6 May 2013

Mother's Day SUCKS!!!!

Well I guess today is going to be 25. You can kick me in the shins for this comment but that is way too hot for me! I enjoy a mild 15 degrees, that's a perfect day for me!! :)

We had family dinner last night, it was nice seeing my dad. They got back a week ago from their 2 week Hawaiian cruise. Everybody is tanned except for me...I'm white and pasty! Blah!

My first random thought for the day is about Mother's Day. Since Brinley, I feel that I must get all crafty and make the grandmothers their gifts. I don't do arts and crafts so I don't know why I must put myself through the pain and agony of coming up with an idea and then actually follow through with that idea. Last year, I got mad, I yelled, I swore, I gave up, I swore again, then I finished the craft. This year, I tried the very simple task of painting a very simple object and I ruined 2 canvases. The letters won't stick to the canvas, so I swore, I yelled, I gave up, I swore.....I'm taking them over to Bob's so he can paint for me. He has talent, I have none. When I taught grade 1, those precious, little beings loved everything I made. They thought I was the greatest. In reality, I suck!

Next thought is regarding Facebook. As an adult, I use Facebook as a tool to connect with friends, share silly stories and pictures. I don't understand why people...

1) Have to announce to everybody as your status update that you are removing several friends from your list because you just don't talk to them anymore. Sometimes it is also mentioned that people should feel privileged if they made the cut. Are you kidding me?? Just remove those you don't talk to and grow up!

2) Please don't post pictures of tortured animals and children. Feel free to post an article or a link then we have the option of clicking on the link. Respect others and their feelings.

3) Don't bash your family or friends or an ex. Deal with it, pretend you are an adult.

4) Please stop posting random pictures of kids with Down Syndrome to my wall. I get that you care and that you are being considerate, but I don't post pictures (tag you) in pictures of kids without Down Syndrome to your wall. Feel free to send me a private message.

Today, I head back to Cocktails and Dreams and have an hour long margarita! I feel good, my head space is pretty good and I have actually felt human again these past few days. I think we may just gossip and have a few laughs today. I sort of followed through on my goals....I did go out on my own a couple of times without baby and husband, just me time. I'm wondering if any of you actually followed through on my free advice??? :)

I must go play with a baby now. I hope you have a beautiful and wonderfully sunny day.


  1. I am very happy to hear that you are going to "Cocktails and Dreams". I try to take time out for myself but it is hard sometimes to find that time, its like you find time to do so much for other people, go out of your way doing it and yet to just take time to go for a bike ride or a stroll seems like such an effort. Yet, if we did this we truly would be happier mothers ,wives, and friends. So, I try to just have "Elaine time". I don't even tell them where I am going or what I am doing I just drive until I feel like stopping. It is really important to fill up your cup, and for me spending time with my sista's fills my cup up. I recently spent time with a sista I have been friends with since I was 7 years old. We had loads of giggles, shopping, drank wine and late night chats, my cup is now full again.

  2. Thanks Elaine!! I saw the picture of you and your friend on Facebook and you looked so happy! What a great feeling. Before baby gets here, I need to do it more and more. I also feel that James needs to do it...he needs to get out and take a break from us.
    I really like your full cup analogy! :)
    Love you

  3. Haha, YES, to all your FB etiquette! I can't stand when people post links to gross stories on FB so you are forced to see the disgusting picture in your news feed. If I want to read the news I will go else where thanks.
    Also hate updates that are three thousand words long. Short and simple people, this isn't your private journal! And spare me the details of what you ate or cleaned that day, I don't care!!
    I don't have people posting random pictures of kids with Ds to my wall, lol, but had to snicker reading people do that to you! That would be kind of weird.

  4. Holy crap Jenny!! You kill me!!! I have one friend who posts everything she does in a day. I don't care, just cause I'm mean! The pictures of kids with DS has been confusing and yes, bizarre. Maybe I'll post one on your wall!! I'll make sure that it has a cute saying.... :)