5 June 2013

You Look Weird! :(

Well, I still haven't purchased a new bra, one day! One day!! :)

Yes, we bought a doppler!! We check baby's heartbeat every night just to make sure that her heartbeat is consistent and not climbing!
Yesterday, we went to my weekly OB appointment at The Rockyview. Baby's heartbeat sounded great, I get so confused, she sounds great on the doppler, but the two ultrasounds, she has the hiccup. I don't know if the doppler just isn't picking it up, or it has resolved itself. I am heading back up to The Rockyview on Monday for an NST, so that'll be a 20 minute test instead of the two minutes with the doppler. The other piece of great news, I have not gained any weight in the past couple of weeks!! I'd say that's awesome and sweet!! It must be all of the exercise that I am getting. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

I had to include this picture. She may look ticked but she loves her spaghetti! She just gets tired of mom taking pictures, constantly! :)

I've been reading some posts lately, which I try not to read too many DS posts as I get all worked up and start to worry even more. The posts have been about other kids pointing out that the child with DS looks weird. Children are so honest and sometimes hurtful even though they don't always mean to be hurtful to others. I am that mother, as I have mentioned before....my response....well, in my head.

"Well, you know what kid?? You are ugly, have you looked in the mirror lately?? Looks like you hit all the branches on the ugly tree as you were going down. You probably have no friends at school and your clothes are also ugly, they match your ugly face. You probably can't even spell and your mom and dad probably have a messy house and you all swear and pick on others for fun! I hope you trip and fall on your way out of the store and skin your knee and get a bloody nose."

What I should say......what I would try soooo hard to say.

My little girl doesn't look weird, and that's not really a very nice thing to say to somebody. How would you feel (you little shit), if somebody said that you looked weird? It would probably hurt your feelings. Please don't say hurtful things like that to others.

The posts bothered me so much that I dreamt all night about how I would feel, how this little bean would feel. There are a lot of weird looking people out there in the world, I think that little ones with DS are beautiful and perfect. It's too bad that parents do not educate their children on races, religions and differences between people. It's so important to inform your children that we are all unique and special and we all have a purpose and a role while we are here on earth. One day, the bullying and harassment will stop. Let it begin at home.

My friend Kim sent me this message. Her little girl Kaylee is in grade 2.

Kaylee asked me why you were in the paper, so I told her your story and showed her a video and some pictures, she said to me....I think those kids are so cute, I love how big their eyes are and Krista's baby will beautiful on the inside and out.

How sweet! :)

Last thought....Princess Brinley has picked up a new word. She says "baby." It is so clear and so cute and it makes us smile. We have decided to buy her a little dolly for when this little bean arrives. She can have her own baby to feed and change. Hopefully it's a success. I'm just waiting for when she looks at us and asks when this little girl will go back from where she came from. Let's be honest, nothing, after Little Bean will exit this body. I am done.
She also loves to clean. She grabbed a wet wipe yesterday and cleaned her toys, the carpet, the couch and my legs. I love how at this age, they are little sponges. I think I will make her watch me clean the toilets and maybe the grocery shopping. She is on her way to making a man very, very happy!! :)

Happy hump day...I hope it's filled with humps!! ;)


  1. Well, I'm not going to lie. I heard a kid once say about Russell, "Look at that baby he looks funny...Why is his tongue hanging out?" I wanted to smack the shit out of him! BUT...I politely said that Russell was just a cute baby and that he had Down syndrome and so some of his muscles around his mouth weren't very strong so that's why his tongue poked out sometimes.

    Meh, doesn't really bother me any more. Kids are assholes sometimes, it is what it is. Parents should be teaching their kids about differences at home though, so when they see a kid who doesn't look "normal" they don't need to be in complete ridiculous awe of it.

  2. So very well said Jenny! I will get to that point, I think of all this crap now and I haven't even met her yet! So looking forward to meeting this little one and telling her just how perfect and beautiful she is...
    I think Russell is freakin adorable! :)

  3. My children (6, 4, 2 and 2 wks) have all been raised, since birth, around our friend's son, who is an adult, and has a pervasive developmental delay, we call it autism to make it easy for other's to understand but it is much more complicated than that. They see him usually on a weekly basis and love him. They understand he is "different" from them, but accept him just as he is. I think because of him and the way we have accepted him into our lives they are very accepting of all people. That being said they are children and I still catch them staring too long (at a lady at Heritage Park who was a double amputee). When I do, I remind them it is not nice to stare, and then ask them why there are. They sometimes say things that make me feel embarrassed, I worry the person they are asking about would be offended...but I always reply to them and remind them that we are all different and that is what makes us all special. I guess what I am trying to say is, despite how we are raising them to accept others who are different, at their ages they encounter "new differences" and their enquiring minds have questions, not out of meaness, but out of curiosity. So as the mom with little kids who asks questions I applaud you for trying to not be defensive, but look at it as an opportunity to help them understand your child's uniqueness. That being said, I get that some kids truly are being mean, and as a parent we all want to protect our children from those children. Krista, Little Bean is going to be strong and teach the children in her world that differences should be celebrated - and like her Momma she will put those mean kids in their place:)

    1. So very well said Chrissy! I love all of it and appreciate you taking some of your 'free' time to read and respond. You are a true friend. xoxox

  4. Me and Robert were just talking about that the other day. I decided that once Ella is old enough the response we are gonna teach her is "Yes, I do, but that is good because it makes me different and special. You look like everyone else. So your parents probably just grabbed you out of a bunch of babies and can't even tell which one you are. My mommy and daddy picked me especially because I am weird and wonderful"... to mean?

    1. Not too mean, but then again, we want our special little beans to also respect and love others. It's so tough because we will be defensive but we also need to teach them to be good kids too! Just call the kid a little shit! :)))

  5. Not sure if it helps or not, but my heart has a small murmer as well, it doesn't happen all the time but every once in awhile when I go for a check up they here it and send me for tests and I'm ok :)

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