28 April 2013

Geeks and Speed Dating....

It's Sunday and we are off to Comic Con today, yes, you read that right, Comic Con!! I think I'm going to have my go at Geek Speed Dating....pregnant chick walks in, what are my chances?? I'm not a comic reader nor am I really interested in the Super Powers world but James mentioned the other day that it would be fun to check it out. I looked for some tickets on Kijiji but people are willing to pay hundreds for these tickets, I am not.
My dear friend Chrissy got us hooked up yesterday with 2 tickets and we actually paid under face value. I love honest and wonderful people. I also look at this as my hubby could be interested in porn and Ashley Madison, instead he wants to go to Comic Con. I love my husband. <3

Yesterday, I connected with a new friend from the States. She told me that she enjoys reading my blog and to keep at it! I still find it crazy that people are actually reading my blog. It's flattering and sometimes surreal...yes, that seems like a big thing to say, but it is crazy that people care what I am doing, what I'm thinking, my worries , fears and my wickedly bizarre thoughts.
Anyways....I asked her to tell me her story. I just wished she lived closer so I could give her a hug. She was in a long term relationship, 24, educated and seemingly, life was right on track. I'm going to make a long story short....they discovered that baby showed some markers for Down Syndrome so it was suggested to go for more intensive testing. Now this is where I just don't understand the States, we walk into any hospital and are seen and taken care of, no matter what. This poor girl, had to find a hospital that her insurance would cover. WHAT??? This hospital was a four hour drive from her home. It turns out that baby boy had quite a few markers for Down Syndrome and the amnio confirmed the diagnosis. Her boyfriend ended up leaving her and told her that he was going to remove THEIR son from his insurance plan, so she was on her own. She is currently putting herself through school, 6 months pregnant, a son who will have to had heart surgery as well as other services and he wants to remove HIS son from his insurance plan. I'm guessing the state will take care of that cowardly action. This lovely girl is optimistic and looking forward to meeting her little boy. She loves him, she wants him and she is going to be an unbelievable momma. I am so proud of her and how she has been dealing with all of the craziness in her life. Now this is a roller coaster and makes me think about my own life at this moment....a husband who fully supports me, loves me and who will be by my side until the end. Now, if he decides that this is not what he wants.....well, I won't write what I will do to him, it could bring about charges of threat. ;)

I forgot to tell you how the newspaper interview went....
It was awesome and my words actually flowed. The other good part was that the interviewer asked who he should direct the questions to.....HA!! HA!! HA!! Yes, perfect, that would be me.  :) Now when James was asked a question, I actually kept my mouth shut and let him speak his own words. I did good! :) My heart melted when James said that he loves this little girl unconditionally and can't wait to meet her and hold her. He's such a good man.

I need to hop in the shower and get ready...I think I may dress up as a pregnant, out of shape Superwoman. I'm sure the speed daters will come a runnin'!!

Brinley likes costumes too!! :)
Happy Sunday!!


  1. I truly admire the courage of the young woman you spoke of. Her little boy is going to bless her life beyond belief...And her jackass ex-boyfriend is the one who is going to miss out on the greatest blessing of his life.
    Glad to hear your interview went well :)

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  3. Yup Jenny, you got it right. So sad but you know, good on her for continuing with the pregnancy and for her strength and courage. She is also close to her parents so they will be helping her out too. Thanks God for friends and family. :)