4 October 2013


Day 4 of the 31 for 21 Challenge

Today's blog is all about how beautiful Down syndrome is and the bond and love that two sisters have for each other. <3

**You may have noticed the Top Mommy Blog badge on my page. Feel free to click on it. One click counts as one vote. You can vote once every 24 hours. Just a click! :)

 If you want to rank my blog or leave a comment.....I am in the Special Needs section....I am number 20, I need to get to number 1! I am not doing this for my ego, I am doing this because this journey is important to me, it is important to share and to hopefully educate, entertain and show others that it can be done. I've said for a while now that these two girls, with the help of family and friends, will change the world! :)




  1. You have such beautiful kids, such a shame you're stopping at two! Come on one more won't hurt! lol

  2. JC!!!! NEVER EVER EVER......
    Love my two to pieces.....I would end up in the psycho ward if I had one more. I don't know how you do it! :)

  3. Hi again! Your little ones are so beautiful! We have finally got settled in (almost in a routine) after our move. There is no way I could do more than 2 right now either :)

  4. Hi Laurie!!!!
    Glad you're getting settled. Thanks for the compliments. They are such sweet girls. :)
    2 is a beautiful number. Hope you're doing well. :)