28 November 2013


Ignore the soother ;)

It's Amanda's turn again....it will be a nice break for the blog readers. No poop, no humping and no sex. Just in case you have enjoyed my recent topics, I will be back. :)

I am still going to include pictures of the girls because I take too many and love to share.

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As the saying goes, appreciate the little things. Last week I was in bed most of Wednesday, with a very bad migraine headache, I could barely open my left eye or lift my head. The pain was the worst between 8a.m. and 4p.m. and to top it off Gage ( he is 4) was home all day as well. I was dreading it simply because Gage is a typical 4 year old boy, loud, crazy, daring and stubborn. I have had migraines before with just Gage and I and to say it was like living in the pits of hell for a day with a hot poker in my eyeball is an understatement. However Wednesday, was different, like the powers that be knew I needed some help. This is where the little things come in, Gage was quiet and kind and thoughtful, now I am not saying that I gave birth to the spawn of satan ( although some days I feel I have two demons umm I mean difficult children)  as of late Gage and Grae have been harder to handle and seem to just not care about what Ryan or I say or do. So to have Gage listen on a day where my head feels like it was in a vice and being tightened until my eyes popped like grapes, was to say the least, a miracle! Not only was Gage good but when his sister came home from school they both kept quiet and no fighting and kept being great when Ryan came home from work. I know I need to relish this moment and bring it up on the days of yelling and fighting and wondering will it be hard forever. Parenting is hard and whoever tells you it isn’t is a liar, or on drugs and if that’s the case better share.
So glad I wrote the above the day it happened because almost a week later and feeling insane with the kids and I am contemplating a one way ticket for myself to Europe and return when the kids are married. However I am going to still appreciate the little things. My kids are driving me insane but they are healthy and happy and we have a roof over our heads. Ryan just got a job with Fortis Alberta in High River, a job he has wanted since the day he started the power line journey 2.5 years ago. I am hoping we get our new main floors this week and as soon as they are done, time to decorate for Christmas. Even though I appreciate the little things and try every day to see at least one positive in the midst of eye twitches as Gage and Grae try to out do one another who can yell 'STOP IT' the loudest, I admit I have days I would rather just pull up the covers, turn off the lights and be Debbie Downer and say Bah Hum Bug. Life is life and there are ups and downs and twists and turns and I guess what I am really trying to say is let it all happen. The good the bad the ugly and all the gooey stuff in between, because all of it is your story, it is up to you how you outline, write and edit it. Some of the best chapters are yet to be written.

Fell asleep holding a stuffy :)

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