8 September 2013



A new friend sent me a message last night on Facebook. We connected while I was still pregnant with Adele. They found out late in the pregnancy that their precious little girl had a major brain bleed. Katelyn survived 8 days after having to go through surgeries and a lot of poking and prodding. I decided to put her message on the blog today, not to give myself props, but to remind others that life is so precious and that we all need to value and appreciate the time that we have with our children. It's about enjoying every moment even when you want to put them up for adoption or place an ad on Kijiji. It's also about appreciating and loving friends and family and telling those who you love that you love them. It's about not taking others for granted or for holding onto grudges and being bitter. It's about being thankful.

Hi Krista,

I just wanted to send you a little note to pass on my congratulations on the safe arrival of your beautiful Adele. She is precious beyond words...I want to scoop her right up through the computer screen. You are so blessed.
I have visited your blog a few times since you sent me the link when we were in the hospital with Katelyn. So much has changed for me since our precious time with her. I truly realize what a gift each day is. It is a beautiful new perspective.
Your strength and love for your children is awesome and inspiring. Both of your girls are so incredibly lucky to have you, and you them....they made a good choice picking you as their mama I know that you now know what it means to really appreciate life; even more than ever. Relish in it; there is no bigger gift.
I wish you nothing but the best as you venture forward on your journey with your beautiful family....may it be wonderful and full of life's sweetest moments.

Many blessings and baby cuddles