13 April 2013

A Little Random.....

Brinley wants some bikini weather!!

So today is cloudy and glum and I heard another snowstorm is on its way. Boo hoo! It's a great day to write a blog about some of my favourite things/people.

I am going to list some of my faves and they are in no particular order. I am also going to number them because I am a teacher. :)

1) Friends who have re-posted my link and who are fully supporting our journey.
2) My family - James, Brinley, Angela, Bob (brother-in-law), Danika, Ryder, mom and dad.
3) I am thankful for extended family.
4) Paperlili - http://www.paperlili.com/
5) I just re-read my post and I started to get bored, so I will move on. Four things to be grateful for today is enough for now. :)

Bob, Ryder, Ange and Danika! <3


My dream - I had a dream last night that I was going in for surgery, another laparoscopy for my endometriosis. I was pregnant with this little bean but still going for surgery. My blood work came back with high levels but they couldn't explain to me what was wrong. My surgery kept getting put off. Another hour. Another hour. All of a sudden, my Nan, who passed away 3 years ago showed up at the hospital, just to sit and comfort me. I thought I was imagining things because I knew that my Nan was no longer with us. Then Tim Allen from Home Improvement showed up and I told him that my Nan had passed a few years before so she wasn't really there...he looked at me and told me that I needed to believe and that I should value this visit with her and enjoy these 'dream' moments together. I love it when my Nan shows up in my dreams. I feel peace. Anybody analyze dreams??

Last comment for the day. I was advised that the book that James purchased is not the best for reassuring couples that everything will work out just fine. I guess there are a lot of stats and it talks about all the horrible things that can go wrong with a baby with Down Syndrome. I don't want James to get all freaked out. I want him to feel comfort. Any suggestions on books or articles that he should read? Thanks. :)
I feel like this blog needs a little bit of humour....think Krista, think.
Only watch if you have a sense of humour!! :)))


  1. Yes...DON'T READ IT!! It's great to read down the road but not in the beginning. I would highly recommend reading Gifts, Gifts 2, We'll Paint the Octopus Red is a great children's book but I LOVE it! Lastly, read the bloom book by Kelle Hampton.

  2. That Kelle Hampton....she sure rocks!! Thanks Alaina, I will pass the info onto James. I hope you guys are doing well. :) xoxoxo

  3. I have never read that book, but I would stay away from all medical focused books on Down syndrome. There is a list of numerous things that can go wrong...BUT...Most never even happen. You will worry yourself for nothing.

    When I first had my son they sat me down and read a list of about a million things he may have wrong with him or struggle with in the future. I was devastated and terrified. Three years later he has not had one single issue. A little known fact. Kids with Down syndrome can be perfectly healthy :) Stick to reading blog posts...Nothing beats seeing what real life is like raising a child with Ds.

    And Brinley is adorable!!!!

  4. Jenny...you are so right. We need to stay away from the crazy medical books. James doesn't get as overwhelmed as I do, but it's a good idea to stick with real life for now. Of course we are hoping and praying for a healthy, little girl.
    Thanks for you Brinley compliment. We think she is just the greatest!! :)