12 April 2013

A New Book.....

Last night, I walked upstairs to find this......

Yup, that is what I found. James ordered himself 2 books on snipers and one on Down Syndrome. I giggled. I for sure thought that his nightly read in the tub (don't tell him I told you that he takes a bath in our little, wee tub at night and he's 6'4") would be one of the sniper books....nope, he cracked open the Babies with Down Syndrome. I'm proud of James. He pretty much did this with no coaxing....except for when I told him that I couldn't do all of the research on my own and that he needs to step up just a little. Otherwise, no coaxing. :)

I don't think I want to read the book. I'm still scared. I still worry about our future and for me, it is sometimes better knowing less information. Whenever I have had to go in for surgery, I tell the doctors, don't tell me anything. Knock me out and do the job. I will deal with the pain and suffering when I wake up, but please remember to put something in my IV so that when I do wake up, I am happy!!

I don't want to become overwhelmed, again. Instead, I will go out for lunch with friends and we can casually discuss what is going on in all of our lives. This way, I am eating, visiting and enjoying the day.

Jumping to my next topic....I have only encountered positive and non-judgemental people along this journey thus far but I am worried that somebody is going to say the wrong thing to me and I lose it. I mentioned this in my first post, but I do worry. I am VERY outspoken, usually a lack of filter but I am incredibly sensitive, especially when it comes to family and close friends, oh, and my weight and my boobs that James said are drooping a bit and the stretchmarks that never went away after Brinley and I noticed in a picture that my nose isn't as symmetrical as I would like...I think you get the picture. I need advice.

Lastly, a new friend, sent me a link yesterday called E60 Perfect. Good lord, I cried like a baby! It was real and genuine and honest. If you have 13 minutes, please watch this one and have a whole box of kleenex nearby. My sister had my niece Danika, who is 7, watch the video just to get a little idea of what is going on. Danika got very emotional, shed some tears and is concerned that her new cousin will get bullied or picked on. She called me and we had a little chat and I reassured her that we will all do our best to support this new little bean. Danika ended the conversation with "Auntie, it's not like my new cousin will be a dinosaur, she IS a human being, just like the rest of us." Well said!!!


Have a wonderful day! :)

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