5 September 2013


Home Time!

Yesterday, September 4th, 2013, after 42 days in the NICU, Adele came home. Well, sort of home. Back to grandma and grandpa's cause we still don't have a home ready for the four of us. Soon. :)

We were so excited yesterday. It was kind of like the feeling when you're told you are going to Disneyland. The tummy turning, the giddy, the vomit like feeling, dizzy, the feeling of being unorganized although you just spent 9 months getting ready and planning. It was a lot of emotions all rolled up into one.
We thought we were kind of ready, sort of, I guess. I don't know, I can barely keep my eyes open right now. :)

Adele's NG tube was taken out the night of September 3rd, we were totally shocked. Again, the feeling of the unknown was upon us. Will we have to put it back in again? Will she surprise us and feed like a champ? It sucks when you have to worry about how your baby is feeding and how much and what's too little. We sound like morons trying to wake her up sometimes, encouraging her to eat. It's actually pretty funny! Grandma sounds hilarious when she's feeding Adele....over and over again you hear "come on baby, come on Adele. ADELE! Come on baby, come on Adele, come on honey. ADELE!" It's awesome!

We got home around 2:00pm yesterday and Auntie, Uncle, Danika and Ryder were here shortly after, ready and so excited to hold Adele. Uncle Bob was first as he has been waiting 42 days to hold his niece. Ryder kept asking for snuggles and Danika brought over some pretty cute decorations to welcome her cousin home.

The day went smoothly. Adele ate and I wasn't tired....yet.

We fed Adele at around 10:00pm, by this time, I was tired but not from working too hard, just because it was long passed my bedtime. Put Adele down and set the alarm for 2:00am. We figured if she was hungry before that time, she would let us know. Get into bed.  Usually mommy and daddy kiss each other and say "I love you!" Last night, we turned our backs and THOUGHT it was bed time. Is the romance already gone on night one? What will happen in a week? Will I forget his name? Will we no longer share a bed? Will I wear pyjamas to bed because I feel like I'm sleeping with a stranger? This isn't looking good!
Ok Adele, you can fall asleep now.
Ok Adele, it's midnight, momma and daddy are tired.
Ok Adele, it's 2:00am, well, I guess we will sleep after this feed.
Ok Adele, it's 3:00am.....momma says to daddy "do you think they would take her back in the NICU? Maybe we could hire a night nurse."
Ok Adele, it's 4:00am and if you weren't so cute, I would put you on Kijiji right now.
Ok Adele, it's 5:00am, well I guess we will sleep after this feed.
Wait, we have another child who will be up in two hours. I want to go to the corner of the room and curl up into the fetal position and rock back and forth, back and forth.

7:50am....hmmm....I wonder how long Brinley has been awake waiting for us?!?!? Yawn, stretch, I feel so refreshed. NO I DON'T!! I'm old, I'm too old to have newborn. I need a Jolt, I need coffee with an extra four shots of happy in it, I need an energy drink. How am I going to do this for the next, oh, let's be positive and optimistic.....let's say a year?!?!?

Let's just nap when the girls nap. Hang on, the feeding schedule at this point doesn't really correlate with Brinley's napping schedule. These two better have a little chat with each other and set up a plan that is conducive to mommy's sleeping schedule.


Adele needs to poop. She has been straining since last night, not consistently but wants to poop. She is gassy too. How long is normal without a poop? When do we get concerned? I forget all of this stuff, probably because I was so flippin tired!

Damn, I just realized that as I was writing the blog, I had the chair on her oxygen line. Poor thing was having to work all on her own because her momma wasn't watching. I am so freakin tired. We're good, she's a nice pink colour. :)

I can hear all of you saying "it's only day one, how will she cope?" She has a lifetime of no sleep coming her way. I don't want to hear it. I'm tired. I forgot to drink and eat today. I have already let myself go. I didn't brush my teeth or shower until 2:00pm. I felt dirty.

Please don't think that we don't love our babies. We love them more than anything. I just feel that I would love a tiny bit more if there was a schedule that worked with my lifestyle.....like around when I need some sleep and when I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think I now understand why Heidi Klum has one nanny per child. I made fun of her. I accused her of having too much money and for flaunting it. I now fully support her and would like to be friends. I think having a nanny is a splendid idea. :)

Anyways, last thought. It was Brinley's 18 month birthday yesterday. :) Although she enjoys getting a little aggressive with her sister and probably is ready for her to go back where she came from, we love her to pieces. :) We aren't going to tell her that Adele is going to be hanging around for a while. :)


  1. I love pictures of Brinley, she's so darn cute!

    I remember how excited I was the day they surprised us and let Russell come home. I couldn't stop shaking, I was so nervous! I'm so happy Adele is finally home with you guys.
    About the poop. Russell would sometimes go three or four days without going. I panicked every time worrying that now we were going to find out he had stomach troubles or something else Ds related. But, everything was fine. Sometimes babies just do that. So don't worry just yet.

    And you're a Mom, you have the right to feel tired any damn time you want without reassuring us you love your kids!! We know you love them :)

  2. Yeah!! Such happy news that Adele is home with her family!!!

  3. Jenny...you read my mind about the pooping. I automatically assume that something is wrong. I need to chill out.
    We do love them....you don't always have to like them though right?? ;)
    Meredith, thank you!! xo

  4. She's home, so exciting. I remember those first few days, they do get easier...you will sleep again knowing she will be ok, the ups and downs will still come, but it gets easier to handle the lows and it makes the highs so much more awesome!! I hope she has started to settle in to her new surroundings and sleeping for you at night. I sympathize with you, I love my sleep and if I don't get enough sleep we all pay for it the next day:(
    The poop thing, I agree with Jenny, 3 or 4 days is not biggie. From my experience, do stay aware of it though, Davis doesn't have any stomach issues per say but he did end up constipated often to the point we put him on a laxative simply because the abdomen muscles, like many others, were not as strong as he needed to work things out.
    Enjoy having all your family under one roof:))

  5. Lisa, thanks for that info on the poop. I can't believe my life revolves around bowel movements. Since she's been home, she's had around 4 or 5 small ones but I'm hoping for a blow out! :) We have been keeping track and we are at the pediatrician next week. I worry about everything with this little peanut.
    I know that her sleep habits will change and change again, but the last two nights have been good.
    Give Davis a hug for me. Xoxo

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