7 September 2013


Bedtime Stories :)

Our first night at home, as you know was long. Nights two and three have been much better. We usually are waking Adele up for her feedings but she also lets us know that she's hungry. It was James' feed early this morning. I heard the alarm go off, then I kind of dozed back to sleep. I woke up probably an hour after that and wondered if she had been fed. James flew out of bed and I heard "I guess I fell back asleep." :)
I'm pretty sure she will survive being fed an hour late. We are still working on the poops. I honestly can't believe that my life revolves around bowel movements and spit ups. Adele has had four or five little poops, but no blow outs yet. I had a little chat with her last night and told her that I don't even mind if she destroys a sleeper, just take a huge dump.
I don't know if it's because she has lower muscle tone and pushing just isn't working or if it's because we switched formulas. In the hospital, they were giving her Sim 24, then they decided to switch her to the normal Similac because her weight gain was stellar.
We do have an appointment at the end of next week with the pediatrician, so we will check, but hopefully by then, she will have taken great big poops!!
My other, sort of concern is that she has had regurged three times since being at home. This is all so foreign to me because Brinley never had an issue with regurgitation, just a couple spit ups and that was it....am I just paranoid? :) Adele is not a big burper, just a huge tooter, so this may contribute to a full belly with some air and it needs to come out.


I know that I need to relax and enjoy all of this baby time, but I have to be honest, I stare at her face and over analyze her colour. Oh, I think she looks pale. Oh, I think we should just check to make sure that her oxygen is working. Oh, let's do some bicycling and get those bowels going. Oh, let's give her a warm bath and get her to poop. Oh, it's been almost four hours, let's get feeding! Maybe this is why my bowels are all screwy right now, cause I need to relax a little more.
I deeply miss the NICU but am so glad that we are home. I would like a nurse to come by every so often and do a full assessment on Adele.....yes, that would be perfect!! I miss those damn machines that I spent way too much time staring at and every time I heard an alarm, I would check to see if it was her machine. They were great but I relied on them way too much.
I also can't stand the oxygen and the very heavy machine, but I love the oxygen. It's a pain but it also makes us feel better to know that she is getting a little bit of help right now. It does make me feel more at ease, a little bit of oxygen sure goes a long way. I sound like I'm so confused....when I re-read the blog, I jump from one thing to another, I like something, I don't like something, I worry about something. I think I need rum and a beach!

Back to the love....Since James read the last post about how we got into bed and rolled over and went to sleep, he has been more affectionate. He is already affectionate but he seems to be trying even harder, Now, I don't know if your partner shows affection by hugging and kissing.....James does that but also other things that I won't post. He is such a man. I get all frustrated and tell him to back off but I am also laughing and giggling because he's so funny. He truly is a loving and supportive husband. He just drives me nuts!! ;)

Topless feeding! :)

Brinley has done pretty good so far with welcoming her sister into her life. Brinley gets a whole lot of love and now she needs to share it with Adele. She tries to feed her and loves to touch her face and tummy. She has given her some kisses too but will only do this when it is convenient for her and her very busy schedule. I truly see best friends in the making. We are looking forward to when Adele is a bit older and they interact with each other. I'm still processing that we have two children. We have two kids. It's crazy!!

Thank you for all of the feedback and advice. I love it! It has answered some of our questions and concerns. I love my friends! :)

You may have noticed that I now have some advertising on my blog. I have managed to block the liquor and criminal ads, hopefully this doesn't disappoint my readers who are currently on death row. I am still working on blocking some ads but have managed to block 50 categories so far. I am hoping that the ads will be more tailored to fit the theme of the blog. Please feel free to click on the ads as it would be great to pay off some bills. :)

Have a great Saturday! I think it's Saturday! :)


  1. LOL, "I think it's Saturday"...Words of every new Mom! haha

    Ok, so Russell spit up massive amounts when he was fed! MASSIVE! I was always scared. He was my fifth but I had never seen anything like it before. He would basically throw up everything we had just fed him, or that's what it seemed like anyway! And he also did this for many months longer than my other kids had. I think he was eight months old and we were still carrying around a burp cloth for crying out loud!! So ya, don't panic yet it's probably normal.
    The burping is very important. I think our kids need a break from the bottle every few minutes or so to be burped...Even if you don't think they need it. Try that, you might see a difference even in the amount she will eat at one time. Every muscle in them is a little weaker than the average child, this includes stomach muscles. So you may find you do things differently with Adele than you did with Brinley when it comes to feeding.

    As time goes on you will worry less and enjoy more. Trust me :)

  2. Jenny, I love that you take the time to give me advice and share your stories. I don't want to get all google crazy and research every little thing on Down syndrome. I am really looking forward to the worry less and enjoy more.
    Thank you for always taking your time to help little ol me. :)