17 April 2013


In our house, we only have a couple rules. Well, we, meaning I, probably have more but I will talk about the two most important ones, I may actually touch on more. We'll see.

1) For everyone under the age of 2, there is no pooping in the bath tub. I'm hoping that everyone over the age of 2, just knows better. Maybe I will make sure that James is fully aware of this rule. :)
I should have known when Brinley's eyes went red, her nose went red and her cheeks went red and there was a little grunt and then a sigh of relief. Brinley needs to know that her momma has slight OCD and all the toys that came in contact with that water don't get cleaned, they get tossed. No more pooping in the tub!!

2) I am a heater and so is James, but I am by far worse off. James and I have a fan that we leave on 24 hours a day just to keep the room a little cooler. MY rule, since the fan is on James' side of the bed, is no farting toward the fan and if you must, on accident, you cover quickly and then don't move. James seems to 'forget' that this is a rule and a very important one. I am back on diclectin as the nausea has come back and when this rule is broken, I gag
and gag and then get mad. I try not to laugh because it it funny, yet, it makes me feel ill. 'WE' will continue to work on this rule and I know that you would like to stay updated.

I think I will only touch on these 2 today as I don't want the people who don't know me well to think that I am bossy or overbearing. I know that my close friends are laughing right now. I'm a teacher and a Rowland....we are assertive. ;)

Next, Brinley has decided that she doesn't want to eat meat right now but has a very strong love for grapes and cheese. We try to trick her, nope, it doesn't work. She will also only remain in her high-chair for so long before she needs to come out, meanwhile her meal is waiting for her on the tray. Do we let her graze and just leave the food on her tray for a while?? I can't wait until I can start bribing.
Some of you may say, she will let you know when she's hungry, but how she lets us know is through anger and tears. I am not wanting to get to that point. I just want her to eat! :)

Brinley grazing and yes, that is crazy hair!! :)

Her Auntie did come over today and managed to get Brinley to eat her whole lunch. Do I hire Auntie Ange to come over daily and feed her niece? This is an option, it's not like she has anything better to do.

Lastly, I was recently told that if you are carrying a baby with Down Syndrome, the mother should be eating foods that contain certain vitamins? Is this a fact? Is there a special diet?

Still thinking about Boston today and sending love, prayers and hope your way. <3

Brinley's 13 month picture. Not so easy when they are mobile. :)


  1. I don't think there is any difference in carrying a child with Ds than one without. Just be as healthy as possible just like you would any other pregnancy :)...Your Rules had me snickering as I read them! lol

  2. Oh Jenny...the McDonald's cravings are crazy!! I also love fruit so I hope it balances it all out!! :))
    Those are REAL rules, trust me!!