13 September 2013

There WILL Be A Vasectomy!!!

The sprinkler...she's so cool!

Today, I took Adele to the pediatrician to get her all checked out! It's so funny how with Brinley, I had a diaper bag all packed and stuffed to the brim and all ready to go months before she was born. Adele, she has a Ziploc baggie and I put it together just the other day. What happens when you have a third child? So sad. :)
Anyways, I really liked the pediatrician, she was young and hip :) and she took her time with us. I didn't feed Adele before we left because I didn't want her puking in the car, so I let her starve. Feel free to call Social Services, I could use a good night's sleep. ;)
She's gained weight, she looks healthy and she's growing. Her head is perfectly round. I've been asked before if I had a C-section because her head is so perfect...nope, I clearly remember the little peanut shooting out of my lowers rather quickly which in turn meant stitches, again. Not to go off on another topic, but I would like to point out that a second degree tear (Adele) compared to a third degree tear (Brinley) is like a walk in the park. It was like a minor paper cut. I could actually get out of bed without throwing myself up and out before any pressure could be put on my vag. It was a terrible sight, I would get up so fast that I would almost fly across the room and I almost passed out a couple of times. The other thing, I could pee this time without it feeling like somebody slicing me with razor blades. I didn't need the spray bottle this time, I could pee, happily!

Daddy giving Adele a manicure!

One more thing :) nobody likes to talk about bowel movements because girls don't really poop. Well, I've actually pooped and I am going to talk a little bit about the poop.
After I had Brinley, I thought that I needed to go to the bathroom, I was happy that I was going to poop. It was just a little private room. James, Brinley and I were hanging out, so it was all good. I went to the bathroom but left the door open because I'm not a lady.
The young, good looking doctor came in and needed to ask me a question. Naturally, I knew that James was going to tell the doctor that I was not available at that exact moment and that he could come back. NO, that is not what he said. He told the doctor that I was pooping and he could come in and chat with me. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME? I was constipated and not happy and sweating and I gave James the look of death. He then told the doctor that maybe he should come back a little later. YA THINK!?!?!?

Grandpa taught Brinley how to pick her nose! :)

The other thing that got me was that I was limited on how many mesh panties I was allowed and how many maxi pads they would give me....I think I may have discussed this in another blog but it still bothers the crap out of me. The nurse told me to wash them in the sink by hand. WASH THE MESH PANTIES? I just shot a baby out my vag, got a third degree tear, feel like I've been kicked in the crotch by a horse, haven't showered in a couple of days, am eating dog food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, got my boobs milked by a nurse, was made to watch a video from the seventies about breast-feeding and had to look at a set of boobies which didn't compare to mine, had a bulging belly, get woken up to give blood....you're telling me that you will only hook me up with 2 pairs of mesh undies and 4 maxi pads. What the hell??
Man, where was I?
Yes, the pediatrician is lovely. Adele is lovely and wonderful and we can sleep longer at night and not wake her up every 3 hours. I have to be honest, the past few nights, James' alarm goes off and we fall back asleep. Again, call Social Services. Poor peanut has gone 5 hours without a bottle. This is why we can't have another baby. That child would not get any type of diaper bag, would starve and never get changed and for sure not get a baby book. I'm thinking that a third wouldn't even get pictures taken. This is why we need to stop at two beautiful babies.

First dinner out....Adele took a massive poop! :)

When I was walking out of the doctor's office, there was a very pretty mom with a darling little girl in the next room. I had to stop walking in front of their room because I got Adele's oxygen line caught in the wheel. I am such a moron!
Anyways, the mom came out of the room and looked at Adele and said how beautiful she was and that her daughter also has a tube. Her little one is almost a year old and has a feeding tube. The mom couldn't get enough of Adele and was so enthralled with her and her cuteness. You know when you meet someone and just feel good?? That's how I felt. I felt something when I was talking to her and her daughter. She made me feel at ease. She made me smile. There was just something about her. Part of me wishes I had asked her out on a date. :) It was a good moment. A moment that I think I needed. I like those moments.
Another moment was yesterday when my friend Christina was at Fabricland, looking for, well, fabric. She really wants to make Adele a special blanket. Somehow, she ran into one of our favourite nurses Michelle, from the NICU. Christina told her that she was making a blanket for Adele. It's just such a small world. I love these moments. I get a sense of comfort when these moments happen. I'm hoping that I have many more moments like these all through out my life and I can only hope that Brinley and Adele do too.

Doctor's picture of James' vasectomy! Looks about right. :)

After Adele's appointment, we headed to High River for more doctor's appointments. I was pretty sure that Brinley had a little breast bud but we wanted to be sure. The doctor agreed with us and we were told to monitor it and make sure that there are no changes.
We had the talk with James' doctor about getting a vasectomy. It actually turned into a comedy routine between all of us. I don't want to get into too many details, just in case I lose my well behaved readers. :) I seriously need to work on the filter.
I'd have to say, that today was a good day.

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  1. I am totally laughing out loud reading your blog tonight. Honestly I am laughing with you not at you:)
    Awesome news to hear that Adele is doing so great and that you all get to sleep instead of waking a precious sleeping baby.

    1. You can laugh at me Lisa....I get it! :)
      We are so happy too that she's doing well. Here's hoping that she stays healthy and happy!! :)

  2. You're a freak! lol...A hilarious freak, but a freak all the same! haha...This post made me glad that we got Brad snipped after Russell, I forgot about all the nasty afterness that comes with having babies...The spray bottle, the mesh panties, not being able to sit for a week afterwards. Ya...Sooo glad those days are over with! lol

    1. I think we are freaks together! :)
      I bet you're glad, considering you have a dozen kids. That should be enough! You should have your own reality TV show! I'd watch! :)

  3. Thanks for the morning laughs! My husband and I have a running joke about my first post-baby poop. I was crying it hurt so bad! The things moms go through!! Happy Monday!!

  4. Ha ha! I'm not the only one! :) Thank God!
    Happy Monday to you!

  5. Good thing James was not having issues about getting the V. Or was he? Almost every guy’s dreading it, even just the discussion of it. Well, it probably reflects how he’s already contented with the family he founded with you, funny girl! ;)

  6. Thanks Timothy! :)
    He had no issues with getting the vasectomy. He wanted to get it done.
    Thanks for the kind words.