8 October 2013

Mommy Group....

Hi Addisyn!
Hi Brinley!
A few thoughts...

Day 8 of the 31 for 21 Challenge.....

Yesterday was a lovely day. Brinley, Adele and I went out for lunch with Christina and her beautiful children. We went to Boston Pizza for lunch. Christina ordered chocolate milk for her little one, forgetting that it doesn't always sit well. It didn't sit well. Lunch, breakfast, snack from the night before, dinner from the night before all came back up! It came back up on her lunch plate, Christina's lunch plate and all down the front of her pretty little outfit.

What did Brinley do? Keep feeding me mom!! I want my bugs and cheese.

Poor Addisyn!

Adele, seriously, leave me alone. I love you Declyn!
I'm not listening to you Adele...I'm not looking at you Declyn!
After lunch, we decided to go to Playtopia so the kids could run around and burn off lunch and maybe have a little nap in the car on the way home. Load all five kids into the vehicles, including diaper bags, oxygen tank, purses, car seats and gifts and head to Playtopia.

Unload five children from vehicles, including diaper bags, oxygen tank, purses, car seats. Holy crap! So much work!

Walk into Playtopia and what do I see?? Yes, it happened. I shivered. I cried a little inside. Sitting at a table, were four women, all perfectly coiffed, all blonde, all perfect, all not paying attention to their children, all drinking their short, half soy, half milk with cream mocca vanilla latte with splenda and decaf, skim, extra hot wet caramel latte with whip' with a triple shot of caramel macchiato with skim milk, light foam, and extra caramel sauce lining the sides of the cup no whip but a pinch of nutmeg in a Venti cup, and an extra shot of vanilla. ALL NON-FAT....even though no outside food or drinks are allowed. They were all sporting their skinny jeans and designer tops with that purse hook thing that holds your purse up on the table so it doesn't touch the floor. It was the dreaded mommy group!

Loves sunglasses!
My beautiful handmade blanket from Christina!
I am looking like a bum and I haven't shaved my legs in three weeks, possibly four and I'm wearing capris. My hair is disheveled because of the wind and it's stuck in my lip gloss and stuck on my forehead because I am sweating from unloading and loading and unloading and loading. I see them glance at us, just a glance to check us out. There were no smiles. No love. No warm and fuzzy feelings. They were cold. The mommy group was cold. I am surprised that they would meet in Okotoks at a play place. I am confused. Maybe they were slumming it yesterday.

As we were standing at the entrance, hands full, telling the kids to wait for us, the hostess tells us that they are closed in nine minutes. Are you effin kidding me?? I see the mommy group look over at us. I cringe.

The hostess apologized but for some reason, we were in denial, we didn't move. Maybe we were expecting to be to welcomed with arms wide open and that they would stay open later because we looked like a hot mess. She would maybe feel sorry for us. I saw the mommy group glance over again.

Usually I would say something or give a glare but instead, I just stood there, hair all over, looking frumpy, and wishing that we could play! I even remembered to pack socks. I am such a great mom.

We left, deflated.
So last night at around 3:00am after I fed Adele, I hopped back into bed and James and I had a short discussion about having another baby. I asked him if he wanted to get trying for number three....he laughed, then laughed some more and ended it with a laugh. We went to bed. End of discussion.

Lastly, I have been meaning to write about this for a while now. I didn't think that this was something that would bother me, but it does now that Adele is here. When she was in the hospital with her cold and waiting for transport, I overheard the nurse telling the paramedic that Adele was a Down's baby. I shuddered. I don't like her being called a Down's baby. That is not her name and that is not the way the doctors and nurses should describe our little peanut. As a professional, you should say, T21 or Trisomy 21. One of paramedics was in the room with me when the nurse said it and I told the paramedic that it bothered me. She didn't say much. It may not mean anything to you but it means a lot to me. Adele is our child, she does have feelings, she will eventually understand what others are saying about her and as her mother, I will not tolerate others being disrespectful. You may not think that it's rude, but it is and it hurts my feelings. She is our child, she has a name, she is a miracle and know that on her birth certificate, it says Adele Jamie Collins and not Down's Baby. Be mindful.

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  1. I despise Mommy groups...The "slumming it in Okotok's" comment still has me laughing!! lol

    I have always hated Russell being referred to as a "Downs". It takes away from who he is as a person. I know it probably doesn't mean as much to others as it does to us, and they think we are being over sensitive...But these are our children. So all we can keep doing is politely asking people to just use their damn names instead of calling them a "Downs".

    And lastly, glad to hear there was a semi discussion on one more kid, DO IT! lol

  2. I loved when I read your blog because it has been on my mind for quite some time. I'm glad that it's not just me that feels this way. Just call her Adele. :)
    Vasectomy discussion appointment is booked..... :))))))