31 May 2013

We ARE Great Mommies!!

I think I was super hormonal yesterday. I'm sort of back to my normal self. I think, which could either be frightening to some or a really great thing! :)
After my post yesterday, I had a few really great messages that I wanted to include in my blog today. I'm not including them to toot my own horn, I'm including them because I think they apply to all my mommy friends and how we all doubt our abilities as parents.

My dearest Krista! I want you to know that I think of you and your family all the time! I wanted to give you my 2 cents, love and support!. I want to you to remember that you are the best mom you can be because that's what you worry about. And that all the sayings are true! Like God only gives you what you can handle. It shows you who will be there for you and how much you are loved! Think about this - every child has their obstacles. Wouldn't you want to know the obstacles you are about to face? God is just giving you a heads up of what's to come and reminding you to stop and cherish every moment. You get the chance to research and prepare yourself (as much as one can) for little bean. Please do not internalize your fears; you don't want that to be one of the things you share with little bean. Speak your fears, let it out and let it be gone. I feel that the only expectation you should have of your children are the special moments that they will give you. Miss Brinley, is so sweet and you not need to worry about her. She will understand everything as Ange and her family will make sure she has the same amount of attention as she always gets. Just think of you with Dani and Ryder. I know you have your fears but you are so loved and all the support in the world! If you feel like you do not have the strength we'll band together a bit tighter for you. Love you lots! xoxo

I have no doubt that your girls will be the best of friends. Look around and see what she will see! You and Ange and the kids! Honestly, I'm a bit envious of what your family has. Happy she will be, I can say that confidently and as for health? If she isn't healthy, she will get healthy. Bob will be your strength when it comes to health . As parents we want the best for our kids but I honestly think if we don't hide the fact that she has DS and act that she is different from anyone of us I think slowly we can change the views. No one wants to be judged but fact of the matter is that we always are. I still feel like some people judge me and act / treat me differently due to my skin colour. Remember its just ignorance and if there's just a bit of light on the subject things will be better. With integration it only shows us that only good things can come when we stand together. God only has the right amount of faith in you. He gave you a wonderful tall (I didn't know he was that tall! Now I don't want to meet him!) husband, a beautiful strong daughter and loving family and friends. I'm so glad and proud of you for starting your blog and that you share your most precious and private moments. (See? strength!)

Hi Krista ... I was at the gym yesterday and this woman was paying for a class. She had her 2 girls with her. 1 with DS and the other not. But what struck me was these 2 girls were soooo happy. They were horsing around, spinning, holding hands and just laughing and smiling. It was so cute and heart warming. The older sister had DS and she would not let her little sister out of her sight. They were both beautiful with blue eyes and thick reddish blonde hair. I thought of you the whole time and was thinking this will be Krista with 2 beautiful happy girls!!

As mommies, we try, we try so hard to make sure that our children are safe and healthy and well taken care of. I think that we sometimes feel that we need to do more, they need more love, they need more support, they need more of everything. We want them in the best mommy and tot groups :), good lord, we know how I feel about those special groups. We want them in the best schools, we want them to have the best teachers, we want them to have a great group of friends. I know that I need to stop and breathe and enjoy each and every moment with our two girls. I need to be in the moment and take in all of the joyous times that we will share with our princesses. These moments will pass and I don't want to regret not enjoying them.

I know that some of my future posts will be about the worries again, but today, my thoughts are to get back to reality and take in the rest of this pregnancy with a smile, when I'm not feeling like a piece of dung!!

Last thought, I went out for lunch with a friend yesterday. Her little guy, Henry, is one month old and around 7 pounds. He is adorable and sweet and perfect. That was Brinley's first time around a very little one. She loved him, she smiled and enjoyed watching little Henry. I had lots of snuggles and she was ok. I know that it was only for a brief time, but it went well. She knows that mommy has a baby in her belly and will point to baby when asked. I know that she doesn't really have a concept of what it means but we want to be consistent and tell her often that she won't be the only princess in this house. :)

Have a fantastic Friday!!

30 May 2013

Is This Weather Making Me Crazy??

I was thinking last night that for some who have just started reading the blog, they may wonder why it's called A Perfect Extra Chromosome. Last post was all about my fears and anxiety around mommy groups. I bet some people were like, does the mom have an extra chromosome? WHO??
So, just in case you have just started reading the blog, the little bean that I am cooking has the perfect extra chromosome. :)

I can't write about Little Bean all of the time as I don't always have a lot to say while she is still all snug inside of me. I am looking forward though to writing about all of her strengths and milestones and how much she blesses our lives.

I have been thinking more and more about what she will look like, what will the severity of the Down Syndrome be, will she have severe speech issues, will she develop health concerns after she is born?? I have received several messages since I started the blog and they have all been supportive and I truly appreciate it. I hear that people are proud of us and fully support our decision to continue this journey. I sometimes wonder what decision everybody else would make?? This was something that we never expected, so we never discussed that there could be a chance that baby would have any genetic gifts or health concerns. You ASSUME that all will be just fine. I have such ups and downs and usually now, I just internalize and don't share as much with the family. I don't know how many times I can say the same thing over again to family and friends, that I am scared and I do worry. I've heard from others that she is just a baby and she is our baby. I totally get that but I feel that we are headed into this with so many obstacles, so many hurdles. I think with a child with no known concerns, you just kind of take it all in stride. They hit their milestones, maybe a month or two after others, but they do it. I have the concern that this little one, it will take such a long time to crawl, walk, speak and oh, the thought of toilet training. I worry that my expectations will be set so high and then when she doesn't achieve them or it takes a long time, I will feel like I failed as a parent. I know the reality, I do, so having others tell me to take it one day at a time is all nice, but then I think about my own personality and the fact that I am a teacher, sometimes has its downfalls. I don't need for my children to be geniuses or win all of the sports awards at school but I want them to be.....I don't know the word. Normal is not the word. Average is not the word. Maybe I want them to be independent in the classroom and at home. I don't want my kids to have an aide or wear diapers at age 3 or have to visit the doctor on a regular basis. Does this make me sound like a bad mom?
My brother in law, who keeps things in perspective for me, tells me that I just need to relax. He said the other day that it's good to be prepared for the worst but honestly Krista, expect the best. Maybe she is 1% Down Syndrome. I loved when he said that to me. I know that the family will love her unconditionally, I'm not worried about that. I am worried about being the best mom that I can possibly be. I am worried that I don't do everything that I should be doing for my kids. I worry that I fail and that I don't do all that is necessary to ensure that both of these girls achieve their goals. I worry that this little bean gets more attention and I don't realize it and poor Brinley gets neglected. I worry that Brinley will resent her sister. I worry that what if one day, Brinley gets sick. I worry, I worry, I worry.

Oh for crap sakes, now I'm bawling and can't see the screen.

I am going to meet a friend today for lunch in the city and I am looking forward to it. She just had a beautiful baby boy and am looking forward to some snuggles. It's a good day to get out. :)

I just wanted to send a HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR FRIEND KIMMY!! I hope it's an amazing day! You deserve nothing but the best.

Happy Thursday to my friends and family. xoxoxo

28 May 2013


James decided to go to bed at midnight, I had no idea. I had to get up at my normal 2 hour interval to pee, go into the bathroom and there is my 6'4" husband laying in cold water in the tub reading his book! He looks at me "HI BABY!!"  I don't think I said too much because I like to keep myself in a sleepy state! Went back to bed and fell asleep.
Well, 2:20am rolls around and James flies out of bed...
J - "Where's Brinley?"
K - "What?"
J - "Where's Brinley?"
K - "What?"
J - "Where's Brinley?"
K - "In her crib."
J - "Oh yeah."
K - "Are you having a nightmare?"
J - "No, I just couldn't remember where she was...."
K - "Hmmmm....ok."
Took me 45 minutes to fall back asleep! Boo.

Yesterday, I decided to check out some mommy and tot groups in the city. Brinley loves music, so I thought maybe I could find a good one for her, before baby makes her grand debut!
I found a couple and I had this flash before my eyes.....some of you have messaged me and think it's hilarious that I did this...no, no...it's just my imagination, what I think would happen!!! It may make it less funny now. ;)

I show up in my Lulu lemons, all stretched out in the front to accommodate my ever-growing belly, walk into the house and find myself surrounded by a dozen women, drinking their short, half soy, half milk with cream mocca vanilla latte with splenda and decaf, skim, extra hot wet caramel latte with whip' with a triple shot of caramel macchiato with skim milk, light foam, and extra caramel sauce lining the sides of the cup no whip but a pinch of nutmeg in a Venti cup, and an extra shot of vanilla. ALL NON-FAT!
I walk in and I can see that some of the women gave birth the week before and they are sporting their skinny jeans with no spanx. I say hello and sit down because I can't run now, I'm stuck in this hell!
The host of the party has provided some delicious canap├ęs for all of us. A piece of cucumber on half a melba toast as well as cherry tomatoes that were organically grown in some place far, far, far away. If you are still hungry after your treat, you can grab a handful of chia seeds to top it off. I sit, drinking my Tim Horton's coffee because I like fat in my coffee.
One of the women then asks me what I do for a living. I feel confident because I can actually say that I am a stay at home mom, so they will think I have money. Then the next question, but what do you really do? I am proud to be a teacher. I AM A TEACHER. Then I hear from a few of them that they think it's cute and ask if I needed to go to school to become a teacher. They giggle.  I swear under my breath. I can't leave yet. They ask me what my husband does and I tell them that he locates underground utilities for oil and gas companies. I hear again that it's a cute job but does he come home with dirty hands??!??? He sure does. They giggle.
I ask them what their husbands do for a living...I don't know why I ask because I am just digging a big hole, actually I wish I was in that hole and somebody was pouring the dirt on top of me. One woman tells me that her husband is the Chief of Neurology at The Foothills Hospital. I ask if he needed to go to school for that?? She glares at me.
The other woman tells me proudly that her husband is a plastic surgeon. I ask her if he has performed all of her surgeries? She glares at me.
I think it's all going smashingly well so far. It's then time to go for a walk to check out all the million dollar homes that are for sale in the community. All of their 2000 dollar strollers are lined up and colour coordinated outside of the house. I head to the car and grab mine, unfold it and plop Brinley into her 200 dollar stroller that only has one drink holder. I notice that my new friends each have 6 drink holders and an IPod docking station on their strollers. Oh, and look, they also have remote controls so they can program their stroller, they don't even have to push! That's sweet.
Go for a walk and pretend that I love the homes and decide to tell the women that we are planning on renovating our place sometime in the future. Like get a new towel rack or something. The women share their renovating stories, they had to stay at the Ritz while the house was completely gutted and they hired Nate Burkus to decorate the entire house. I LIKE MY TOWEL RACK!
The walk is over. Thank Goodness!
We all head back to our vehicles. Well, look at that, they all drive luxury SUVs. I put Brinley into her car seat, fold my stroller and hop into my SUV, my Chevy Traverse! I fart and head for the nearest McDonald's.

I'm not too sure if I have a pre-conceived notion of what mommy groups entail.... :)

Have a fantastic Tuesday!!


26 May 2013

Lunch and Divorce....

Yesterday was a great day! My sister planned a lunch/ shopping day with the girls. We all headed to Evelyn's for lunch, it was featured on You Gotta Eat Here and it was delish!
Danika really wanted to hang with the ladies, so I asked her if she wanted to come out with us. She seemed super happy! When we sat down, she started to cry. She wanted to talk to Ange in the bathroom. When they came back, I found out that she wanted to stay with her uncle and cousin and not hang out with us. She never said anything to me.
I told her that I would text uncle and him and Brinley could come by for ice cream when the ladies headed off for some shopping. That made her smile and it gave me a great excuse to eat ice cream.
After ice cream, James headed home and Danika and I found the shopping chicks! Danika told me that she had a major breakdown in the bathroom at the restaurant. I told her that I was aware of the breakdown. She then told me that it was all my fault. WHAT??? She then proceeded to tell me that I hadn't given her enough time to decide if she wanted to come for lunch or hangout with her uncle. Man, I thought I was just being a great auntie. Darn kids!!

After shopping, we headed back to the Koenig's and hung out until bedtime. It was a great day!

I've been dreaming a lot lately that James is leaving me. He makes it clear that he just doesn't want to stay married to me anymore and that he's done. Usually my sister is in the dream and she keeps supporting James and encouraging him to leave. When you have these dreams, they seem so real and it totally disturbs my whole night's sleep. When we woke up this morning I told him how much I didn't like him and that we needed to chat later. I needed to chat about my dream?? Obviously, it was so fresh that I felt I needed to talk to him about how real my dreams have been and he better not leave my ass. :)
We did chat and of course James reassured me just how much he loves me and that his little family means the world to him. He also said that he would do anything to make the marriage work now that these two little princesses are involved. He came over and kissed me. No more dreams, well, no more bad dreams.

It makes me think about marriages and how many marriages fail. When I was teaching, so many kids came from homes where mom and dad were no longer together. I don't like to call it a broken home, that sounds horrible. I had to conduct separate interviews because the parents couldn't stand to be in the same room, I had one mom try to hook me up with her ex while we were all in the room, I've had the parents bash each other the entire time, I've listened to how there are no rules at dad's house, but mom's house is like a military camp. Parents need to realize that it isn't about them, it is all about your children. Stop worrying about your feelings and realize that you brought these precious beings into the world and all they want and need is your love and support. It's also very difficult on the kids when they only spend a couple of days at each home, so by the time they feel a bit settled, they are shipped off to another home. Make it as consistent as possible, aim for one week, one week.
It is also so important that when you have your child or children at your home, don't put the other parent down, don't tell your child stories that will sway them to pull away from the other parent. Encourage your child to love each parent equally, it may be tough to do, very tough, but it isn't about you. Of course, if the other home is unhealthy and full of abuse, it is your job as a parent to keep your child safe. You need to talk to professionals and make sure that your child is removed from the abusive situation.  I know that some of your are so exhausted from trying your hardest especially now that your children are a bit older and are able to make some of their own decisions, but you need to stick with it, you will always be the parent, your child needs you even if they have distanced themselves from you. They love you. Don't give up.

What your child needs.....

  1. Security—Kids must feel safe and sound. This means providing them with basic survival needs: shelter, food, clothing, medical care and protection from harm.
  2. Stability—Stability comes from family and community. Ideally, a family remains together in a stable household. But when that ideal breaks down, your child’s life must be as little disrupted as possible. Kids and families should also be part of larger units to give them a sense of belonging and cultural continuity.
  3. Consistency—Parents must synchronize their parenting. No “good cop, bad cop.” Consistency also means that important values should not be changed casually or for convenience.
  4. Emotional support—Parents’ words and actions should facilitate kids’ trust, respect, self-esteem, and, ultimately, independence.
  5. Love—Saying and showing you love your kids can overcome almost any parenting “mistakes” you might make. Even when your kids have disobeyed, angered, frustrated, and rebelled against you, they must know that you love them and that you’ll always love them.
  6. Education—Make sure your kids get the best possible education for their future. This, of course, includes school. But it also includes the invaluable lessons about life that you provide during the time you spend together.
  7. Positive role models—Parents are their kids’ first and most important role models. Be the kind of person you want them to become.
  8. Structure—Rules, boundaries, and limits: Without them, kids are forced to be adults before they are ready, and they lose respect for you and other adults.
Happy Sunday!! :)

24 May 2013

I'm so WITTY....

Well, it's still raining and it's still cloudy! I love the temperature but the gloomy part and the headache sucks the big wang chung! Today is the first day in a week that I don't have anything to do but laundry, dust and clean. I may even nap later!! I don't have to get ready, no makeup, nothing!! I'm happy!

I went to the HR Hospital yesterday to get baby's heartbeat checked and as we were walking to Unit 100, the nurse from down the hall says in front of many other doctors and nurses "you're the one in the HR Times. I read the article." Then another nurse repeats what the first nurse said then the others start asking questions. I felt a bit shy about it, which as you know, shy, I AM NOT!! All I said was "yes, that is me." Great answer Krista!! It just made me laugh that they were excited to see us! Funny moment! I felt like Justin Bieber! Totally kidding.  :)

We had the most amazing nurses. That HR Hospital is wonderful and quiet and they take such good care of the patients. My blood pressure was a bit elevated when we got there but they hooked me up with some drugs and it came down fairly quickly. Baby Collins was movin all over the place so getting a consistent heartbeat was difficult but they managed to get it and it sounded good, still lots of hiccups but the number was decent, so that's what makes me happy.
I have to admit that I was on fire with my comments yesterday. I was full of wit! When we got home, James even said to me that I was quite witty! I told him that I'm always witty, he just doesn't ever listen to me. Usually when I say to him "are you listening?" He will more then likely respond with "WHAT?" I love my husband!
All went well at the hospital.

Brinley's Dinner!! :))

Auntie and Uncle took care of Brinley and even fed her dinner. Ange said that she ate just as much as her kiddies. She devoured all of her food. Uncle Bob loves his little niece so much and gets worried about her and usually tries to keep the kiddies at a distance so little Brinley stays safe. He also checks her food to make sure that it's cut up into tiny bite-sized pieces. It's pretty sweet!! He protects his little niece. <3
Ange put Brinley to bed and they had some snuggle time, book time and cuddles before sleepy time. I guess Brinley cried when Ange left the room, she has such a special connection with her Auntie, always goes to Ange and wants to be loved and snuggled. I get 2 second snuggles...I'm so jealous!! ;)

I received another sweet message today from a friend. We've known each other for years, but also have not seen each other for probably 14 or so years. It was one of those messages that makes you smile and realize that it's all good.

I thought I would send you a note letting you know that I think your blog is amazing. Every post has made me cry, especially the early ones. My husband and son now know that when I am sobbing uncontrollably, I am reading your stories. I am so very proud of you! Being blessed with a baby is such a joy. Being blessed with a baby that may have DS is an honour! God believes in you and your family. That all of you can handle the challenges that it will bring. Including all the smiles, hugs, laughter and unbiased look on life that your little one will show you. Thank you for sharing your journey. My heart is full of love knowing that you have chosen life over inconvenience. Great...I'm crying again!

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23 May 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine....

Yesterday was our ultrasound. I went alone to this one as I don't want James to take holidays now, instead I would prefer for him to wait until after baby arrives. Grandma was babysitting and auntie had to spend the afternoon at the kid's school.
I got in quickly which was nice so I was hoping that I would be in and out!! The tech checked her measurements and they looked great, her belly, head and femurs. I reminded her of the heart hiccup so she spent some extra time checking for concerns.
She left the room to show the doctor the pictures then normally she returns and I go to the waiting room, doctor comes in and tells me that things look pretty good. Instead, she returned with two doctors and a new tech to look more closely at her heart. I stayed calm but I did have a passing thought that baby was going to have be delivered today, at The Foothills and my hubby is out in the field somewhere...oh no!! The one doctor was speaking quietly to the other doctor, I heard "T21", yes, you don't have to whisper, we know that she has Down Syndrome, it's not a secret. :) The doctor then told me that they were going to page the cardiologist at the Children's Hospital to come and review the results. That's when a little panic set in. They told me that I would have to wait an hour before the cardiologist could meet with me to discuss the results.
Thank God, my dear friend, our Genetics Counsellor invited me to come and sit with her in her office, then we could chat and gossip about useless things.  :) Karen is such a kind, caring and sweet person and I appreciated her support yesterday. It kept me nice and calm.
I tried calling my sister from her office but I couldn't get a hold of her, I didn't want to call James because that would send him into a panic and I didn't want him to worry about the baby or me.
I called Bob and told him what was going on, he said that he would let Ange know. Little did I know, Uncle Bob would get worried and call Ange multiple times as well as text her quite a few times. He loves us!! ;)
Dr. Somerset came in to discuss the results with me and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, well today anyways. He started off with saying that he hasn't seen a heartbeat like that before....oh great, that sounds just awesome! He also had a name for the condition, but I didn't really catch it, which was fine with me because I don't want to spend my time on Google, then I freak out. It's call Bi...something.  She has a regular heartbeat but in between the beats, she has an extra beat. The concern is that it could get faster, which would mean immediate delivery. She was at 154 yesterday but he said that if it gets to 200, it's a huge worry. It will need to be monitored every week now until it resolves itself, which hopefully it does, soon. I'm hoping that because we are an hour away from the hospital, I can go to the HR Hospital every other week to check and then on the other weeks, I can go to my OB.
I was exhausted yesterday, mentally and physically. I know that God only gives you what you can handle, but he has way too much faith in me. I just need for all of this to work out and for this little one to arrive healthy and happy. It's a road that I never thought we would be on, so sometimes it's difficult to digest.

I always know that the best medicine for me is to go over to the Koenig's and unwind. We went over for an hour and had some laughs. Auntie and Brinley had a dance party, it was the cutest sight. Auntie and Uncle, Danika and Ryder love their cousin so much and honestly it melts my heart. The corny saying of 'Laughter is the Best Medicine'...it's true!

I received a really sweet message the other day. This made my whole day.....

Hi Krista, I've been reading your blog that Veronica has posted. I want you to know that I have a little girl with Down Syndrome in my class. I love her so much. I had her last year as well, and asked to move up to be with her again this year. She is so sweet, and joyful and smart. Her parents love her so much and so do all the kids in my class. I often have to tell my grade 4's to not help her 'too' much because they want to do everything for her! She is a little fashionista who loves shopping and has a new cute outfit on everyday. I just want you to know that your baby will be loved just as much as this little girl! You are doing such a great job and this sweet baby doesn't even know what kind of beautiful family awaits her!

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Happy Thursday to all of you! I'm off to meet a friend for coffee. :)

22 May 2013

Expecting Twins???

Yesterday, was a bit of a rough day, well at least the morning. I just didn't feel like myself at all. I think it started with the crappy sleep then having to get up early. Brinley decided to be a bit difficult and we both ended up with poo on us! I am not a big fan of poop on me or poop all over my daughter...I actually am just not a fan of poop, but I guess it needs to be done. She then unloaded the freshly folded cloth drawer, and then put her fingers all over the newly dusted table and TV stand. I was getting frustrated. I left the house when grandma showed up and I told her that I needed a little break. She said to take my time and just relax and enjoy some alone time. I cried, but only a little bit while driving to the hospital. I felt overwhelmed, anxious and just that feeling of I'm not sure that I can actually do all of this with a new baby who will have genetics gifts. I can handle 35 students and not get frustrated but can I be a mom to two precious, little girls?  I find it so difficult sometimes to find the balance between mommy, wife, sister, daughter and my own personal time. How do you actually balance everything? I know the importance of ME time, but actually planning it and moving forward is sometimes difficult. I love being a mom and spending time with my baby girl and I know that spending anymore then a day away from her would not be possible for me. I miss her after a couple of hours, but I need more balance. I think when I visit Cocktails and Dreams next week, I will have to bring this up. I know that she wants me to plan Me time, but good lord, I am not always feeling well and I am exhausted by 7:00pm. This pregnancy has drained me, emotionally and physically.
Anyways, the women at the Rockyview were all complaining about the wait time, but I was happy just to be sitting in the waiting room, eating my yogurt in peace. I got into my appointment at a decent time and when my OB walked into the room she gave me a big hug. She is wonderful. The clinical nurse, Morgan also greets me with a big smile and is always caring and supportive and has been since day one.
My gestational diabetes testing came back all clear. I was floored. For sure I thought that I would have it again, I figured that it just naturally happens if you've already had it with one pregnancy. This is one less thing to worry about...woot!! Woot!!
The upset was that baby's heart hiccup/palpitation is still there. During my last appointment, we couldn't hear it, but this time we could clearly hear the palpitation. My doctor said not to worry about and that she feels confident that it will rectify itself before birth. I sure hope so. It makes me a bit sad to hear the hiccup but I am going to think optimistically and pray that it just heals on its own and that at birth, we deliver a happy, healthy princess.

This is huge!!! This isn't me. :)

Soooooo, it happened. I was at London Drugs yesterday and I went to go pay for my items. I got to the till and the cashier said to me that I must be close to my due date. I told her that the baby was due in August, she then proceeded to ask if I was expecting twins.
ARE YOU FOR REAL???? Is that something you really say to somebody?? I get that my belly is out there, this is baby number 2 and things got big, fast, but good lord, did you just ask me if I was expecting twins. You suck and I hope you have a rotten day. Poo on you and your twins comment. So many things that I wanted to say, but I came up with all of them after I left. I should really call there and tell her my comebacks! Yes, that would solve everything and make it all better. :)

Came home and found out that Brinley napped for 2 hours so grandma had relaxation time on the couch....after she made our bed. :) Oh grandma....you really don't have to make the bed. I don't make it because bed bugs love warmth, so if I made the bed, they would find a home under the duvet and multiply. This way, the sheets are exposed and it's all chilly so they find another home.
I also realized that Brinley is learning lots at this age and her unloading drawers and exploring the house, is great for brain development and I need to remind myself that she is learning. Let it go Krista. Let it go.
Side note, Bed, Bath and Beyond has king and queen sized sheets on sale. 800 thread count for 67 bucks, with the coupon. They are happy and comfy and silky on my skin! I should really get paid for my advertising. :)

Today, I head back to the Foothills for my ultrasound. I will remind them of the hiccup. I'm hoping that her measurements are still on track and that things look great. Ultrasounds with this little one are more stressful and I worry about her health. Send prayers and good vibes my way please.

I have entered a contest and I still need tons of votes to be number 1! If you are on Facebook, you can vote for me. I am on page 1 - Krista R. The contest is for my favourite mommy moment! <3 I am very competitive! :)


Have a wonderful hump day!! :)