11 April 2013

Angela's Love.....

My sister Angela and her boyfriend ;)

This journey that we are on, not only involves James, Brinley and myself, but it also involves our families. My sister wrote the blog for today. It's beautiful! <3
Hi, I'm Auntie Angela! I wanted to share with you some thoughts and wishes and dreams that I have for the new little darling on her way to this crazy family.
The day Krista said "I do" to the love of her life James, this is what I wrote for her....
I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because there is NOTHING you can do about it!"
Cancun. San Diego, Disneyland, New York, Rodeo Drive Baby, Phoenix, Madonna, Mariah, PCD, NKOTB, BE, Gwen, Douglas Glen, New Brighton, McKenzie Towne, yellow bear, brown bear, love lost, love found, Coconut Joe's, The Alley, Yuckatan's, Rattlesnake, ice tea, Crystal Lite, dark rum and coke, chicken fingers and fries, spaghetti and meatballs, The Zoo, Calaway Park, Heritage Park, the beach, The Big Comfy Couch, the list could on for hours and hours but I just want to let you know how truly grateful I am for each and every memory I have with you.
There is no better friend then a sister and there is no better sister then you.
The reason I wanted to share this is the simple fact that I can't wait for Brinley and her sister to have all their own wonderful memories and adventures too. With parents like my sister and James, these two little girls are going to have plenty of laughter, love and support. Their extended family and friends are blessed to catch a glimpse of what is going on in their lives and the chance to experience them growing, is a blessing.
Early one morning, Krista sends me a text saying I sent you an email, which is very common. She will always email a photo of Brinley....a little something to make me laugh or brighten my day. I head to my computer, open the email only to find attached a photo of a positive pregnancy test! My jaw dropped, my hands were shaking and I screamed! The day I found out that Krista was expecting again blew my mind, it was so soon and the babies would not be too far apart. Regardless of that, I was thrilled to be an auntie again. Brinley is one of my most favourite people in the whole wide world, and I can't wait to experience all the wonders of this world with her. I convinced Krista to wait a few days to tell our mom and dad. I had a t-shirt that we let our daughter wear to share the news of our second pregnancy and I thought it would be so fun to let Brinley wear the same shirt to tell the grandparents!
That day that Krista received the call about her ultrasound, my heart broke for her and James. Not because I was upset that the baby would have special needs but for the fact that I knew they had some tough decisions to make. After a trip up to the hospital that afternoon, my head was spinning so I could only imagine how they were feeling. Whatever decision Krista and James made was fully supported by my husband and I. The fact that they have decided to continue on with this little miracle of life, I couldn't be happier for them and all of us. Krista has always said you are given only what you can handle and I believe that this little bean (I call her baby Annie!) is going to be a special gift not only to us but to all of you. She has chosen the 2 most amazing people to be her parents, and with their support, guidance and unconditional love this girl is going to move mountains.
I am the aunt, one crazy, proud aunt and I can't wait to hold her and hug her and take both girls for their first tattoos and nose piercings!
Krista, thanks for putting your words down for others to read and share in this experience. I believe in you and know that you are going to reach for the stars and because of that your world is going to be a brighter place.
Love your sister.



  1. That made me cry :-) My sister has also been so incredibly supportive and I could not have made through this without her. How lucky are babies that have amazing aunts? :-)

  2. Thanks Thaty!! Thank God for sisters! My sister Angela, is fantastic and it's pretty awesome that she lives down the street. Thanks for reading my blog. <3
    Sending you a great big hug.