18 November 2013

Twitter and Selfies! :)

 Well, I have joined the world of Twitter. I always told my sister that I wasn't interested but I decided to do it to stalk famous people and get the word out on Down syndrome. It's a win win situation. I am still learning the ropes, but in time, I will get the whole hashtag thing. If you want to follow me, I'm @ColliKrista. I would love to connect with some of the blog readers. I've always wondered, who is actually following along on this journey? I want to get to know you. :) Join my #happyworld!! :))

Next topic....
I am not posting this to hurt anybody's feelings or upset friends and family. :) I don't understand selfies. Do people actually wake up in the morning half an hour early just to get all pretty and take a selfie? Do you get into the car, look in the mirror and think "Wow! I look hot! I will take a selfie and post it on Facebook, Pinterest and Tweet it out to all of my followers?" When you take a selfie and we all see the phone in your hand, which usually partially blocks your face...is this cool? Is this really the new, hip thing to do??
Pregnancy selfies....I see doing them for you and your family, but again, I don't understand, holding this big phone, hand under belly, like the baby will fall out, take the picture and post. Isn't there anybody in the house who can take the picture for you instead of you standing facing the mirror? My friend Amy at Modern Nest Photography would stand beside a chalkboard that was on the wall in the house, write the week and her cravings....she didn't take the picture. :) It was such a cool and classy idea.
There must be a way to hide the phone. I like selfies with another selfie in the picture. A child, friend, pet....
Some of you probably think I am worrying and concerning myself with something that is lame and really it's a personal choice to post selfies. I should be writing about Down syndrome, world hunger, hot men, what's for dinner etc. etc. etc.
I just had to touch on it because I don't think I really like it but I love my friends and will continue to like some of the selfies, maybe even throw out a comment or two.
In conclusion, be selective of your selfies. Include another person, so I guess it would be called a groupies?? Or selfies times two....or something. Find a friend to take your picture, include that friend. Oh...I don't know.

I will end this blog with some pictures I took last night. I know they all look the same, but I love them all. It made my whole night....that and joining Twitter. :)

 Not Adele :)
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  1. Oh YES!!! I love this! Haha...I find the whole selfie thing very odd. I have to admit when I see a grown woman posting picture after picture of her face or her feet on Instagram or wherever, it's just an instant turn off. I mean, I have two teenage daughters who do this and I am hoping they outgrow this phase soon. I always tell them no one needs to see picture after picture of them just turned at a slightly different angle than the last picture they posted...It's ridiculous and boring! Teenagers are one thing, but adults doing it? It's just strange.

    P.S....I was kind of hoping you would end this post with a selfie :D

  2. I was totally going to post a selfie of myself in my pyjamas, no makeup and hair pulled back! HOT!!!! I could have gone on forever about the selfie thing, but I didn't want to piss too many people off! :) Teenagers, I laugh. Adults.....well....