22 May 2013

Expecting Twins???

Yesterday, was a bit of a rough day, well at least the morning. I just didn't feel like myself at all. I think it started with the crappy sleep then having to get up early. Brinley decided to be a bit difficult and we both ended up with poo on us! I am not a big fan of poop on me or poop all over my daughter...I actually am just not a fan of poop, but I guess it needs to be done. She then unloaded the freshly folded cloth drawer, and then put her fingers all over the newly dusted table and TV stand. I was getting frustrated. I left the house when grandma showed up and I told her that I needed a little break. She said to take my time and just relax and enjoy some alone time. I cried, but only a little bit while driving to the hospital. I felt overwhelmed, anxious and just that feeling of I'm not sure that I can actually do all of this with a new baby who will have genetics gifts. I can handle 35 students and not get frustrated but can I be a mom to two precious, little girls?  I find it so difficult sometimes to find the balance between mommy, wife, sister, daughter and my own personal time. How do you actually balance everything? I know the importance of ME time, but actually planning it and moving forward is sometimes difficult. I love being a mom and spending time with my baby girl and I know that spending anymore then a day away from her would not be possible for me. I miss her after a couple of hours, but I need more balance. I think when I visit Cocktails and Dreams next week, I will have to bring this up. I know that she wants me to plan Me time, but good lord, I am not always feeling well and I am exhausted by 7:00pm. This pregnancy has drained me, emotionally and physically.
Anyways, the women at the Rockyview were all complaining about the wait time, but I was happy just to be sitting in the waiting room, eating my yogurt in peace. I got into my appointment at a decent time and when my OB walked into the room she gave me a big hug. She is wonderful. The clinical nurse, Morgan also greets me with a big smile and is always caring and supportive and has been since day one.
My gestational diabetes testing came back all clear. I was floored. For sure I thought that I would have it again, I figured that it just naturally happens if you've already had it with one pregnancy. This is one less thing to worry about...woot!! Woot!!
The upset was that baby's heart hiccup/palpitation is still there. During my last appointment, we couldn't hear it, but this time we could clearly hear the palpitation. My doctor said not to worry about and that she feels confident that it will rectify itself before birth. I sure hope so. It makes me a bit sad to hear the hiccup but I am going to think optimistically and pray that it just heals on its own and that at birth, we deliver a happy, healthy princess.

This is huge!!! This isn't me. :)

Soooooo, it happened. I was at London Drugs yesterday and I went to go pay for my items. I got to the till and the cashier said to me that I must be close to my due date. I told her that the baby was due in August, she then proceeded to ask if I was expecting twins.
ARE YOU FOR REAL???? Is that something you really say to somebody?? I get that my belly is out there, this is baby number 2 and things got big, fast, but good lord, did you just ask me if I was expecting twins. You suck and I hope you have a rotten day. Poo on you and your twins comment. So many things that I wanted to say, but I came up with all of them after I left. I should really call there and tell her my comebacks! Yes, that would solve everything and make it all better. :)

Came home and found out that Brinley napped for 2 hours so grandma had relaxation time on the couch....after she made our bed. :) Oh grandma....you really don't have to make the bed. I don't make it because bed bugs love warmth, so if I made the bed, they would find a home under the duvet and multiply. This way, the sheets are exposed and it's all chilly so they find another home.
I also realized that Brinley is learning lots at this age and her unloading drawers and exploring the house, is great for brain development and I need to remind myself that she is learning. Let it go Krista. Let it go.
Side note, Bed, Bath and Beyond has king and queen sized sheets on sale. 800 thread count for 67 bucks, with the coupon. They are happy and comfy and silky on my skin! I should really get paid for my advertising. :)

Today, I head back to the Foothills for my ultrasound. I will remind them of the hiccup. I'm hoping that her measurements are still on track and that things look great. Ultrasounds with this little one are more stressful and I worry about her health. Send prayers and good vibes my way please.

I have entered a contest and I still need tons of votes to be number 1! If you are on Facebook, you can vote for me. I am on page 1 - Krista R. The contest is for my favourite mommy moment! <3 I am very competitive! :)


Have a wonderful hump day!! :)


  1. Why some one would comment on the size of a pregnant woman's belly is beyond me! It's just so rude...That and touching a pregnant woman's belly without even asking. Ug, that always pissed me off!

    On a good note, glad your test came back good! Praying all is well with baby's heart.

  2. I guess I look large Jenny!! Just imagine if she touched me too...I would have pulled out my kung fu moves! DEADLY!! :)