25 April 2013

Full Bladder....

We had our echo yesterday and it went smashingly well. What didn't go well, was the hour drive to the hospital with a very full bladder and a husband who is 6'3" and thinks he is always running a marathon. For the first time ever, I actually considered pulling my pants down in the middle of the medical building and peeing on the floor. It was that bad. Then, it got worse when James said "hey look, there's a bathroom, too bad you can't use it."
"Hey, guess what James? You can get lost." Insert multiple inappropriate words all throughout the previous sentences. As many as you possibly can!!!

Poor Karen!

Spent some time with our genetics counsellor, Karen, who is absolutely delightful and wonderful and who has become a friend. Karen was one of the first people we spoke too even before we knew the results. She was realistic and supportive and willing to do anything to help make the journey a bit smoother. She is so pleased that we have decided to continue with the pregnancy. I told her that she needed to start reading the blog now and she would learn even more GREAT things about me! I think I scared her a bit yesterday. :)

The echo took a while as this little bean honestly does not stop moving. We couldn't get Brinley to move during ultrasounds, but this one, she is on the move constantly. Her measurements are great and her little heart shows no medical concerns. They did come across one small thing, her heart has a little hiccup, it palpitates. I will have to go to the OB for weekly visits just to monitor her little heart and make sure that it doesn't worsen. The doctor said that this happens often with babies and not to be concerned, just monitor. It will hopefully fix itself in the near future. We didn't get a good look at her profile yesterday, just focused on her heart. The Foothills Hospital is awesome and so diligent and professional. We appreciate all of their care and support.

I love this!!
Looking forward to my date on Friday with my dear friend. My one night this week to focus on me and my well being. It won't involve booze or a beach but I'm excited to catch up and have some good laughs. I hope you have your one night or afternoon planned. I'm following the advice from my bartender at Cocktails and Dreams (hopefully you've read previous posts) and I am providing you with all of this great advice free of charge! You should listen. :) 
I hope you have a delightful Thursday!


  1. So happy to hear the echo went well and everything looks good!! Oh, and I was just wondering when exactly is your due date, sometime in the fall?

  2. Thanks Jenny! Due date is August 27th but I am hoping for a few weeks before that - it is all about me. :)

  3. I think most babies with Ds happen to be born about 3 weeks early. About 90% of people I know who have kids with Ds this was the case. Russell was born in the 36th week. I have read there is something about the extra chromosome that makes things in the womb start to deteriorate early and cause premature labor.
    Anyway, you can look it up, not saying I'm a Doctor or anything but that's just what I have read on here and seen happen. So better to plan ahead just in case. My guess is you will have her in the first week of August!

  4. I like 37 weeks! Hopefully we get to that point. I believe you are correct about premature labour. I know that the doctors said that my placenta may not be providing baby with enough nutrients so that would mean delivery before due date. I just want things to continue to go smoothly and she remains healthy! :))