7 October 2013

Our Little Star!

Day 7 of the 31 for 21 Challenge.....

Today's blog is just a quick one. :)

As you all know this month is Down syndrome Awareness month. I have both girls entered in The 2013 Gerber Generation Contest.
I think it's time for a bit of a change and I think a good way to show awareness would be to have Adele as the Gerber Star. Down syndrome and adorable! I think she's a perfect candidate. All it takes is a click. xoxoxo
The contest runs until October 27th, 2013. You can vote once a day. :) I can't put the direct link to Adele on my blog.
Click on the link below then click on Gerber Facebook page. It will take you to your Facebook. You may have to put Gerber in the search bar. Go to the Gallery/Vote and find Adele. :)
Sorry it wasn't a bit easier. I know it's a pain, but it's worth it. If we were Facebook friends, you could just click directly on the link on my page. ;) If you find an easier way, let me know.

Gerber Launches Photo Search 2013 | Gerber Newsroom

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