24 November 2013

Poop....again! Sorry!! :)

I've been a slacker lately....maybe it was the 31 for 21 Challenge that did me in.
Life has been busy with lots of play dates and appointments for Adele. Man, she is high maintenance, but we still love her lots. :) I met with the FSCD worker to discuss what kind of funding and extra assistance would be needed for Adele. I told her upfront that I haven't heard one good thing about FSCD, only negatives, from doctors, nurses, friends who work in similar programs and friends who have children with disabilities...I prefer to call them abilities. :) I told her that this little girl is our world and that we expect supports that are necessary for her to thrive. I needed to be honest and I needed for her to know that James and I expect only the best. She was positive and seemed receptive to my comments.

We also went to the Child Developmental Centre and that was a waste of time. It takes an hour to get there and more when we have a snowstorm the night before. We got there and I checked in, the receptionist told me that my appointment had been cancelled because the worker went home sick. She asked if anybody had called me. Ummmmm.....no.
I told her that I drove all the way from High River and somebody better meet with me, even the cleaning lady, I don't care.
The OT met with us but the first thing she said was that we could have done this over the phone. Sigh.
She was happy with Adele's progress and was pleased with how she was doing in regards to her development and milestones being met.
Let's be honest, I only want to go to the CDC when absolutely necessary. My time is valuable.....sort of. :)

On the other hand, while Adele and I were waiting for our sort of appointment, this lovely lady was waiting as well for her meeting. She loved Adele and asked questions about her health. Again, it was one of those moments that made me smile. She has adopted many children over the years, all with disabilities as well has fostered many children. She was such a beautiful person. I thanked her for what she has done for others. What a model citizen. There are so many good people in the world. With all the crap in the media, I wonder sometimes what is happening to our world.
The other thing that has made me smile lately is BatKid! Way to go San Francisco on coming together to make a boy's dreams come true. Those stories make me smile.

Had to wear my housecoat!

We had Music Therapy with Jimmy on Friday. He is so wonderful with the girls. He cares about them, calls them by name and sets boundaries and rules with Brinley. He knows his stuff and I like it....good man!
Brinley felt more comfortable this time and went right in and pounded on the piano. Jimmy is trying to get Brinley engaged more and to spend more time on each instrument. She is getting there!! Jimmy decided that we would have our own mini music session. We used the drums and did an activity that he does with brain injured clients. He said that I was doing a pretty good job. PHEW!!! I have to tell you, I held my breath the entire time and got myself a little stressed out. I need to relax during my music therapy classes. ;)

All in all, a busy week but always wonderful and always wickedly awesome if Adele stays healthy!

A friend gave me an idea to write a letter to Brinley and to talk about how she is now as a little girl.

Dear Brinley,

I want to start this letter by telling you just how much I love you. You brighten up mommy's day. You make me smile and you test every ounce of my patience. I recently said in a post that being a stay at home mommy isn't the hardest job in the world but I would like to go back and perhaps edit that comment a bit....it is freaking hard some days and I do feel like it is the hardest job in the world!

You are becoming a beautiful, little lady. You are 20 months old and a little spit fire. You are calm and relaxed and cuddly, then you turn around and whip attitude out like no other. You get moody and you sometimes slap me in the belly, the arm, the face, the leg, the butt, the head and any other body part that you can reach during your time of spaz out. I don't believe in hitting back because what does that do? Nothing. It teaches you that when you hit mom it's not ok, but when mom hits you, it's allowed. Mommy will tell you that if you ever bite me, I will bite you back and you will learn your lesson. I don't care about the previous comment about being a good role model and not being a hypocrite, but I don't do biting. I will bite you! If you get sad and upset and want another mommy, I will provide you with the Kid's Help Phone number and you can call and cry to them about how mean your mommy is and that she bites you. I will even provide you with a box of Kleenex.
Mommy was thinking about potty training you now but I realized that you aren't quite at that point. You are showing interest but we will wait a few more months. I have to tell you that the older you get, the bigger the poops and the bigger then mess and the more mommy gags. Your daddy thinks it's funny when we eat corn the night before and then you poop it out the next day. He laughs. You will soon learn that boys are special. They are silly and they don't ever really grow up. Whether you find a male partner or a female partner, just make sure that they won't mind wiping your ass when you're old. Get that information in the first few weeks.

Just a little pooping story for you....
Mommy woke up one night and felt ill, really ill. This was long before you. I asked daddy to go into the other room because I just needed my space. I needed to be ill on my own. He left. Five minutes later, mommy realized that she had the flu or maybe she had had eaten a case of prunes that day and forgot!
Mommy shit the bed, shit on the floor, shit on the bathroom mat and shit on the toilet before it actually hit the right place.
Mommy went to get daddy because mommy just felt so awful and needed daddy's help. Mommy walked in the spare bedroom and woke daddy. Mommy was crying and told daddy that she shit all over the place. Daddy got up, grabbed the Lysol, rubber gloves and cleaned up all of mommy's shit. I knew at that very moment that Daddy and mommy would last forever.
I think mommy got off track and is thinking that perhaps you will not be given this letter. Mommy needs to get her lack of ability to focus for longer than three minutes checked out by the doctor.


Sometimes this is how we roll!
Boots, diaper, soother, belly sticking out and no shirt!


  1. I won't bore you with the messy details...but my hubby and I have a similar 'shit' story. After it happened I told him he had to marry me! haha

  2. Ohhhh Meredith!!!! I love messy details. :))))

  3. Hahahhaha this was awesome. I hope one day to find a man to clean up my shit. If that were my Mom, I swear she would have held onto her pride and cleaned it herself. I'm not even kidding ♡☆♡☆

  4. My Mom won't even fart in front of a guy. So to say the least I refuse to admit that anything remotely comes out of that area. Much less that absolutely nothing will EVER go in either.