20 October 2013

Butterfield Acres! :)

Tomorrow, I will have a post written by a friend that talks about the other side of vaccinations. I think it's fair to hear what others have to say and their views and why they feel strongly opposed to immunizations.

Today, we spent the day at Butterfield Acres. :) It was a beautiful day spent with the people I love the most, including James. ;)

James thought this was hilarious. Don't touch a goat's bum!



Getting ready for the wagon ride!

It's a plane!!

Get out of the photo dude!

That guy isn't cool....all photo bombing my picture!

Going to find a pumpkin!


Found the perfect pumpkin!

Can't wait to decorate my pumpkin :)


Time to decorate!


Mouth and nose!


Final touches! :)

What a perfect day. :)
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