12 May 2013

Sleep Naked....

Today is Mother's Day, what a great day!! We completed our fancy art project and it turned out just perfect!! I am not going to post a picture cause the grandmothers haven't received their gifts yet. I will post tomorrow. Brinley bought me a beautiful card and she even made a little, sort of like picture in it. Exactly what momma wanted for Mother`s Day. :) I am still not feeling great but so looking forward to brunch with the family....what pregnant woman doesn't love a buffet! SOOOO EXCITED!!

A little something about my momma....she is awesome and wonderful and amazing. She is thoughtful and kind and loves her family dearly. Mom has always had our backs and has always supported our decisions in life. She now is the most amazing and wonderful and awesome grandmother. She loves her grandkids to pieces and they just adore her....you rock grandma!! Ange and I are so blessed to have a mom who we can call our best friend. Love you momma. xo

I wanted to mention one thing, I am thinking about all of my dear friends who have either lost their mom or have been trying for years to conceive without success or have lost a baby. I am sending you love and support today. I know that I do not take Brinley or this new Little Bean for granted. I cherish every moment I have with them....well, Little Bean has no choice cause she is still connected to momma! Poor girl. ;)

So, my phone rang at 1:30am this morning, you know it can't be good. I see that it's my sister. My initial reaction is that one of the kiddies are sick. Nope, Ange on the other end asking if we have Benadryl. She was covered in hives. She was in so much pain. I told her that we don't have any Benadryl because years ago when I took some, I felt like I was on crack and speed. I don't really know what it's like to be on crack and speed but I would say it was comparable. I told her to take a cold shower, take a Reactin and sleep naked! She woke up this morning feeling better. Poor sister, I tell ya, as we get older, our bodies get all messed up and all these new aches and pains appear. I think after brunch today, we will take her to the Cargill plant and have her turned into a sausage. I may be next in line!!

Just a short blog today. I hope everybody has a wonderful day. xo

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