29 October 2013

Twerk or Treat!!

Brinley decided that when she saw this beautiful creation, she would like her daddy to make her a Miley pumpkin for Halloween! We are so proud of her! ;)
Daddy and mommy have decided that we will dress up as one of those creepy bears with our tongues hanging out and we will take her Twerk or Treating....TO EVERY HOUSE!!!
We WILL twerk for candy! :)

Thank God Adele only wants to be Minnie Mouse. She was using good judgement. :)

I'm slipping......but coming back :)

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  1. Bwhahaa...I demand pictures on your Halloween post, and possibly a twerking video!! Your poor kids...LOL

  2. I will take lots of James twerking in his tighties!!! :)