22 April 2013

Cocktails and Dreams.....

Still looking for more name suggestions. I've had a number of you send me Facebook messages because your comments aren't posting on the blog. Publish your comment under Open ID and see if that works for you. :)

We are now 22 weeks pregnant and Baby Bean is a movin' and a shakin'. She loves food and lets me know every time I eat. So far, I'm loving her little punches, but I'll let you know how I'm feeling in a couple of months. My sister asked me yesterday how far along I was, I told her and she for sure thought I should at least be at the 8 month mark. I (we) feel like I've been pregnant forever....like seriously, forever. :) I told James that if he got me pregnant again, I would hurt him, pregnancy and Krista are not a good mix!! The end result is amazing and wonderful but getting there sucks! Oh woe is me!! :)

I'm sure you've had enough of my dreams but last night I had another one. I was back to teaching elementary and we were rehearsing for a play. All the kids were listening to me, so we know for sure it was a dream. :)  It was time for a lunch break, there were a few kids in my class with Down Syndrome, sweet little kiddies. Some of the Down Syndrome kids were eating their lunch all alone but some of the regular ed kids were also eating all alone. I've never liked that and have always encouraged the kids to include others. I did this in my dream as well, I told the kids to include all students and how important it is to eat lunch with others. The students all listened and everybody had at least one friend to spend the lunch hour with, laughing and having a good time. When I woke up, I think my concerns are that this little one will be excluded from lunches and activities. I want to make sure that she has friends who will respect her and want to spend time playing and laughing. That is so  important to me. I'm thinking though that maybe all parents feel this way about their kids. You want them to have a great network of friends who participate in healthy activities and who respect each other. Oh the worries we have as parents. Day by day!!

The sun is shining today, for once, so I think it's going to be a great day. I am going for therapy this afternoon, not retail therapy or booze therapy :), but actual therapy. I've been once and enjoyed Deborah, the therapist. As I mentioned before, it was nice discussing my worries with somebody outside of my network of friends and family. I'll see how today goes. I am not a huge fan of walking into a building with the words Addictions and Mental Health in large writing on the front door. Maybe I should wear a disguise. Last time, I felt that if somebody saw me, they probably thought I was some trashy pregnant woman trying to get off of crack and heroin. Maybe they could change the name to....Happy Place or Ton Of Fun or Cocktails and Dreams?? Just a thought.

Echo on Wednesday.  A little nervous and a little excited. I will keep you updated. :)

My hair doesn't always cooperate! :)


  1. Haha, that picture is too cute! Will be thinking of you Wednesday, hope all goes well!

  2. Thanks Jenny!! I will keep you posted! :)