12 October 2013


Driving to Kayben Farms!

Today we went to Kayben Farms by Okotoks. It's Halloween time!
There's a bouncy parachute type thing for the kids, crafts, wagon rides, animals, little go karts and much more. Brinley had fun and didn't pull limp baby today. So nice, what a treat.

Loves swinging!

It was packed today and we were the only two adults in the whole place wearing flip flops. We lost all of our shoes in the flood and just haven't thought about boots! I guess it's time to head to Payless and stock up since the snow has started to fly.

Adele posing with her dad! HA! HA! HA!

It's funny because those who are comfortable with themselves and who are confident people are the ones who come up to Adele and pay her compliments. Others stare and wonder why she has oxygen. I take no offense when people ask.
It's funny though because I explain that she is on oxygen because she was 5 weeks early. Is she also on oxygen because she has Down syndrome? I don't really know. I think so. She's super strong but super floppy, so I guess that's why she's on oxygen. I just don't think it's really necessary to say that she has Down syndrome. I don't think I need to tell people everything. Do I? I'm so new at this. I won't have to explain when she's older because people will see the Down syndrome. Her features will be more prominent. I think that as she gets older and if people stare, I will say something. If you have a question or concern, I would love to explain. Who knows, maybe nobody will even care. I also have to realize that people may stare because she will be so darn cute!!

Hmmmm....I worry myself with silly stuff. I don't need to explain anything to anybody. Here's my child, her name is Adele.

Enjoying all the sights at Kayben!

All smiles!

James and I had Adele in our bed last night after we put Brinley down. It was a moment of love. I love it when James cuddles with his girls. I love the look in his eyes when he talks about his girls. It's just magical. As we were laying in bed, he had his head on his pillow and Adele was right beside him, she was looking at him and he told her that he loved her so much. These moments are what I live for....these are the moments that take all the unhappy crap away. He looked at me and said how much he loves his family. It's such a beautiful life with these girls.

When I went out yesterday with the girls, that was around 12:45pm and as I was driving along Longview Trail, there were two little kids playing rather close to the road. I was concerned but I kept driving. It's a very busy road. The speed limit is 50 km/h but I know that most people go at least 60 km/h.
When I was coming home, I took the same road. It was around 4:00pm. The kids were still there, in the same place. There was a big rock in the road, as I passed it, the kids ran out to move the rock. So unsafe.
I turned the car around.
The little girl saw me and started to run. The little boy hid behind a tree. I guess I'm scary looking.
I rolled the window down and in my teacher voice I yelled "if you don't get back here right now, I will follow you home and talk to your mom. Get over here!"
There was a little hesitation. They came to the car.
I asked them what they were doing....they told me that they were just playing.
Ok, just playing beside a very busy road.
I asked them if their mom knew that they were playing over here?
Yup, they claimed that she was fully aware.
The kids apologized for being there. I'm pretty sure the boy peed his pants thinking that I was going to give them a whoopin.
I explained how dangerous it was and that I had two little girls in the car. What if I hit you? What if somebody else hit you?
Go home kids. I know that High River doesn't have too many parks right now because of the flood but you need to play in your front yard or find a park with your mom.

Yup, that's snow!

I can't wrap my head around what happened. As a mother, should you not be aware of where you elementary aged children are playing? Shouldn't you be with your children? This scares me. It scares me that there are parents out there and they just don't care. I wondered if a parent was actually home?? Don't do that to your children. Take proper care of them. It is your job.

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  1. In the beginning I too struggled with the "to tell or not to tell" thing. I always wondered when people looked at Russell if they could tell he had Ds. Then I thought if they could tell and I didn't say anything would think think I was ashamed or embarrassed of him? But then on the times I did blurt it out that he had Ds it felt even more awkward and uncomfortable because it kind of just didn't need to be said. So I say you're right. You don't need to explain Adele to every person you meet. She does not need to be introduced with the words Down syndrome along side her name. She is just your daughter, Adele :)

    1. That's just it....this is my daughter Adele. :)

  2. I LOVE the picture of Adele smiling! Adorable!!

    1. Thanks Patricia! I took way too many pictures that night. :)))