3 June 2013

My BOOBS! :)

I decided I should sit down today and write a blog. Had a headache for four or five days now, thought it was the weather until I checked my blood pressure on Saturday and found out that it was probably the high numbers I was looking at that contributed to the pain in my head. At one point I was at 152/108, which we all know is way too high. Boo on pregnancy and blood pressure in the third trimester for Krista!!
Headed to the hospital yesterday to get my blood pressure checked and to check baby's heartbeat. My blood work came back excellent and my blood pressure actually was a decent number at the hospital. Thanks to Ange and Danika for taking me and for hanging with me, such a great family.

So, as I was sitting up in the hospital bed, Angela, my honest and straightforward sister, looks at me and says, "Man Krista, you seriously need a bra. Your boobs are hanging out in your armpits." Are they really that far over when I'm sitting up, just imagine where they are when I'm laying down, probably right behind my back. I thought that the tank tops that I wear under my shirts were supporting me enough, well, I sort of thought that it sort of supported me enough, a little bit, sort of. I have such pretty bras in my drawers, but none of them fit anymore. My boobs are bigger and my rib cage has seriously expanded. I don't know where to find a bra that will fit, properly. Maybe if I actually wear a bra, I would feel a little better about myself and my boobs would look straight forward instead of flapping in the wind. The other thing, I guess about not wearing a bra, what if I get chilly?? I don't want my boobies pointing at others, how embarrassing. One more thing, my boobs seems to me already making some milk, well if I squeeze them. :) Could you imagine, I'm out somewhere, I don't even have the baby yet, my boobs are stuck by my armpits, they are hard and my shirt is stained with milk. I am by far the sexiest woman to walk the planet. My goal, find a bra!!

Last night, we had family dinner minus the parents. Dad has a colonoscopy on Tuesday, I don't know if he wants everybody to know, but we are so proud of him for going and getting this test done. So important for men to get checked. You aren't too proud, you shouldn't be embarrassed, it could save your life. We lost our grandfather to prostate cancer, way too young and that's because he didn't go back for the necessary check up, I don't know truly whose fault it was, but nonetheless, it was total devastation for the whole family.

Anyways, my point about dinner last night was actually some things that the kiddies had to say about pregnancy.
Ryder -"Auntie, your belly sure is big."
Ange - "Good lord Ryder, why is auntie's belly so big?"
Ryder - "There's a baby is her belly."
Just imagine how I would have felt if he asked if I was having twins, or I wasn't even pregnant. I need to get in shape after this little one exits!
Ryder - "Auntie, how did the baby get in your belly?"
Auntie - " Oh no, oh boy, well, hmmmm....ok.....well.....God plays a very big role."
Danika - "Ok, yeah, but how does the baby actually get in there?"
I grab my food, thinking, thinking, thinking, they aren't even my kids, I don't need to answer these questions yet. Ange wasn't saying too much, Bob was changing the oil on the car, James was eating and pretending that he was being distracted by Brinley.
Ange - "A man and a woman love each other and are married and stuff."
Danika - "Ok, but how does the baby actually get in there, in your belly."
Damn you kid for asking this when you're seven years old. Go play somewhere, find a park and run free, don't worry about how babies are made. I really wanted to say that it wasn't that glamorous, it's maybe a minute or so :) of fun, then you have this little being, full of personality and attitude that you have to be a parent to for the rest of your life. You guys are all products of unprotected sex!! HA!! HA!!
Auntie - "God plays a big role and the mommy and daddy have a role and your mommy and daddy will talk about this with you later....many years from now and auntie will not be involved. Actually, auntie will bring Brinley and baby over and your mommy and daddy can bring out the flow chart and teach all of you. Perfect plan Krista, always thinking.
I read last night, one kid told his parents that the kid at school told him that a man and a woman get naked and bump tummies. That is how babies are made!! :)

Danika and Ryder were content with our answers and we moved on. PHEW!!!! :)

I hope you all stay warm today if you live in the Calgary area!! xo


  1. For your bra, you need to go to Knickers and Lace in Willow Park. They spend as much time with you as you need to get the size just right. It doesn't cost more than LeSenza or Victoria Secret either!

    And wowsers about the where do babies come from questions! Good answers!

  2. I've been there once before Cheryl, maybe I'll head back and get measured again. I need one ASAP!!
    Oh kids and their questions!! :)

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