24 April 2013

Change the World and Poop....

Well, I decided yesterday that I need to take more action and get my name out there, get the blog out there and let everybody know that I am here to change the world. I emailed 3 newspapers, first interview on Friday, People, Canadian Living, Woman's World, and Parents. I also posted the blog on more then half a dozen Down Syndrome sites.  I am on my way. As I have said before, it's not the views, well it sort of is I guess, it really is about getting it out there. I was astonished to hear that around 90% of women terminate their pregnancy when they get a positive diagnosis for Trisomy 21. I am pro-choice, so whatever decision you make, I believe you have made the best choice for your family. I just know that if more families were connected to the right resources and shared their story with others, they would realize that they can make it. It's doable.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not always confident nor do I feel that I have everything in order in my mind. I am still scared. I still have fears. I still worry about whether or not I can do this....BUT, I feel better, I feel stronger and I have the support from so many.

So little Brinley had the runs yesterday. As kids get older, their poo gets wicked gross.  Yesterday, I noticed something coming through the leg of her sleeper....AHHHH...IT'S THE DIARRHEA!!! Carry her upstairs, holding her under the armpits so there is no touching or chance of coming in contact with poop! Poor little girl...change her, bring her back downstairs. Well, if it doesn't happen again. She hides when she poops, so she disappeared behind the couch, reappeared with red eyes and a red nose. Mommy says "Brinley, did you poo?"
Brinley looks at mom and says "Yesh."
Back upstairs and change again. I used to have adult conversations..I used to just wipe my own butt. In a few months, I will be wiping an added butt!! Oh goodness!
Now don't get me wrong, I would much rather be wiping butts then not wiping butts. Thank God, James can wipe his own. :))

Our echo is today at 9:45am. I am a bit nervous. A bit scared. I just want her little heart to be ok, in good shape with no cardiac concerns. Send prayers and good thoughts our way today. :)

I just realized that I went from wanting to run the world to poo to baby's echo! I think I need medication to keep me focused and on track. Oh, by the way, James has failed miserably at rule #2 lately and has gotten some serious verbal whoopins from moi!!

I'm totally done with poop talk for now! :)

I hope everybody has a wonderful day!! A special hug for Jenny and her Tribe. xoxox


  1. LOL...You're awesome! Hope the echo went good, thinking of you :)

  2. You know Jenny....your blog is amazing and your pictures are beautiful. You are such a lovely and fantastic momma!! So many kids, so little time. Echo went great!! xoxoxo

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