9 April 2013

A Little Update......

How Brinley decided to announce that she was going to be a big sister. She was only a little bit happy. :)

I can't believe that I am at over 1300 views since last night when I started the blog. Believe it or not, they weren't all from me. I want to start by thanking everybody for re-posting my blog as well as for all the positive comments. Your support and love are greatly appreciated.

My sister told me last night that I needed to get some of my fantastic humour going in these blogs, so last night, I dreamt the entire night about writing jokes and being silly and making you all laugh. I woke up this morning and forgot everything but I clearly remember thinking they were hilarious last night.  :)

It took me quite a while to fall asleep last night, I kept thinking about the road ahead of us, but then I thought about this new adventure, the blog, the love, the stories that I will get to share with all of you. Hopefully you share your fears and upsets as well as your laughs and good times with myself and my family as well as with others.

I am off to the OB's office today to check baby's heartbeat and my weight. Awesome, my weight. Being pregnant takes all dignity and self-esteem  away that a woman may have and flushes it right down the toilet. I remember delivering Brinley and there was a 14 year old resident (I'm sure he was older) in the room, he was down there at the other end after Brinley had been vacuumed out at lightening speed. I apologized to him for having to see whatever was going on down there..I felt bad, yet deep down I was laughing. No dignity.

For the moms out there who are just starting this journey, my dear friend Karmen lent us a video call Deedah. It made us laugh, cry but above all feel better about the choices that we have made up to this point.

Brinley - so long ago. :)

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