30 September 2013


A few randoms for the day......

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Adele is now back home after spending a few days in the hospital. She seems to be doing fairly well but still has goopy eyes and a bit of a cough. She is also tired. She needs to keep up on her feedings or the NG will have to go back in....I don't want that to happen.
Most parents love this age and enjoy all of the snuggles, me, on the other hand, can't wait for her to get bigger and stronger. This weaker muscle tone really affects her breathing and it freaks me out. It's funny because she is such a strong little girl, but she is floppy, almost rag doll like. Things are so different with Adele then what they were with Brinley. It's all new to us. Brinley didn't like to snuggle much but Adele loves to be cuddled. Brinley never spat up, Adele has had some pretty big regurgitations. Brinley could be fed in any position, Adele needs to be on her side and paced. Brinley woke up every 4 hours or so to be fed, Adele needs to be woken up for her feedings. Brinley obviously didn't have oxygen and Adele does, which is a total pain in the ass but we also love it. I'm looking forward to the day when we have no tubes and we can carry our baby around without worrying about lugging around machines. Adele has an appointment at the Respiratory Clinic on October 22nd with Dr. Noseworthy....HA! HA! HA!! That name kills me! How appropriate.
This just made me think of some other names.....my sister had back surgery years ago and the doctor's names were Dr. Dewer and Dr. Harder! HA! HA! Dewer Harder!!
One of the allergy doctors in Calgary, Doctor Doctor and a gynecologist in Calgary, Dr. Handslip! I can't get enough!!!! I met a girl in Ottawa once and her name was Rumen Rye! HA! HA! HA!!
Ok, enough of that! I'm so childish!

Going to the park!

Next thought....I have a friend in Phoenix, whose daughter has been bullied for years. She is a beautiful girl, bright, athletic and a kind and sweet person. She truly is the girl who everybody would love and respect, but there is this group of mean girls, who won't leave her alone. They are relentless and have been for years. I don't know how she copes. I worry about her every day. The other night, the group of mean girls put toilet paper all of their property, tampons and maxi pads were thrown all over the driveway and grass as well as other silly items. My friend called the police. She is done.
My concern....bullying is starting at such a young age. I've seen it in preschool. In preschool, it starts with "I don't like you. I don't want to play with you. You're dumb."
To us, this may not mean a lot, but to a young child, it means too much.
One of my friends has three beautiful children, all sweet and beautiful. When her oldest was in kindergarten, one of the 'popular' girls was celebrating her birthday. The mom invited all the girls in the class except for my friend's daughter. When the mom came by the school to gather the children for the party, she told them all to line up and then said "EXCEPT FOR C!" Are you freakin kidding me? She actually said this out loud in front of all the moms and children. A couple of the moms decided to pull their daughters out of the party in support of my friend. I would have been one of those moms, plus I would have had a word with the cool mom in the hooker boots with the perfect body and fake boobs and botoxed face and ugly personality. When my dear friend told me this, I was livid.

I love going on the slide!

This brings me to my point.....kids learn from those around them. Your behaviour at home is what your child sees as right and how they should treat others. If your home is filled with fighting and swearing and bullying, your child WILL take this to school and repeat the actions. They are, a lot of the time a direct reflection of mom and dad. I am also a firm believer that letting your children watch R rated movies, play violent video games and when you allow them to make the rules, because you would rather be their friend instead of the parent, you are setting yourself up for failure. Your child will mimic what they see....I don't care if you tell them that it's wrong before you put the movie in or let them play that video game. You are telling them that it is ok. Be mindful of your words and actions at home. Be a good role model. Be a parent.
We will all make mistakes, god knows, I will, but I am going to try my hardest to be the best mom that I can be. There will be rules, there will be consequences, but the consequences will fit and relate to the poor behaviour. Smacking your children after they have smacked their sibling is telling them what exactly? Don't hit but I will hit you for hitting your sibling. Hmmmm.....
I know that parenting is difficult and I know that mine are still young and not full of hormones and attitude, but I brought these precious girls into the world and it is my job to be the best parent that I can be and it is my responsibility and duty to keep them safe, fed, educated and loved.
I know that some of you probably don't approve with everything I just wrote, but it's my blog! :)

Just happy :)

Last thought....
If you read my last post, my dear friend in L.A. lost her precious angel the day after I wrote the blog. She was here on earth for such a short period of time. I don't understand. Some of you have said that God needed her way too early and that during her few days here with us, she did the job that she needed to do. She made a difference in the lives of so many. Sometimes I don't understand. I do strongly believe in God, I just don't understand his reasoning sometimes.


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  1. The bullying stories break my heart. I am a believer that everything starts at home. If kids learn respect, tolerance, and kindness at home they will live their lives like that other places.

    Also, your experience with Adele reminds me so much of a good friend of mine I met through blogging. Her baby came home on oxygen and NG tube also. I remember how excited they were when they finally got her off the oxygen! Anyway, her name is Deanna, her daughter is Addison, and her blog is Everything and Nothing from Essex. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should! She's hilarious. Writes a lot like you do.

  2. So sad isn't it JC. Breaks my heart that they are going through all of this....she deserves so much better.
    I am so going to check out her blog!! I love that she's funny.....just like us. ;)