11 October 2013

Friday Night at Wal-Mart.....

Always need my sunglasses on....upside down!

It was a busy day today.
I had a doctor's appointment, so the girls and I headed into the city. I needed to weigh Adele too as per the pediatrician. Adele didn't gain any weight the week after her release from the hospital. She was up today to almost 9 pounds. She's doing well. I am so OCD about her feedings, her poops and her breathing. As I have said before, I can't wait for her to get stronger and bigger.

After the doctor, I left with the girls, obviously, and we headed across the parking lot to the car. While I was carrying the car seat, the oxygen tank, my purse and I was holding Brinley's hand, she decided to do limp baby. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was parked at the other end of the parking lot and Brinley decided that she wanted to be funny and silly and she dropped, all 30 pounds and was dragging her feet. I then decided that because she is a smart little girl, I would be able to reason with her....it should work.
No movie if you don't walk.
No treats if you don't walk.
No going out tonight if you don't walk.
You can no longer call me mommy if you don't walk.
Your father is leaving us because he's embarrassed that you aren't walking properly.
You will never get a puppy if you don't walk.
You were adopted.

Now, I'm pissed. GET UP! GET UP! GET UP!
A car is coming towards us! The car stops and the lady is laughing. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Made it to the car and turned the movie on. She won! She's 19 months. I am 36!  It's a sad day.

Tried for hours to sit in the high chair :)
We made it home and decided to go out for dinner. We headed to Okotoks for some dinner and to run some errands.
While at the restaurant, the waitresses were excited to see Brinley and complimented her on her beautiful eyes and all her cuteness. One of the waitresses went over to see Adele and I heard her say "OH."
Now, I don't know if it's because of the oxygen or because she was sleeping or because she is so darn cute...I'm still unsure. It couldn't be because she has Down syndrome. You can't really tell right now that she has it....sometimes I see it and sometimes I don't. All I know is that you better tell me that my kid is cute and adorable after you compliment the other one. Do for both! If you read my post yesterday, I have thought more and more about how a child should look with Down Syndrome. Is there is a particular look? A Down syndrome look? When somebody says to you that your child doesn't look like they have Ds, is this saying that they are cute?? If they tell you that your child has a lot of Ds features, are they ugly? I'm unsure. Is it just a comment? Is it an insult? Are kids with Ds not very attractive or if the features aren't prominent and they look more 'normal', does that make them attractive? Cuteness comes in many forms, many colours, many races. I've seen many ugly people who are considered 'normal' and many children and adults who have Ds who are beautiful. It makes me sad how uneducated people are about certain genetics gifts. I think this is a subject that I could write about over and over again. I'm not too sure if anything that I just wrote makes sense. I may have just totally confused myself. :)

Who lets their child sleep like this? Cruel!

We went to Wal-Mart. Yes, that is what we now do on Friday nights. We slum it at Wal-Mart.
We wanted to get Brinley some winter boots. I can't justify spending 100 bucks on new boots when her feet are growing an inch every day!!
Our perfect child (except for limp baby), the one who gets told almost daily that she is so quiet and sweet and well behaved and that we are so lucky, decided to whine and whine because she wanted to get out of the cart.
We took her out and BAM, she was gone. Running through Wal-Mart and laughing. LA LA LA LA LA. James would catch her then she would whine, so he put her down again. AND......RUN!!! Laughing and running and weaving in and out of the racks.
I can't run. I just ate dinner. I would get diarrhea! James ran.
We decided to cut the shopping spree short.
Positive from the night...I controlled my spending.

I was carrying Brinley out of Wal Mart, sort of upside down and twisted with her belly hanging out and she was making crazy loud noises! Oh look!! There's our policeman friend, he's waving at me. I'm kind of glad that he was on his phone and dealing with an incident that had happened at Wal Mart. It's embarrassing when your perfect child is overtired and acting like a turd.
I looked down when we got to the car and noticed that my dress was pulled so far down that my bra was hanging out. My boobs aren't big enough to hang out, so that wasn't an issue.
I guess I fit in well tonight at Wal-Mart.

As we were driving home, I was making some good cracks and commenting to James that I'm pretty funny and other people think I'm funny too.
He burst my bubble and said that they don't have to live with me.
I stopped laughing.

Makes up for the limp baby!! :)

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  1. Posts like this always crack me up :D

  2. AHHHHHHHH B-Rae never a dull moment (I can't believe the you're adopted comment didn't work thought that might get here to stand up and say are my parents rich?, do they live in castle?, am I a real princess?? hey those are all the questions I would ask and get to steppin so I could go find them LOL :)

  3. Wilson..I was shocked too. One day I will tell her about the king and queen, for now, she is stuck with us. :)