3 January 2014

Co-Sleeping! :)

Well, the New Year has started off pretty good. The girls are healthy and happy and Adele had a runny poop for the first time in a really long time. Yes, a soft poop. I didn't realize just how much this stressed me out, until last night when she pooped without crying and pushing. I exhaled and smiled. This is my life.

Adele continues to get stronger and was pushing herself up on her knees last night while having some tummy time. She would shimmy forward, just an inch, but she moved and she did great. Hitting milestones with Adele makes us smile. It makes me realize just how precious she is and just how much of a miracle she is....just a perfect miracle.

I know that as she gets older, the milestones will slow down a bit, but that's ok. The thing is, if she walks at two or two and a half, she is still going to walk. If she says mom at three years old, she is still going to say mom. She may not be potty trained until she's four, but she will be potty trained. It'll all happen. She will get there. I will get frustrated and sad, I know I will, but I also know that when something great happens, we will be over the moon.

Last night I had a moment of such happiness. I wasn't too sure exactly why. Maybe it was that Adele had her second ever successful bath, no tears, just giggles and lots of kicking, maybe it was that Brinley was being silly and was making us laugh, maybe it was that Adele had a runny poop, maybe it was that life just feels good right now. I felt good. We have such busy lives and always on our toes with these two girls, but I truly couldn't imagine my life any other way.

Although.....last night, Adele was breathing very loudly, all night long and Brinley cried and cried. Brinley has never done this before. She is such a good sleeper but I think she is hitting a bit of a stage. It better pass in a day or two. ;) The crying started at 1:00am. She got herself so upset and wouldn't go back to sleep. Yup, I did it! Don't judge me. Don't criticize me. I got her and brought her into our bed. She fell asleep and I had a crap sleep. She managed to sleep with her feet on James' head and her head pushed up against mine. She was completely horizontal. It was so uncomfortable, but she slept. I would have slept with her but my butt won't fit in the crib....what a sight that would be! I wonder sometimes though why co-sleeping is so frowned upon. Why isn't it ok? I do get that when they are babies, it can be dangerous, very dangerous, but if you have things set up properly and safely, what is the problem? If your child is still sleeping with you when they're 18, you may need to visit a therapist. That is a bit too old and perhaps a tad creepy! It's just not really talked about. Maybe it's just as touchy as politics and vaccinations?? ;) My plan is to not do this again, not because I am against it, but because obviously a king sized bed is not big enough for Brinley. Any opinions on co-sleeping?

The only thing that I think I would change right now, would be that gross flap of skin that just kind of blows in the wind. You know, that flap that you get after having a baby. That flap that looks kind of wrinkly and just lays there. That flap that would only stay in place if you wore spanx. That flap. I can't stand it. Otherwise, life is pretty sweet.

We've had some play dates lately, they always make me smile. I love seeing Brinley with other kiddies. She's so shy, yet she's fiery and crazy. Such a good mixture. She is truly a great little girl. I think we will keep her.

Tummy time is rough!
Bath time!
Tummy time with daddy :)
Yup, playing robot with a bag over our head! We had a chat about this one and she ignored me!
Hanging in my leisure suit, striking a pose!
This worked well!
A lot of love lately! Brinley wants to be around Adele all of the time :)
Ange taking a selfie. Thought she would want me to share! :)


  1. I know a lot of people won't agree with what I'm about to say but there is absolutely nothing wrong with your child sleeping in the bed with you when they're young. At least I don't think so, my daughter has her own bed and she's two years old now but she still wants to sleep with mommy, it's made our relationship a lot stronger. I understand a lot of people think that this is bad but it's just me and her, I'm a single mom and I see nothing wrong with it. My daughter is so independent, so I don't worry about co-dependency with her at all, she just likes to be with mommy and she sleeps a lot better when she does sleep with me. So I say kudos to you, I know most little kids especially babies and toddlers want to feel their mothers warmth and that's why they feel safer and sleep better next to mom.

  2. I completely agree with your statement. It isn't damaging. Sometimes they just need you, they need their mommy. It is a safety thing for kids and if they do come to your bed, it means that something is bothering them, or something is wrong and they need mom's comfort and love. Great way to put it! Thanks!!!

  3. It is hard when you have a child who needs more time than the other, you do what is best for you and your kids if they are happy and healthy who cares about other have to say. I can also say I know the feeling about when you child has a soft poop and not in pain. Keep up the great job and I look forward to reading more about your little cities

  4. Thank you!! I love getting feedback! :)