16 April 2013

This and That....

I have a few things that I want to talk about today. I am going to start with a small one. I would really appreciate it if you would follow my blog, which means to become a Follower. The problem is, it very rarely shows up on my page, just the word Followers but the list of friends and their pictures do not appear.  I'm not too sure if it works for others. Let me know. :)

Next, my 7 year old niece wrote a very special letter to her cousin. It is written from the heart. <3 


Dear new cousin,
I don't care what you look like. Your my cousin and I love you. And a big cousin would always protect you and make sure you are safe. I would take you places like the mall or the circus. I love you.
Honestly, do you not get a little teary and possibly let out a little giggle?? I like the part about taking her to the circus!!
Next, I know that everybody has been consumed by the horrible incident that happened at the Boston Marathon. My initial thoughts were that I was so upset and felt that I had lost all faith in the human race. How could people do this to others? To families? To children? What would possess you to take another life? To injure so many? To affect so many all across the world? It makes you think about just how horrible our world is today with all these wars and mass killings. I am so sorry for the family of the 8 year old boy who was waiting for his dad at the finish line. My hearts breaks for you.
After watching way too much footage, I realized that we have a world filled with amazing, caring and brave human beings. Volunteers, spectators, EMS, Firefighters and Police all risked their safety to help save the lives of others. I saw so many video clips of civilians running toward the injured and not in the other direction. This is what restored my faith in man kind. This is what makes me believe that my children will be ok. You raise your kids the best you can, teach them to be good people and to respect themselves and others. Dangers are everywhere and have been since the beginning of time....give them all the necessary tools and pray, lots.
Taken yesterday after rolling around in the blanket. Such awesome hair!
Your smile for the day. :)


  1. A beautiful letter from a big cousin. Loved it :)...And I see your follower button and the pictures, so it works!

    1. Oh good Jenny!! I'm glad that it works for you. This technology thing frustrates me sometimes. :)
      Her big cousin is so sweet! <3
      Hope you're doing well. xoxo

  2. I was also horrfied by the events on Monday.... I kept telling my baby that I was sorry she had to come to a world like that but I also tried to focus on all the amazing stories of guardian angels: rescuers and helpers....

    I love the letter... You baby bean is a lucky girl with older cousins and a big sister :-) I worry about my girl since she is the first kid and her only 2 cousins live in Philadelphia.... The letter brought tears to my eyes :-)

  3. Hi Thaty! Yup,you need to think about all the good in the world. A lot of great people who will guide your little one in the right direction.
    Brinley's cousin is pretty great, we love her to pieces. :)
    Brinley and our little beans can be 'cousins' too...we will make sure that they connect. Skype, FaceTime etc. xo

  4. That is so sweet :-) I would love that :-) And hopefully one day they'll get to meet and we can tell the beans how we connected before they were even born because we knew they were gonna be so awesome :-)

  5. I think that is just perfect. They are going to be the bestest kids ever!!