30 October 2013

Getting The Word OUT!!!

Love this picture....even though James is wearing his tighties and a pea bag!

Well, October is almost over...another month down. I know that it's so cliché to say, but time flies. I don't know where the months go. I look at Brinley and see this big girl now, all grown up! I know that people say to hold onto this time, but I'm happy with it moving on. I am enjoying all of the moments with her and Adele. It's awesome with two girls. Busy, but awesome. October has been super busy and I loved it.

All ready for Halloween!!

We are all ready for Halloween. Brinley still doesn't really get it, but we will dress her up and take her to a few homes. I hope that Trick or Treating in High River puts a lot of smiles on the faces of all the kids and parents. It continues to be tough for so many. 
I saw the special on High River last night with Mike Holmes. It brings back a lot of memories, but what it makes me realize is that I don't know so many of the stories. I don't know what others went through, the details. I just know that the whole town experienced devastation and that lives were lost. Animals were lost. Belongings were lost. I don't feel I need to know all of the stories, but part of me wants to know what others have been through and how they are feeling today. I want to hug the families who lost their homes, belongings, loved ones and animals.
I hear so often that it's important to hold onto all the memories, what you lost is just stuff. I mentioned before that it wasn't just stuff, it's what we purchased, it's what we valued, it's stuff that we held dear.
Anyways, my wish for tomorrow is happiness and joy for the families in High River.

Almost back to tummy! :)

My next, kind of random thought.....I was thinking the other night about the blog. I know that people read it and seem to enjoy it but I feel that it isn't quite enough. I'm not about the numbers, but I am about the numbers. I know that some write blogs purely for entertainment, but I truly write to get the word out about Down syndrome, ok, and some entertainment.  I don't always write about Down syndrome, but I write about life, our life. This would all be worthwhile, if somebody told me that because of the blog, they decided to proceed with the pregnancy, knowing that they are carrying a baby with Trisomy 21. All I need is for one person to tell me that the blog made them feel that they could do it, they could raise a special needs child.  I know how it feels to be told that there is a 1 in 2 chance that your baby would have Down syndrome. I remember thinking that it was going to be too difficult. I just want somebody to feel reassurance. I want somebody to feel comfort. I want somebody to feel joy. I want somebody to feel relief and optimism.


Every day, I try to think of more ways to get the word out there...every day, I try to figure out how to reach millions, not just thousands. I know some may think that's silly, but it's my mission. Educate. Share. Laugh. Cry. It can be done. I promise.
Some of you share the blog on your Facebook and I truly appreciate it, a lot. I have some friends who share the blog every day and haven't missed one since I started writing. Please share and re-post and get your friends to share and re-post. I want it everywhere, well, not that site that when I click on it, it's naked girls. Not exactly too sure how that happened. It's gross.

Next....lately, I've been told many times that I will probably have it easy with Adele because children with Down syndrome are always happy. They are always smiling and she will always be a joy to be around. I think people need to realize that Adele is still a typical, normal child. What is normal?? I don't know if that word should really be used with humans. Who is actually normal? Anyways, Adele will get mad at me, she will yell at me, she will refuse to do her homework, she will cry, she will spaz out, she will fight with her sister, she will refuse to eat her veggies. The only thing that she will not do, is twerk! We all know what James and I will do if this happens......

Tomorrow is my last day of the 31 for 21 Challenge. I have been writing now for 30 days straight. I hope that you have gained some knowledge on Down syndrome. I am hoping that over the past month, you have laughed, cried and enjoyed our life. It's crazy and silly and sometimes really difficult, but it's our life and I love it.

Who knew I was a teacher?? I want to be a Pinterest mom! I want to be talented. I want to be all artsy crafty!! My poor art project looks like somebody did it with their eyes covered and their hands tied behind their back. :)

I'm slipping......but coming back :)

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If you want to rank my blog or leave a comment.....I am in the Special Needs section....I am number 19 (BOO), I need to get to number 1! I am not doing this for my ego, I am doing this because this journey is important to me, it is important to share and to hopefully educate, entertain and show others that it can be done. I've said for a while now that these two girls, with the help of family and friends, will change the world! :)


  1. Just keep writing Krista. You never know who is reading your posts, or who your words are reaching. It may take months, or even years before some one writes you and lets you know what an inspiration your blog was to them...But it will happen. And even helping one person makes sharing your story worth it.

    Ha, I remember everyone telling me how easy Russell was going to be because he had Ds. That kids with Ds were always so loving and happy. Flash forward four years and he is one of the most difficult kids I have to deal with in this house! He has major attitude! He has opinions, preferences, likes and dislikes...He is bratty, defiant, exasperating. He's a typical toddler and there is nothing "easy" about him. He is also very loving and sweet...But it is important for people to know that our kids are not just easy going, placid, little people. They have every emotion under the sun and very unique personalities.

    Great little post, and good for you for completing the 31 for 21 challenge! Now where's that twerking video ;)

  2. Thanks Jenny! You are right. Like I said, it isn't about having the highest number of readers but then it is...not for ego reasons, but I just feel that if more people are reading, the girls will impact more lives. As you said, it only takes one person to read the blog....
    I love Russell's personality...well, maybe if I was you, I wouldn't love it all the time. I am really looking forward to all of the changes and milestones that are ahead for both girls.
    The twerking video will come later!! ;)