16 October 2013

It's BOOKED......

Showing off my outfit!

Last night as James and I were laying in bed, we talked about when the girls will meet or should meet certain milestones. We talked about how we should start potty training with Brinley and also to be more consistent with the teeth brushing....not really a milestone, just something we were talking about! Who really needs baby teeth anyways?? ;) We talked about Brinley's speech and what words she already knows and hopefully soon she spits out some sentences soon.  Brinley understands everything we say and follows directions, but she doesn't have a huge vocabulary. I'm tired of Baby Centre updates telling me that my baby should be saying so many words and writing essays by 19 months. She's not there....we have mom, dad, juice, shoes, baby, sou sou, and a million words that we don't understand. She is stellar at jargon and we think it's awesome. I need to sit back and relax and breathe. I think she's smart or do we all think our kids are smart??? Maybe she's average...average is good, but then again, average doesn't get you into medical school. Am I really thinking about medical school? She doesn't need to go to medical school, just some kind of school. A school that she likes. A school that I like. A school close to home.

Tummy time is hard work!


Onto Adele.......I know that I've expressed my worries and concerns already but I do think a lot about when she will meet some milestones. I am optimistic right now because she did roll over at one month and three weeks and she did smile for the first time at two months. Those are two milestones that I can check off my checklist. I don't really have a checklist, like a written down list, but I have a mental checklist. I was reading the other day on one of the Down syndrome sites about when children meet certain milestones. One of the moms was concerned about when her child would sit up and when her child would walk. The average seemed to be around 16 months for sitting up unassisted and 2 to 2.5 for walking. Is this accurate?? I'm ok with this. I truly am. I think. I don't know if I am because I am not there quite yet. Will I get really frustrated? Will I get pissed off that it's taking so long? On the other hand, I will be so excited when she meets her milestones. When she sits up unassisted, when she walks, when she says mom. I will be excited.
I know that the spectrum is large but do children with Down syndrome generally meet milestones around the same time?
I don't like to google everything. I like to hear from the mommies and even daddies who read the blog. Do any daddies actually read my blog? Hmmmm......
I should stop talking about my boobs and stuff. :)

So tired of my mom taking my picture!

Anyways, last thought for the day. James is all booked for his vasectomy. It is all set for next Friday and I am sort of maybe going to enjoy it! ;) I remind him that I did shoot out two babies and both without epidurals. Well, I wanted epidurals but the first fell out and no time for the second. James takes pain well and never complains but I could see a little fear in his eyes when he was describing the procedure to me.
One of his first comments was "I don't own tight underwear."
Me - "You need tight underwear?"
James - "I need support."
Me - "Oh."

I'm so cute!

Doctor - "Do you own bike shorts."
James - "NO."
Doctor - Do you own Speedos?"
James - "NO."
Doctor - "I don't understand why in North America Speedos are not considered acceptable but men wear tight bike shorts."
James - ?????????

James - "Why is there a large bandage on your hand?"
Doctor - "Don't worry, it'll be healed by your procedure date."
James - Should I be worried? Should I book with somebody else?"
Doctor - "Don't worry."
James - ?????????

Krista - "I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of excited for your vasectomy. Not because of future action but because I want you to whine a little and need a pea bag."
James - "I understand."
Krista - "So, your scrotum might turn blue."
James - "Yes. The doctor touched me today. I guess I'm eligible for a vasectomy. He sees no complications."
Krista - ???????

Will post pictures next Friday. :) JUST KIDDING!!

A beautiful gift made by a dear friend. xo

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  1. Oh no, no, no!! Don't EVER do the Baby Center thing!! Nothing good comes from places like that! You don't need updates on what your kid should be doing. I say get off there right now!

    Ok, so you already know that each child with Ds is different. They all do things on their own timeline. The range for meeting milestones for kids with Ds is so damn wide that there is no need to even go by it. Like for walking...They say anywhere between 17 months to 4 years old. So ya, wide range! Sitting is the same thing. I would venture to say most sit around their first Birthday. Some much sooner, some a little later. I think Russell was about 9 or 10 months. Walking was just after his second Birthday.
    I will tell you this. The milestones will matter to you, because you're a Mom and you won't be able to help not worrying about it. But don't let it consume you. I was consumed by it. If I could go back in time it is the one thing I would change Krista. I would have just enjoyed the slower pace, not worried as much, and just relaxed. Because those milestones I once obsessed over, I can't even remember now when exactly he hit them. When exactly he did roll over, or sit, or crawl...I have to go back and look them up. Because they don't matter anymore. Anyway, so that's my long rambly advice. Don't let it consume you! Enjoy the pace.

    Ah the vasectomy...lol...Damn you for not having one more kid! I remember being all excited for Brad's...Cause ya, I popped out five kids, three of which had his big ass head...*ahem*...So I was looking forward to his discomfort. I was very angry when the Doctor would not let me watch! I mean why did Brad get to watch every thing I had to go through but I couldn't watch this?! And this is the part you won't want your husband to read...I felt sooooo bad after Brad got it done. I have never seen anything swell up like that before or turn that color. It was almost horrifying! And if I knew it was going to be like that for him I would have just got my tubes tied. So be nice to him when he gets it done!! lol

  2. As always Jenny, you said it best. I am going to re-read this comment many times over. I love that you have gone through all of this and then set me straight. It's perfect for me!! After reading your comments, up to the vasectomy part, I exhaled and said OK!
    As for the vasectomy, he will be treated like a king. I will take care of him cause I love him! :) It says on the website that the partner is not allowed to watch....I guess he's been asked before. HA! HA!
    Thanks again JC for your love and support. xo