26 April 2013

Not Again.....

I really didn't want to talk about poop anymore and after today, I am done, possibly, at least  for a while. Last night, I dreamt about poop the entire night after me being all silly and writing about it..HA!!! HA!!! I'm so funny. I dreamt that poop was being served to me on really fancy platters, I dreamt that there was poop covering my front lawn. It was horrible and it lasted all night. I need to get back to my first trimester dreams cause this is gross and out of control.

Onto the next topic. We have our interview with the local newspaper today and we are looking forward to it. It's exciting that others want to write about us and our little story. I hope I'm articulate and get my thoughts out. I hope I don't cut James off too many times and I hope that Brinley controls her diarrhea for just that hour. Darn, poop talk again. We have decided to cut out her formula for a few days just to see if she has developed a sensitivity to it, cause after the load she dropped yesterday and me gagging and her foot going in it and me gagging, it's got to end. Ok, no more poop talk.

I am happy that the sun had decided to make an appearance, now we can get out more and take some walks around the community. I'm always in good spirits during the day, but as I mentioned before, sometimes the nights are more difficult. I like that James always goes to bed later then me and is beside me. I get my nightly back tickle which calms me down, but I am still a bit anxious at bedtime. I honestly get tired of thinking, I get tired of worrying about Brinley and the new little bean. I get tired of getting tired which then makes me more tired. You get me?? I tell myself constantly, day by day and I can't control everything. Let it go Krista.

Next thought, I was talking to my momma a while back and mentioned to her that most women in my position are back at work and full time. I would be in a nut house if I was working full time. How do you get a baby up, get them ready for a day home and get yourself ready and make it to work on time??? How is this possible? How are you not like a robot? Is it the coffee that keeps you going? I just couldn't imagine, but it's reality. I don't even think that women in the US get a full year off. I need sleep in order to function. I'll head back to work some time, but not when they are babies. James bought a lottery ticket today! I feel lucky! :)

Next thought, I was watching that ridiculous show, The View yesterday and was actually interested in one of their Hot Topics. They were discussing having guns in the house and if you would let your child go over to a house where you knew they had weapons. What if you didn't know? I don't know, maybe it's different here in Canada, but I don't hear about people having guns in the house. I guess it really isn't lunch conversation. James has his gun license and I asked him if we could have a gun in our home. Yup, we can. The thought of having weapons in the house, even if they were in a safe, freaks me out. Having my kids go over to a house where they have guns also scares me to death. I hear stories about kids getting into safes or geeze, as easy as the nightstand and shooting each other on accident. I want your thoughts. I think that if anything, I would have to rely on my kung fu moves and my verbal abilities. I'm sure anybody would take off once I break out the kung fu and nobody would want to stick around to hear what would come out of my mouth. I could hear it now "ok lady, we're leaving, just stop talking and flailing your body everywhere. Dude, we picked the wrong house, she is crazy!!"

Happy, sunny and lovely Friday to you all. :)


  1. First of I have to say I despise The View. You can't hear a damn thing on that show! Everyone constantly interrupting the person next to them and all of them speaking over top of each other so as to have their opinions heard first. Ug. But that's off topic...lol

    We live in a Ranching community, so everyone and their dog owns a gun...But, there are some houses that I get really nervous about my kids going into. Ones where they have little kids who like to show off...Kids who think they know everything and guns are not a good combination!! Or houses where you have seen guns lying around and not put away safely because the parents trust their child will never touch it...Places like that scare me.
    It's fine to own a gun, but it stays locked up and the ammunition locked in another spot. Those are my rules!

  2. Yes, The View annoys me. James says the exact same thing as you. They all talk over each other and it's annoying!
    I couldn't imagine trusting your child around a gun, one that is sitting on the coffee table. I would be curious and I'm 36!! Accidents will happen in those situations and that makes me sad. Another friend told me that they have guns but the ammo is nowhere need the weapons. I agree with that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jenny!! That all makes sense to me. :)

  3. we have guns in our house, they are locked in the gun safe, each gun also has a trigger lock on it, and the ammunition is stored separately. They kids are not allowed to handle the guns, they aren't toys, and there is always talk about gun safety when the guns are out (on the acreage of hunting)...never ever point them at a person etc. I would prefer not to have them in the hosue but it is part of who my husband is and I have to accept that, as well as living in a farm community it can be necessary at times (we've had coyotes that have been too curious).

  4. I bet your husband lets the kids play with them when you're not at home Chrissy!! HEE!!! HEE!!! Just kidding.
    I know that you would be diligent in how they were stored etc. We think the same, remember. :) Remind me to never sneak around ever on your property in the middle of the night. :)
    Thank you for sharing my friend. xoxoxo