9 October 2013

Down's Kids.....

Loves the park!

Day 9 of the 31 for 21 Challenge.....

Just a quickie.....

My momma came over today for a visit and we took the kids to the park. Mom was telling me about the nurse at the doctor's office yesterday, where she had her mammogram. Side note...get your mammograms!

I seriously can't get enough of these pictures!

The nurse has a son who is 18, he has Down syndrome. She kept saying Down's kids. I told my mom that it irks me when I hear this, mom was surprised that I felt this way. I feel that I don't want my child to be defined as a Down's baby or Down's kid. That is NOT who she is....she is Adele Jamie Collins, a beautiful baby girl who just happens to have a genetic gift, which is Down syndrome. When you introduce your children to others, do you say "this is my child who doesn't have any learning difficulties or genetic disorders or diseases?"
I'm thinking that you probably say "this is my child, Johnny."
I will not introduce Adele as "this is Adele, she has Down syndrome and this is Brinley, she does not have Down syndrome.

Working hard on smiling!

I get that in the medical world, it will be discussed but do it the right way. Be professional.
I know that I wrote about this yesterday but I think I needed to say a little more on the topic.

I had a friend over yesterday and she had mentioned that her family didn't even know that Adele had Down syndrome, that she doesn't look like she has it. I've had a few others say the same thing.
I've read on a few mommy blogs that this irritates the families. Or if people say that the child must have a mild case because they don't have any of the features.
Do I take offense to this?
Not one bit. People aren't saying this to be rude or derogatory, they just don't know a lot about Down syndrome. They are trying to pay you a compliment....in their mind, it is a compliment. It could be taken either way. Is it insulting because kids with Ds are not attractive?? Is it kind because they just sort of said that your kid is cute?? I don't know.

Happy face :)

I know that before Adele, I didn't really know a lot about Down syndrome. I've never taught any students with Ds. I used to spell it incorrectly, Down Syndrome. Nope, it's Down syndrome. I could see myself telling somebody that their child must have a mild case because they look non Down syndrome. :) People don't know. People don't always know what to say. People don't know if they should feel sorry for you or pat you on the back. People don't know if they should be mad at you for giving life to a child when you know that they have Down syndrome. People don't know if they should praise you and call you a martyr. People don't know......

Darn nose prongs!

All we can do is educate others. This is why I write the blog. This is why I am trying so hard to get my name and my story out there. I wish more people would share the blog. As I've said before, these two girls will change the world.

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If you want to rank my blog or leave a comment.....I am in the Special Needs section....I am number 19, I need to get to number 1! I am not doing this for my ego, I am doing this because this journey is important to me, it is important to share and to hopefully educate, entertain and show others that it can be done. I've said for a while now that these two girls, with the help of family and friends, will change the world! :)


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