many who just want to love her.
I cannot tell you what challenges your precious one might have — just as I cannot tell you what challenges anybody’s child will have, “special needs” or not. One aspect of your child’s life just happens to be detectable by prenatal medical technology. But prenatal testing cannot tell you who your child will be, anymore than a fuzzy, black and white sonogram can tell you how your child will look.
When Kate was just a few months old, I went to Target to pick up some groceries. In line that day, I met the mom of a 19-year-old man with Down syndrome. And when I shared that my daughter also had Down syndrome, her eyes softened and she held my gaze with a warm smile.
It was as if we were both part of a secret sorority and she was an old pledge member. She asked me a few questions and before leaving, softly said the words that I’ll pass on to you here:
“Welcome to your beautiful journey.”
From my heart to yours,

Have a wonderful day today. xo

11 June 2013

FARTS...again! :)


Yesterday, Ange, Ryder and I went to The Rockyview to have a non stress test done. I figured that we would be in and out! Nope, every pregnant woman in Calgary went into labour yesterday, so we waited and we waited. When I finally got all hooked up, it all went well. There was lots of movement and baby's heartbeat was excellent. It was all good news!
Our nurse was just lovely, she did make one comment that I know was very innocent but it shows just how sensitive I am when it comes to this little bean. She asked me when we found out that she had Down Syndrome. I answered her but sort of felt annoyed. If we knew early on, should we have terminated the pregnancy or was she happy that we had decided to carry on with this incredible journey?
Anyways, it all went great and we are all happy that baby is doing well right now! <3

James and I have decided to take a little mini vacation. My parents have some property in BC, so we will head out there in July for a few days. Let Brinley have some fun swimming and mommy and daddy can relax. Nothing better then having to do, well, nothing. Might just be a good time to get a little relaxation in before we are consumed with no sleep, crying baby and walking around like zombies. :)

My godmother sent me this one.....I've read it before and it totally cracked me up! Enjoy!!

Like everything in life, farts have a time and place. However, I never realized that in the wrong time and place, flatulence had enough power to alter my course in history. Well, it can if it’s the third date with the man ...of your dreams. And, if it makes his eyes burn. If God destined us to be together, I was one SBD away from foiling His plans (that’s “Silent But Deadly” for you prudes).
It was about five years ago. I was trying to lose a few pounds so I was staying away from carbs. That’s when I met my husband, Rob. On our first date, he booked the next two. He liked me. I liked him. Things were looking real good.
He picked me up in a Cobra, Mustang and his pathetic attempt to win me over with a car totally worked. I’m not shallow, but since I spent most of my twenties picking men up because I didn’t want my hair to frizz in their non-air conditioned jalopies on 3 wheels and a 15 year old spare, I welcomed his fancy sports car with open arms.
We arrived at the restaurant and Rob was ordering food I hadn’t allowed myself to eat in years. I didn’t want to be “that girl” so I ate, drank, and oh, was I merry. Later we shopped a bit. Rob surprised me by buying an expensive pair of shoes that he caught me eyeing. Was this love?
That’s when it happened. Gas strikes in two different ways – uncontrollable toots or sharp, shooting pains that feel a lot like dying. I thought I was dying. Not to make a scene, I told Rob I suddenly wasn’t feeling well and probably needed to head home.
On the way home in his Cobra, he tried to hold my hand and ask me lots of questions, but I wasn’t having any of it. The pain was so bad it felt like I was being stabbed with a bunch of tiny forks. Then I realized …
My God, help me. I have a horrendous fart on deck. I’m in trouble. Big trouble.
The more I held it in, the more pain would shoot through my stomach and down my legs. I was even having to raise myself off the seat, gripping on to my door and the dashboard.
“Seriously, you need to hurry – I’m in a lot of pain.” I managed to say through gritted teeth.
“Wow, it’s that bad? What’s wrong? Do I need to take you to a hospital?”
How do you tell a man you just started dating that the reason you’re writhing in pain is because you have to fart?
Well, you can either tell him, or like me, let the fart speak for itself.
People, hear me. There was nothing I could do. As impressive as I am with sphincter control, this was out of my hands. Slowly, it eeked out. The more I tried to stop it, the more it forced its way through the door. However, to my pleasant surprise, there was no sound. I sat silently, sweat accumulating above my upper lip. Ok, maybe I got away with it. Maybe I’m home free. Then it hit me. Not an idea, a cloud. A horrific, fart cloud. Not in a, “am I smelling something?” sort of way. More like a “is someone dead and rotting in your trunk and am I in hell?” sort of way.
Suddenly, I panicked. “Roll down the windows!” I screamed (yes, I literally screamed it like I was in a horror movie).
“What? Why?” Rob asked, starting to freak out because I was freaking out.
“I can’t roll down the windows, unlock it! UNLOCK IT!”
“What’s going on?” Rob yells back to me, “Why are you …” then it hit him. I could see it in his eyes. Was it surprise? Horror? Water started to accumulate at the base of his eyelids, “Oh my God, I CAN TASTE IT!” he screamed.
“Roll down the windows!” As I screamed, the toots started to flood out uncontrollably. I scratched and clawed at the window like I was being kidnapped. Rob, unable to see either by fart cloud or panic, kept turning on the windshield wipers instead of unlocking the window.
It was chaos. We were acting like we were under siege by gun fire. We were under siege alright, just not by gun fire.
Finally he was able to hit the right control and he rolled down our windows. We both gulped in fresh air. I was horrified, yet happy to be alive, then remembered I just farted on the man of dreams, then sorta wished I was dead.
We sat silently for the rest of the way home. Although the shooting pains had subsided, I now desperately needed to use the bathroom, in an urgent, explosive kind of way.
He pulled up to my apartment and before he could come to a stop I had already jumped out, “Ok, thanks for dinner, sorry about the fart, love the shoes!” and ran in to my apartment like I was running from the cops.
I burst through my door and ran straight for the bathroom, where I was finally able to unleash and make noises that no one should ever, EVER, hear coming from another person.
Then I heard it. Rob’s voice. Right. Outside. My. Bathroom. Door.
“Anna? You left your shoes in my car and your front door was open. Where do you want me to put them?”
“Get away from the door!” I scream like Reagan from The Exorcist.
“Ok, I’m sorry. Are you okay?”
*toot* *toot* *splatter* *ungodly noise*
“I’m fine, Rob – just leave the shoes there. I’ll call you later okay?”
“Okay, are you sure you’re …”
“I’m fine! Get away from the door!”
This man! I mean, I love him, but take a freakin’ hint!
Finally, I heard the front door shut, and the Cobra engine zoom away. I thought that was the last I’d hear from him. I didn’t think it was possible to ever see a man again after he screams he can taste your fart after only knowing you for 48 hours.
But, to my surprise, I did. A couple days later, actually. Now we’re married and he’s lying on the couch while I type this … “It was your rack that saved you,” he just lovingly reminded me.

Happy Tuesday! xo

7 June 2013

Vasectomy and a Pea Bag!

A few thoughts today....

Last night I decided to say my prayers but I extended them just a little bit and added some adjectives and got pretty intense. Usually we say bedtime prayers and we include the health and happiness of our friends and family and we say hi and miss you to our loved ones. My prayer last night went something like this....

Dear God,

I encourage you to plant continuous thoughts in James's head about getting a vasectomy. When I say continuous, I mean, the average man thinks about sex hundreds of times during the day, I want you to switch that to snip, snip, snip and a pea bag to help heal. Please God let the vasectomy work because if I get pregnant again, there will be hell to pay and it will all be directed at James, who let's be honest, is not at fault. Now God, if you feel that James is not quite finished having kids and you think he will leave us in the next 10 years for a tight, 20 year old blonde girl, please let him know that he will no longer be getting ANY in this house. Just put that thought in his head too. Now God, I do not take for granted that we were able to conceive very, very easily and we are thankful that you have blessed us with two princesses....I know that Dr. Phil says that if you start a sentence then say "but", you just erased everything that you said before the word "but." I don't want to say "but"......I am thankful for the pregnancies, _ _ _, I will not do this again. :)
I'm pretty sure God that this little bean is laughing inside of me while she jumps continuously on my bladder, which lately has made walking short distances a challenge. I pee at night every hour or two and sometimes when I think I won't quite make it to the bathroom, I sit down quickly and I hear, "tinkle, tinkle." Really??? That's it?? All that pressure and pain and discomfort for a "tinkle, tinkle." Shame on my destroyed bladder. God, I would also like to ask that you keep my family happy and healthy.

I believe that pregnancy works for some, like the Duggars, but this momma is not a good pregnant woman. How has Michelle Duggar enjoyed 20 years of pregnancy? I mean, 20 YEARS of carrying children and 20 children who have exited her body. Not too sure how I feel about that...scary picture!!

Next, last night I had a great conversation with a dear friend. We were talking about marriage and how now a days, marriage is sometimes considered a novelty and something that is easy to do and easy to get out of. I don't know if it's because of technology, social media, cell phones, internet...is that it? I know of one website that encourages couples to cheat, it is a site for married men and women who are looking for a little fun. The creator of this site is married and his wife says that she approves of the site but does not approve of her husband having an affair. Yup, makes a lot of sense of me! Don't you dare do it to me but I support others doing it to their spouses and partners.
We also discussed therapy and counselling and that men are not always willing to go to these lengths as it shows weakness. I said to her that I see it as the complete opposite. A man who is willing to go to any length to save his message, is a real man.
Now, don't think that I am opposed to separation and divorce. If you have tried and tried and your home has become unhealthy for the family, especially the children, maybe the family needs to consider separation. I just feel that couples give up so easily now a days, yup, we tried, now we're done. When I was younger, it was unheard of, all of our friend's parents were still married, we never even thought about it.
I remember getting a phone call from one of my BFFs, she was crying. We were in grade 9 at the time, heading into grade 10. She told me that her parents were divorced, I was so confused. When did this happen? Last night? She told me that they got divorced when we were in grade 1. WHAT??? I am so confused. I guess, they just didn't want to tell the kids, they wanted them to go through school without worry and knowing that their parents were there for them at all times. Her dad lived in the house the entire time and it was a very healthy relationship, lots of love and support. It was so crazy!!
All three kids grew up to be very successful and productive members of society. Two if them are doctors and one is a lawyer. Her dad moved out that summer and it actually went very smoothly. There is a lot of love in that family.

I am off to a graduation today. One of my former students made it!! She did it! She succeeded and I am one happy teacher. I was so honoured that she invited me to her grad. She told me that her mom and grandma would look out for me, I told her that I am very hard to miss! Large, pregnant woman. :)

Our princess is 15 months! Love you B! :)

Have a wonderful Friday! xo

5 June 2013

You Look Weird! :(

Well, I still haven't purchased a new bra, one day! One day!! :)

Yes, we bought a doppler!! We check baby's heartbeat every night just to make sure that her heartbeat is consistent and not climbing!
Yesterday, we went to my weekly OB appointment at The Rockyview. Baby's heartbeat sounded great, I get so confused, she sounds great on the doppler, but the two ultrasounds, she has the hiccup. I don't know if the doppler just isn't picking it up, or it has resolved itself. I am heading back up to The Rockyview on Monday for an NST, so that'll be a 20 minute test instead of the two minutes with the doppler. The other piece of great news, I have not gained any weight in the past couple of weeks!! I'd say that's awesome and sweet!! It must be all of the exercise that I am getting. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

I had to include this picture. She may look ticked but she loves her spaghetti! She just gets tired of mom taking pictures, constantly! :)

I've been reading some posts lately, which I try not to read too many DS posts as I get all worked up and start to worry even more. The posts have been about other kids pointing out that the child with DS looks weird. Children are so honest and sometimes hurtful even though they don't always mean to be hurtful to others. I am that mother, as I have mentioned before....my response....well, in my head.

"Well, you know what kid?? You are ugly, have you looked in the mirror lately?? Looks like you hit all the branches on the ugly tree as you were going down. You probably have no friends at school and your clothes are also ugly, they match your ugly face. You probably can't even spell and your mom and dad probably have a messy house and you all swear and pick on others for fun! I hope you trip and fall on your way out of the store and skin your knee and get a bloody nose."

What I should say......what I would try soooo hard to say.

My little girl doesn't look weird, and that's not really a very nice thing to say to somebody. How would you feel (you little shit), if somebody said that you looked weird? It would probably hurt your feelings. Please don't say hurtful things like that to others.

The posts bothered me so much that I dreamt all night about how I would feel, how this little bean would feel. There are a lot of weird looking people out there in the world, I think that little ones with DS are beautiful and perfect. It's too bad that parents do not educate their children on races, religions and differences between people. It's so important to inform your children that we are all unique and special and we all have a purpose and a role while we are here on earth. One day, the bullying and harassment will stop. Let it begin at home.

My friend Kim sent me this message. Her little girl Kaylee is in grade 2.

Kaylee asked me why you were in the paper, so I told her your story and showed her a video and some pictures, she said to me....I think those kids are so cute, I love how big their eyes are and Krista's baby will beautiful on the inside and out.

How sweet! :)

Last thought....Princess Brinley has picked up a new word. She says "baby." It is so clear and so cute and it makes us smile. We have decided to buy her a little dolly for when this little bean arrives. She can have her own baby to feed and change. Hopefully it's a success. I'm just waiting for when she looks at us and asks when this little girl will go back from where she came from. Let's be honest, nothing, after Little Bean will exit this body. I am done.
She also loves to clean. She grabbed a wet wipe yesterday and cleaned her toys, the carpet, the couch and my legs. I love how at this age, they are little sponges. I think I will make her watch me clean the toilets and maybe the grocery shopping. She is on her way to making a man very, very happy!! :)

Happy hump day...I hope it's filled with humps!! ;)

3 June 2013

My BOOBS! :)

I decided I should sit down today and write a blog. Had a headache for four or five days now, thought it was the weather until I checked my blood pressure on Saturday and found out that it was probably the high numbers I was looking at that contributed to the pain in my head. At one point I was at 152/108, which we all know is way too high. Boo on pregnancy and blood pressure in the third trimester for Krista!!
Headed to the hospital yesterday to get my blood pressure checked and to check baby's heartbeat. My blood work came back excellent and my blood pressure actually was a decent number at the hospital. Thanks to Ange and Danika for taking me and for hanging with me, such a great family.

So, as I was sitting up in the hospital bed, Angela, my honest and straightforward sister, looks at me and says, "Man Krista, you seriously need a bra. Your boobs are hanging out in your armpits." Are they really that far over when I'm sitting up, just imagine where they are when I'm laying down, probably right behind my back. I thought that the tank tops that I wear under my shirts were supporting me enough, well, I sort of thought that it sort of supported me enough, a little bit, sort of. I have such pretty bras in my drawers, but none of them fit anymore. My boobs are bigger and my rib cage has seriously expanded. I don't know where to find a bra that will fit, properly. Maybe if I actually wear a bra, I would feel a little better about myself and my boobs would look straight forward instead of flapping in the wind. The other thing, I guess about not wearing a bra, what if I get chilly?? I don't want my boobies pointing at others, how embarrassing. One more thing, my boobs seems to me already making some milk, well if I squeeze them. :) Could you imagine, I'm out somewhere, I don't even have the baby yet, my boobs are stuck by my armpits, they are hard and my shirt is stained with milk. I am by far the sexiest woman to walk the planet. My goal, find a bra!!

Last night, we had family dinner minus the parents. Dad has a colonoscopy on Tuesday, I don't know if he wants everybody to know, but we are so proud of him for going and getting this test done. So important for men to get checked. You aren't too proud, you shouldn't be embarrassed, it could save your life. We lost our grandfather to prostate cancer, way too young and that's because he didn't go back for the necessary check up, I don't know truly whose fault it was, but nonetheless, it was total devastation for the whole family.

Anyways, my point about dinner last night was actually some things that the kiddies had to say about pregnancy.
Ryder -"Auntie, your belly sure is big."
Ange - "Good lord Ryder, why is auntie's belly so big?"
Ryder - "There's a baby is her belly."
Just imagine how I would have felt if he asked if I was having twins, or I wasn't even pregnant. I need to get in shape after this little one exits!
Ryder - "Auntie, how did the baby get in your belly?"
Auntie - " Oh no, oh boy, well, hmmmm....ok.....well.....God plays a very big role."
Danika - "Ok, yeah, but how does the baby actually get in there?"
I grab my food, thinking, thinking, thinking, they aren't even my kids, I don't need to answer these questions yet. Ange wasn't saying too much, Bob was changing the oil on the car, James was eating and pretending that he was being distracted by Brinley.
Ange - "A man and a woman love each other and are married and stuff."
Danika - "Ok, but how does the baby actually get in there, in your belly."
Damn you kid for asking this when you're seven years old. Go play somewhere, find a park and run free, don't worry about how babies are made. I really wanted to say that it wasn't that glamorous, it's maybe a minute or so :) of fun, then you have this little being, full of personality and attitude that you have to be a parent to for the rest of your life. You guys are all products of unprotected sex!! HA!! HA!!
Auntie - "God plays a big role and the mommy and daddy have a role and your mommy and daddy will talk about this with you later....many years from now and auntie will not be involved. Actually, auntie will bring Brinley and baby over and your mommy and daddy can bring out the flow chart and teach all of you. Perfect plan Krista, always thinking.
I read last night, one kid told his parents that the kid at school told him that a man and a woman get naked and bump tummies. That is how babies are made!! :)

Danika and Ryder were content with our answers and we moved on. PHEW!!!! :)

I hope you all stay warm today if you live in the Calgary area!! xo