2 May 2013

Lemonade and Punches.....

I was thinking this morning that I may go to writing the blog every other day. I don't want to lose readers but I also don't want to bore people with my life. :) Let me know what you think.

James just recently informed me that I am beating him up at night. Who knew?? Our routine.....we do story and cuddle time with Brinley in our bed, then James takes Brinley to her bedroom and puts her down for the night. He comes back and rubs and scratches my back, then I flip over and usually lay with one hand up on his pillow. I can't stand that I am so predictable....good lord. I need to kick things up a notch. I always fall asleep before James. When I fall asleep, my hand on his pillow, I guess, cause I've been told, is giving him punches and slaps.  He asked me the other night before bed if I knew what I was doing. I joked and told him it's payback time....I told him that if I was asleep, I have no idea what my body is doing and I don't take any responsibility for bruises, bites or scratches. I guess I'm getting some aggression out when I'm sleeping. Hmmmm....I was dreaming about zombies the other night, it was crazy scary!!!

It was totally productive....I just liked the happy pony!!
I actually had a semi productive day yesterday. Ange and the kiddies stopped by so I got some nice cuddles with my babies. I'm glad she's home. We can text all the time now without restrictions. I enjoy having my family all together....the folks better not be planning retirement elsewhere cause I don't think Ange and I would go for that one. After all, it is all about us and our happiness.
I cleaned, dusted, opened some windows, fed and watered a baby and cooked a nice dinner. I say yup to a productive day!!

I am now addicted to The Voice and American Idol. I love the new judges on The Voice, but my lord, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey drive me nuts. They are always touching their hair, making sure it's perfectly smooth, they wear clothes that are so tight that sometimes they aren't even able to stand up and they are so bitter with each other. Next person, Randy, you annoy me too. You call women dude and dawg and man...you have no class and you don't fit in anymore. Time for a new job.
Keith, I have no problems with you. You are beautiful and kind and considerate and a lovely person inside and out. I have added you to my exception list. I have some difficulties understanding what he sees in his wife, she is full of collagen and botox.  She lost her looks somewhere along the way. She could also use a Big Mac or two or three.
Random...speaking of Big Macs, it's McHappy day soon, I may have to take advantage of the opportunity to indulge....it is all about the kids after all. :)

I am now 6 months along...well actually, I am one week short of that but I believe in rounding up! She is moving a lot and enjoys food!! I also think that she fully respects and appreciates or maybe tolerates her mommy's addiction to lemonade. I honestly can't get enough. Part of me feels that an intervention is necessary. I think about too often, raspberry, cherry, regular, I don't even care what the flavour may be, just lemonade. It's a sad, sad sight here at the Collins' house.

I told me friend Kimmy that I wouldn't post my blog today until 8:21am because her kids almost missed the bus yesterday, momma was too busy reading the blog. Totally cracked me up. I have the best friends ever. Kimmy and her sister Robin and wonderful and beautiful women. I am grateful and blessed to be able to call them my friends. <3

Have a lovely day. xo

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