18 October 2013

Musical Genius!

Just playing my xylophone!

Well, we had our first music therapy session at JB Music in Calgary. It was awesome. I loved the instructor, Jimmy. He was so personable and was so comfortable around Brinley and Adele. He knew exactly what to say and do with Brinley. He welcomed her into the music room and kept her entertained and busy. It was 45 minutes of pure fun with a mix of education and some great songs. Jimmy let Brinley play songs on the piano and xylophone and continually encouraged her to participate. I also really liked Jimmy because he said that Brinley was smart. :)


The absolute best part was when he sang songs to Adele. He sat on a chair, right in front of Adele and played beautiful songs. Some of the songs, he would add her name and he always looked at her, he would make eye contact and you knew that he was being genuine. Adele is a very sleepy baby, but she stayed awake for the full 45 minutes. She enjoyed the session and I could tell that there was a positive impact on our beautiful little girl. It was a moment that I don't think I will ever forget. It was special and meaningful.

Jimmy has a soft voice, but he's still manly. :) You can tell that he loves his job. I think he loves his job, if he doesn't, he's faking it really well. :)

I am so happy that I signed up! This is something that will benefit both girls in many areas of their lives, socially, emotionally, psychologically and cognitively.


Since being back in High River, I have made my way around town and have checked out some of the hardest hit areas. It's sad to look at these beautiful homes that have been destroyed. One of the areas is a bit eerie. It's quiet, dirty and is totally abandoned. It's bizarre how one home could be condemned while a house a few doors down, is ok and liveable. I know that I've talked a lot about the flood, but I need to. It's been almost four months and homes are still being repaired, including our house. You still drive up and down streets and you see furnaces, drywall, hot water tanks and belongings out on the street ready for garbage pick up. We live it every day. We see it every day. We are reminded of the devastation every day. Some people have written the newspaper and have voiced that High River needs to get over themselves and to move on. In the past, when I would see footage on Hurricane Katrina or the Tsunami or the Twin Towers coming down, I would feel the pain and heartache but I would move on. I would grieve for a short amount of time then my life would continue. Please don't think that I am comparing our natural disaster to other disasters that I mentioned above. It is impossible to compare and it also isn't right. So many people have been impacted on many levels, that comparing can not be justified. I've never actually lived it before. I've never seen real devastation. I've never seen a community of trailers set up for families who have lost everything. I've never seen lawns filled with belongings and memories. Days after the flood when some of the communities were permitted to return to their homes, there was  90 year old gentleman who lost a lot. Could you imagine being 90 years old and having to unload your home? He didn't know what to do, so he mowed his lawn. While the community was dressed in hazmat suits and face masks, he was so lost, emotionally. He was alone. My heart breaks.
While others have moved on, High River is trying to be strong and trying to re-build, but it isn't easy. Some people don't have the funds to re-open, some don't have the energy or the time, some are just too tired.
The town is dirty. It really is. I get so confused how the Saddledome and the community could be totally cleaned and made new in weeks, and here we are, doing it all on our own. How is this possible? It sure makes us feel unworthy and neglected. What is more important? The Stampede? Hockey games? The well being of individuals? I question where priorities lay with politicians and our premier. Why do we have a whole school in a community centre with parents being informed weekly of the move in date that seems to be bumped and bumped and bumped? Why was the contract given to a company who has never set up portables before? Oh yes, that is right, they had the best bid, the numbers were on target. This all baffles my mind. I feel such pain for the teachers who have to pack up their classrooms every Friday then unpack every Monday and set up for the week. How is this healthy? How does a teacher walk into their 'classroom' every day and smile and make a positive difference in the lives of these children? They are saints.

Beautiful little girl :)

I think I just went on a little rant. Anyways, as I was driving tonight, I saw an awesome and kind of funny sight. There was this little old lady, dressed to the nines, driving her motorized scooter/wheelchair. She had a big Canadian flag swaying and an umbrella type covering over her head. She was booting it down the main street and I giggled. It was a happy sight.

Mom and dad, why do you do this to me?

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  1. You have every right to talk about what's going on in your community. It's been so devastating to all of you...I can't even imagine. And now you all have winter coming on soon *sigh*, that's going to make things worse. You talk about it all you need to!

    Ah, the little old lady...That's how I imagine myself when I'm older! Look out world, coming through!! lol

  2. That's how I imagine myself too....hopefully not hit by a car while scooting around!!! :)