26 November 2013

Don't Let Your Children Read This Post!

Sometimes it's a great day!!!! :)

Just a super short post tonight. It has nothing to do with Down syndrome. It has nothing to do with our perfect peanut. It is a lesson. A lesson that your children watch and listen to every word. They follow every action. They repeat what they hear and what they see.  James and I learnt this tonight....we will attend confession tomorrow and ask to be forgiven...well, James should ask for forgiveness.
I'm pretty sure that I will lose some devoted blog readers after this horrible parenting incident. Forgive us. Well, forgive James!

I was in the kitchen, doing my womanly duties.....heating up the shepard's pie that my mom dropped off for us!
James came into the kitchen and started to dry hump my butt. I tried to push him away and said that his daughter was right behind him, watching. What happened next will be forever engrained in my mind. James backed off, his daughter came up and started to dry hump my leg.

I'm sorry Brinley. Daddy has coverage for therapy and mommy will buy you a pony.

Happy birthday peanut! You also have therapy coverage!


  1. Gross...I don't think I can read your blog anymore, (kidding of course) lol, I hope she pulls that little stunt in public and James has to explain it! haha

    Love the top picture of the girls...Life with kids under five is always so fun and joyous isn't it! :D

  2. HA! HA! HA!! It was a great friendship while it lasted JC! :)
    I hope she pulls the stunt in public too. That would be priceless. James would have to blame it on the dog that we don't own.
    The top picture was hilarious...I had to capture the moment.

  3. My 5 year old is fascinated with my boobs... pretends to "accidentally" touch them just like her father lol

  4. Ha ha Tracy!!! They watch every move! :) That is too funny!